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The Jolly Roger of Space - Recap

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In the dubbed version and in the uncut versions of the pilot, a long narration introduces the year as 2977. The narrator talks about the earth being corrupted by government politics aided by the military. No one works, and civilians are sent in sleep inducing waves by tv to make them weak. The narrator introduces Captain Harlock as a rebel to this establishment and mentions several astronomers being murdered and how this is pinned on Harlock.

In outer space, a military ship headed by a lieutenant Reckler meets up with Harlock. They are afraid of Harlock so they come up with a plan to surrender and then attack. They raise up their flag of surrender but Harlock sensing it's a trap sends in a small ship as a probe. The ship attacks it. Harlock now knows their true intentions. The Arcadia, the spaceship, sends at the ship various harpoons and freezes the crew They then like pirates take some of their supplies.

Later Commander Kinda would visit the President and
tell him about the situation of which he doesn't seem to concerned about for the moment.

Later, the Arcadia sees a blob of light coming down (this light would be the alien sphere in upcoming episodes). Professor Daiba and his son Tadashi are briefly shown also watching the same light come down. They don't what to make of it except it spells bad news. The episode then introduces Mayu and Commander Kinda again (Harlock’s earth nemesis) . Mayu is a special girl with a connection to Harlock, a connection Kinda wants to exploit and use as bait. He sets up a trap. The military police arrest Harlock but they don’t want him behind bars they want him dead. When a firing squad led by a tank is about to kill Harlock, the Arcadia makes the save and Harlock escapes.

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Warning: Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock season 1 episode 1 guide may contain spoilers
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