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Season 3

75 :03x01 - The Ballad of Big E

The story of the aircraft carrier Enterprise during World War II.
Guest Stars: John Carradine as Narrator | John Phillips (2) as Officer | Paul Birch as guest star | Jimmy Ogg as Pilot | Jimmy Hayes (1) as Pilot

76 :03x02 - Call CONAD

A Navy transport plane develops engine trouble en route to the continental United States from Hawaii but is unable to make radio contact with anyone to get help.
Guest Stars: Eddie Foy, Jr. (1) as guest star | Kathleen O'Malley as Mrs. Stout | H.M. Wynant as Hollis | Harlan Warde as Hastings | Eve Miller as Lois McKenzie | Douglas Kennedy as Commander Bourne
Director: Samuel Gallu

77 :03x03 - Phantom Commandor

During World War II, the Allies begin using psychological warfare against their Axis foes.
Guest Stars: Walter Sande as Nordon | Ted de Corsia as Keebler | Joe Bassett as Howard

78 :03x04 - Capture of the U-505

The story of the capture of a U-Boat in World War II by American sailors.
Guest Stars: William C. Flaherty as Father | Chuck Webster as Lohr | Stuart Randall as Gallery | Joel Smith (1) as Johnston

79 :03x05 - Human Bomb

When a projectile gets fired into his body, a sailor becomes a human bomb.
Guest Stars: Tony Mayo as Losh | James Lydon as Kline | Willard Sage as Walling | Alex Gerry as Bowman | Jack Larson (1) as Gordon

80 :03x06 - PT 109

Dramatization of the heroism of John F. Kennedy after his PT boat was struck by a Japanese destroyer.
Guest Stars: Anthony Ghazlo as Native #2 | Don Blackman as Native #1 | David Frankham as Leftenant | David Waldor as Ensign Thom | Clark Howat as Chaplain | Tom Wilde as Commandant | Skip Killmond as Harris | Joel Smith (1) as Johnston | John Close as McMahon | Peter Miller (1) as McGuire | Patrick Waltz as Ross | John Baer (1) as John F. Kennedy

81 :03x07 - The Commander and the Kid

During the Korean War, a Naval officer sneaks ashore in order to find out the type of enemy mines used in Wonsan harbor and is aided in his mission by a Korean girl.
Guest Stars: Teru Shimada as Patriot | Lawrence Dobkin as LCDR DeForest | Philip Ahn as Korean Soldier | Tristram Coffin as Captain Spofford | Brenda Lee as Korean Girl

82 :03x08 - Fire at Sea

The crew of a munitions ship battles a fire that could become deadly if it spreads to the wrong places.
Guest Stars: Edward Binns as Robert J. Quinn | Robert Rockwell as Chief John Milde | Will J. White as Simon | Frank Wilcox as Admiral Sharpe

83 :03x09 - Storm Within

A naval quartermaster is overcome by depression after performing a heroic act aboard his ship during a typhoon.
Guest Stars: Mack Williams (1) as Captain | Leonard Graves (1) as Lt. Jackson | Betty Lou Gerson as Mrs. Sanford | Harry Bellaver as Leon Sanford | John Zaremba as Dr. Raymond Miller

84 :03x10 - P.O.W. at Forty Fathoms

On board a U-Boat during World War II, a German intelligence agent attempts to pry information from a captured American merchant seaman.
Guest Stars: Don Gordon as Joey Michael | Kurt Kreuger as The Baron | Ross Evans as Erich | Henry Rowland as Mueller | Tommy Ivo as Stuart

85 :03x11 - One If by Sea

A captain tries to get General Mark Clark to a meeting with French leaders in North Africa during World War II.
Guest Stars: Edward Colmans as guest star | Leo Penn as Lemnitzer | John Hoyt as General Mark Clark | Reed Hadley as Captain Jerauld Wright

86 :03x12 - The Amateurs

A new destroyer escort begins to get very proficient in chasing down submarines.
Guest Stars: Douglas Evans as Admiral | Robert Nelson as Raymond | Steve Terrell as Ensign Adams | John Archer (2) as Commander Welby

87 :03x13 - Joe Foss, Devilbird

The story of ace flyer Joe Foss, who won a Medal of Honor for his exploits during World War II.
Guest Stars: Anthony Eisley as Joe Foss | Alan Dinehart as Marly | Ray Montgomery as Major

88 :03x14 - The Beach Pounders

A patrolling Coast Guardsman spots a German submarine carrying saboteurs off the coast of Massachusetts.
Guest Stars: Evelyn Scott as Mrs. Johnstone | Lewis Martin as Johnstone | Ray Boyle as Reed | Richard Peel as Reinman | Robert Benevides as Larry Hilton

