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My Friend, My Youth - Recap

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This episode is in part flashback to Harlock’s earliest days before the Arcadia and his crew. The Arcadia docks in a special nebula for repairs while the Mazones have no clue where they are. Harlock shows us in flashback how he met Toshiro Oyama (the father of Mayu). We also learn through Harlock that Toshiro is the actual brains behind building the Arcadia. He describes how he meet Toshiro being bullied in a saloon by a couple of other cowboys. Harlock makes the saves but is then captured and then about to be hanged. Toshiro makes the saves during the hanging, and he and Harlock become friends along with Emeraldas

As the flashback continues, Harlock and Toshiro are captured and then used as slave labor. They get word that Emeraldas is planning an attack so they come with a plan of their own. They make a plea with the slave master to treat them as political prisoners then they plant a bomb to destroy the whole base. Emeraldas comes in at the right moment to see the base being blown up. Harlock and Toshir wear soldier uniforms fooling the slave drivers around the area. Emeraldas finally finds them and Toshiro takes credit for the explosion. Toshiro and Emeraldas would later fall in love then have Mayu as their child.

The episode ends with Harlock visiting the engineering room and talking with Toshiro whose conscious has been planted in the Arcadia (as Mimay and Harlock pointed out before the Arcadia is alive).
Then we see an image of Mayu singing.

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Warning: Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock season 1 episode 30 guide may contain spoilers
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