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Queen Lafresia's Trap - Recap

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Following the S.O.S message by the late Captain Yamanaka (from episode 17), Harlock decides to explore the Mazone Nebula he described. The Mazones are watching them on their journey. Weird things start to happen to the Arcadia as it approaches the Nebula, a gas cloud strikes, then lightning, then a sensory mental probe. Harlock and the crew know it’s the Mazones. The Mazones try to read their minds through the sensory signal but come with really no info. Tadashi can’t sleep and decides to wander around. He meets up with Mime along on the bridge. He asks her why she is alone, and Mime says she isn’t alone. Tadashi then asks how the Arcadia moved by itself when they were trapped in the desert of Egypt. Mime tells Tadashi that the Arcadia is in fact alive, but Tadashi laughs off that explanation.

The Mazones then send a couple of spies who’ve taken the form of a comet. The narrator mentions how it takes the Arcadia eighteen hours to get to the Nebula. They tried to kill Harlock but Harlock disposes of one of them by leading them into a sea of acid. The Mazone ship watching them then decides to take the Arcadia head on.

The Arcadia destroys the ship. At the end of the episode, it shows Harlock taking a drink and being approached by the image of Queen Lafresia. She offers Harlock a deal , but Harlock doesn't want to make any deals with her. The Queen thinks Harlock is an arguable person but Harlock quickly corrects her saying she knows nothing about him. She disappears and Harlock finishes his drink and episode ends.

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Warning: Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock season 1 episode 19 guide may contain spoilers
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