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Unrequited Love! The North Pole Aurora - Recap

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Mayu has a dream where Harlock is captured in ice and the Arcadia is in danger. We see Harlock and the crew looking at a strange aurora. The aurora to Harlock looks like a runway. The aurora seems to be coming from the North Pole so Harlock investigates with the team. They break up into different search parties but for some reason, a blizzard is only appearing in the direction of Harlock.

Mime who is with Harlock doesn’t like it, it feels like a Mazone presence to her. Harlock knowing this decides to force the issue anyway. He gets out of his bomber and is then seen being taken to an underground ice base. As he envisioned the aurora is part of a runway to a Mazone base. A mysterious and giant Mazone alien is there. She says she wants to kill him. She takes Harlock and puts him in an ice coffin.

She then releases an aurora beam which catches the Arcadia and makes it stuck in ice. Commander Kinda hears this and plans to attack. Mayu hears about this as well and she thinks about the bad dream she has is coming true. However, Kinda troops have the opposite effect he anticipated. When his troops send missiles down on the ice, the Arcadia starts to free itself.

The Arcadia starts to free itself, then in an unexpected turn, a strange aurora beam destroys Kinda’s troop. The alien Mazone now reveals that she’s been in love with Harlock, an obsession for her. Mime comes in to save Harlock. The Mazone alien attacks with a beam but Mime who also is an alien redirects the beam at her , and she dies.

Harlock and Mime go back to the Arcadia and from a safe distance destroy the base. Commander Kinda is once again shown but with his troops all destroyed, he can only glare at the Arcadia escaping.

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