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To the Shores of Distant Stars... - Recap

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Tadashi visits the grave of his dad, Professor Daiba. Harlock picks up Tadashi and asks Yuki to give him a tour of the ship. Tadashi is still taking in the situation of his father’s murder. Meanwhile, Commander Kinda appears to be tracking the Arcadia. The Arcadia stops a cargo ship and finds a bunch of dolls. Harlock takes one of the dolls not realizing that it’s a trap.

Later in the evening, Tadashi is seen touching the bridge controls. Tadashi thinks he sees the planet Triton. Harlock knocks him down saying that is in poor taste because Triton was destroyed. Tadashi goes into a story of why he wanted to see Triton It turns out that his mom, a meteorologist, died on Triton. Worst yet before she died, she sent out a distress signal but the government’s Prime Minister didn’t answer.

Harlock sees that Tadashi has a lot to carry. Later, Tadashi and Harlock talk again. Tadashi asks him about his friend that built the ship. Harlock never mentions his friend by name (Toshiro). Before Harlock can explain, the doll that Harlock took in comes to life. We see that Kinda is spying on Harlock and Tadashi. The doll was really a spy sent to kill Harlock. The doll takes out a gun and shoots but Harlock has sensed it and ducks at the last second.. Tadashi, however, is hit as Harlock pulled out his gun to shoot the doll and scraped him. Tadashi’s injury isn’t serious.

In the last moments, the Arcadia spots a Mazone battleship and have a small fight. Harlock orders the crew to examine the ship and they find a Mazone. Harlock interrogates the Mazone but she gives little information other than her leader is Queen Rafresia. She then blows herself up while Harlock and Tadashi escape the chamber. Harlock showing him the remains of the prisoner tells Tadashi to take a great look as that is the kind of things that they will have to deal with.

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Warning: Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock season 1 episode 5 guide may contain spoilers
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