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The Dead Planet Jura - Recap

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Mime has a bad dream where she thinks she hears a survivor on her home planet Jura. This is very doubtful as everyone died on Jura, and she was the only survivor who with Harlock left. Harlock decides to take the ship in that direction anyways because he sees Mime torn about it. On the planet, everything seems fine until a strange pollen from the planet puts them all asleep. Then the Arcadia is attacked by monster plants. The Doctor and Mime work in a cure. Mime gives Harlock a glass of wine. The Doctor then gives everybody the same and that seems to be the antidote. The Arcadia eventually defeats the threat while destroying a couple of Maazones ships in the area. Harlock leaves Mimi on the planet because she desires to find out about her planet on her own. .Harlock gives her his sword just in case.

Mime doesn’t find what she’s what hoping in survivors instead she finds a Mazone army. The leader appears to be one of the prisoners the Arcadia capture a while back. She explains how they came to Jura to experiment on the plants and take over the planet. The leader challenges her to a fight which Mime wins. The other Mazones try to attack Mime , but Harlock and the Arcadia make the save. In the last shot, Harlock and Mime watch the sunset rise while Mime says how her hopes were wrong and that there really are no survivors on Jura.

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