89 :03x15 - The Big White Albatross

The story of a cargo vessel in World War II and its quest to get a decent movie to show to its crew.
Guest Stars: Jack Richardson as guest star | Doug Andrews as guest star | Jimmy Murphy (1) as guest star | George Conrad as guest star | Lionel Ames as Laswell | Stephen Joyce as Fox | George Cisar as Ederheimer | Richard Deacon as Captain | Alvy Moore as Guite
Director: Samuel Gallu

90 :03x16 - The Butchers of Kapsan

During the Korean War, a flier is assigned to lead a vital raid on a village.
Guest Stars: Glen Gordon (1) as Vaughan | Warren Frost as Shugart | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Admiral | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Commander Paul Gray
Director: Samuel Gallu

91 :03x17 - The Lonely Watch

A naval officer struggles to maintain command of his men and attend to his critically wounded son.
Guest Stars: Robert Crosson as Carter Anderson | James Todd as Captain Charles Anderson | Alex Gerry as Busch | Clint Eastwood as Burns
Director: Samuel Gallu

92 :03x18 - The Blood Line

A WAVE is assigned to escort a shipment of whole blood to Korea and encounters trouble along the way.
Guest Stars: Dorothy Green as Mary Sproul | Meade Martin as PFC Gerald Armstrong | George Eldredge as Admiral | Joseph Sargent as Cargo Pilot

93 :03x19 - American U-Boat III

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Guest Stars: Ralph Reed (1) as Potter | Holly Bane as Horn | Steve Brodie as LCDR F. A. Darbin

94 :03x20 - The Way of the Wrangell

A new commanding officer finds himself having to raise the morale of his crew.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Tobey as Captain Bright | George Breslin as Long | Dick Foote as Cantrell | William Kendis as Kessler | Ben Welden as Robert Arnt

95 :03x21 - And Then There Were None

The story of a turret captain aboard the last Navy battleship that's about to be de-commissioned.
Guest Stars: Sandra Rogers as Wife | David McMahon (1) as Commander | Robert Santon as Fuzzy Face | John Doucette as Guns

96 :03x22 - Blood Alley

An American naval commander triest to outsmart German U-Boats preying on Allied shipping.
Guest Stars: Frank Gerstle as Thompson | Carleton Young (2) as Styles | Rico Alaniz as Mario

97 :03x23 - The Draft Dodger

Three Marine airmen, stranded on a Japanese-held Pacific island during World War II, team up with natives to make raids on enemy patrols.
Guest Stars: John Trayne as guest star | Tyler McVey as guest star | Carleton Young (2) as Styles | John Shay as Hill | William Walker as Orungo | Dale Cummings as Keintz | Strother Martin as D'Amico | Ron Hagerthy as Swenson
Director: Samuel Gallu

98 :03x24 - The Soapbox Kid

The drum major of the U.S. Navy Band tries his best to be in attendance when his younger brother enters the Soapbox Derby.
Guest Stars: John Wilder as Lever | Paul Engle as Danny Thompson | Richard Beymer as Ennis Thompson | John Doucette as Chief

99 :03x25 - Helldivers Over Greece

Naval officers come to the aid of Greek airmen trying to expel Communist guerillas.
Guest Stars: Dale Cummings as Officer | Michael Emmet as Officer | Richard Erdman as Officer | Richard Karlan as Riva | Robert Cabal as Filios

100 :03x26 - One Grand Marine

Communist Chinese offer to exchange the Marine they are holding prisoner for an official apology, a pile of money, and recognition of their government.
Guest Stars: Victor Sen Yung as Chinese Officer | Paul Genge as Sergeant | Joe Di Reda as Lt. Richard Winters | Sidney Clute as Major | Regis Toomey as Admiral

101 :03x27 - The Field

A woman describes, in flashback, her experiences in the war to her young son.
Guest Stars: Frank Petitt as guest star | John Sullivan (4) as guest star | Lesley Nunnerley as guest star | Howard Marion-Crawford as guest star | Noelle Middleton as Carole | Kenneth Collins as guest star | David Gardner as Lt. Bob Martin | Michael Caine as guest star
Director: Samuel Gallu

102 :03x28 - Florida Weekend

After their plane runs short of fuel, two naval aviators are forced to bail out over the Everglades.
Guest Stars: Ralph Smiley as Native American | Abel Fernández as Native American | Ben Johnson as Border Patrol Officer | Robert Rockwell as Sammy Bridges | Richard Webb as Kenwood Hollister

103 :03x29 - Mama Germaine

A French woman tries to help the Navy locate a rare medicine with which to treat a critically ill sailor.
Guest Stars: Nick Brady as Handsome | Ivy Ellis as Maria | Robert Crosson as Bowen | Francoise Rosay as Mama Germaine

104 :03x30 - The Goodwill Ambassador

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Guest Stars: Nicholas Stuart as LCDR Forbes | Teresa del Rio as Ines | Robert Crosson as Ensign Peck | Nick Brady as Lt. Carter
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1955
Ended: September 11, 1958
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