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The Lone Man's Charge! - Recap

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A narration explains how the Mazones are attacking other areas of the solar system. The narrator also tells us how the Mazones still have Mayu held as prisoner. Commander Kinda tells the Prime Minister about the Mazone invasion. Kinda/Kiruta even supplies pictures of the Mazone to back up his claims but the Minister doesn’t care. He basically tells Kinda that the matter is in his hands and to do what is best in the situation.

Disgusted, Kinda plans to launch his offense against the Mazone, but he is finds out that a lot of his own men have abandoned him in cowardice. Kinda and Harlock both see that one man, General Otowara, plans to dedicate his life by sacrificing himself to the Mazones. We get a brief flashback into Otowara’s past and learn that he and Masu were friends and lovers. In the end, he dies, and Harlock once again vows to fight the Mazones.

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