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When Lola Shines Golden - Recap

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Harlock captures officer Lola of the Mazones much to Daiba's surprise
as she's the one that almost killed him several episodes ago.

Lola's capture is sudden and easy, but all this part of Lola's plan.

Harlock orders Daiba to watch over her.

He questions her regarding the fact that she didn't self destruct like the other Mazones without' getting much answers. Daiba threats that he'll kill her but doesn't follow through
as Lola is quite beautiful.

Lola uses this as a means to use her mind meld and gets into Daiba's mind
forming the image of Daiba's dead mother.

Daiba's fights of the illusion and goes back to bridge.

He thinks about illusion reminding himself that thismother died on Triton.

Tadashi goes back to interrogate Lola again. This time she's able to pull
off her mind meld more convincingly as Daiba thinks he's actually talking to his mother.
The illusion wears off and Daiba sees himself with Lola.

Tadashi goes back to the bridge but is now enthralled with illusion of seeing his mother.
Lola still forming the image of Tadashi's dead mother asks him if she let
her visit Venus. Tadashi obliges and takes Lola to Venus.

Harlock and crew are disappointed with Daiba's actions. They observe Lola having
a laugh at Daiba's expense.

Tadashi admits to Harlock that he told Lola all the secrets of the

Harlock talks about what happened, and we see the Arcadia getting
closer to Venus.

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