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Cheaters Never win / Plasma Physic analysis - Recap

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Cheaters Never Win: The episode starts where the class in Miss Dowager's' class are taking a test. Then, Emma pronounces to Miss Dowager that she is done and goes to recess. Then, Emma meets Skyler and Pete and brags how easy it was. Then the twins appear saying a rude remark and Emma irritates him. The next day, Miss Dowager returns the test to the class. Emma is happy because she got an A plus. Then Alexis says that she cheated. Miss Dowager believes her and gives her detention. Then at lunch, Skyler, Emma and Pete talk about how it happened. Then Emma and the others start a food fight and she puts a note in Rolland's pocket. When she goes to the court, Emma tells them that she cheated and Rolland takes something from his pocket and throws him. Miss Dowager reads it and gives them detention.

Plasma Physic analysis: Dowager tells to class that there will be a big big test. So Emma uses her powers and transforms Pete to Dowager's and Dowager to Pete's. Pete already knew and told Emma that he knew it. Emma was taking back Pete to his own body. But, oh no! It malfunctioned! Then Pete [Miss Dowager] sees her body and gets into a coma. Then Emma uses her powers again and this time Skyler and Coach are in different bodies! Then Emma uses her powers and things are back to normal!

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