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Kei, the Farewell Song - Recap

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This episode is all about Yuki's past.

Yuki’s past in shown in flashback, then switches to Yuki inside the Arcadia to the present. We learn a little about Yuki’s father named Shochiro Yuki. His murder was covered up by one of Yuki’s friends, Katoya who now claims he’s in love with her. In actuality, he’s just using her to get information about Harlock.

We see how Harlock rescued Yuki from prison and she became part of his crew of freedom fighters.:
Yuki eventually comes back home to finish up what her father started. She agrees to do a mind probe by Katoya. Eventually she goes with her instinct that Katoya did murder her father and conspired with others to cover it up. Katoya pleads his innocence but then breaks down and admits the truth He then mentions the Mazone invasion. Katoya’s so called sister come in the picture with a gun but is shot dead by Harlock. She then evaporates into thin air like the Mazone alien she was. Yuki is then seen crying at the beach

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Warning: Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock season 1 episode 16 guide may contain spoilers
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