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Hoarder House - Recap

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Investigators MacDonald and Ramos investigate a report of multiple animals being abandoned in a house. The owner is there, but she is being evicted. They go in and find birds being kept in tiny, crowded cages. Many have plucked their feathers out due to stress. They also find an emaciated rabbit with long nails. When MacDonald sees the animals' horrible living conditions, she decides to seize them immediately, and luckily the owner agrees to sign them over. In total they take 4 dogs, around 10 cats, over 40 birds, 2 rabbits, a squirrel, and a duck! Unforunately, many of the birds are too sick, leaving no choice but to euthanize them. The surviving birds and other animals will be found new homes, and there is a warrant out for their former owner's arrest.

Investigators Dowe and Hairston receive a complaint about skinny dogs kept in a backyard in the cold weather. Because the two Mastiffs are in such poor condition, they decide to seize them immediately. There is snow on the ground, and no footprints can be seen, meaning that the owners haven't been there in a while. At the shelter, the dogs are determined to be very underweight, and the female is barely able to stand because she's so weak. Later, the female is determined to have a sound temperament, so she will be placed through a rescue. However, the male is very aggressive towards some people, so he is humanely euthanized. The owner is never found.

It's snowing, and Dowe and Hairston respond to a call about dogs with improper shelter. The owner has four dogs, as well as a litter of puppies. Another is also pregnant, so the owner signs that one over and agrees to surrender the puppies when they are of adoption age. No case is brought against the owner since a makeshift shelter was made from the back porch. The pregnant dog is very young, so she may not be fully developed or know what to do. She goes into labor the next day, but she isn't able to give birth. Surgery is then performed, and the puppies are found dead. The doctors think that the puppies were too large to deliver. Her uterus is removed, and she eventually recovers and is adopted.

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