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The Sphinx's Gravestone - Recap

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Commander Kinda once again wants to use Mayu as bait for Harlock. He takes her to Egypt. Harlock meets up with the President who gives him the news. Kinda wants to meet Harlock but wants no interference from the Arcadia and wants Harlock to be alone. Everyone thinks it’s a trap but Harlock goes anyway. The Arcadia stays in the Valley of Ghosts awaiting instruction while Harlock meets Kinda.

Harlock gets a map to an oasis and a route to meet Mayu. However, the oasis isn’t there when he arrives. The plan now seems evident to Harlock. Kinda wanted him to come to the desert become lost and eventually die from the heat or a sandstorm. Harlock survives both by sheer will. Mayu then plays the ocarina which alerts Harlock of her real position. Mayu then passes out from sunstroke. Kinda nurses her but Kinda himself becomes bitten by a scorpion. Mayu now nurses the sick Kinda.

Harlock eventually finds Kinda and shows his gun but Mayu pleads not to kill him. Kinda then goes on a long story about why he did bring Harlock out to the desert. It seems both his sister and Dad died on the desert. His Dad was a government agent who died on the desert, his sister followed. Then Kinda shows Harlock, a giant Mazone lazer that’s nearly five thousand years old.

He then operates the weapon and shoots it at the Arcadia. Now his plan becomes obvious, not just to bring Harlock to the middle of nowhere but to shoot the Arcadia down. The Arcadia miraculously comes to live and comes to Kinda. The crew takes over and shoot the Mazone weapon down.

Harlock escorts Mayu to the Arcadia and Kinda is left alone in the desert.

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Warning: Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock season 1 episode 14 guide may contain spoilers
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