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The Long Journey From Afar - Recap

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This episode is all about the inner turmoil among the Mazones. This episode shows a side of the Mazones deserting their posts and with civilians giving up the fight against Harlock. Commander Cassandra, one of Lafresia’s top commanders, though, isn’t content with this and kills anybody attempting to leave their posts. The Arcadia witness this and doesn’t what to believe except it’s great for them.

The Mazones do a special meeting where they address the situation. While Lafresia is saddened by the deaths of the traitors and deserters , she nonetheless approves of Cassandra’s decision to kill them as they are useless against the fight against Harlock.

Later, Harlock traces Cassandra’s fleet so he plans an offensive attack. Cassandra sees them coming but Harlock comes up with a plan. He sends a probe out to them of which many of Cassandra’s ships follow.
Cassandra and her ship are then left alone. They also begin to pursue. Harlock then uses this as an opportunity to take the ship out. The Arcadia launches a giant knife and tears threw Cassandra’s ship killing her and everyone on board.

Lafresia receives the news and then orders the other deserters to die. In the last shot, an image of Lafresia comes up to talk with Harlock. She tells him to leave the earth to the Mazones because he is just robbing it. Harlock tells her that he is protecting the earth, and that he will protect it with his life. Lafresia leaves frustrated that she’s constantly losing to Harlock.

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