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Season 1

1 :01x01 - No Fat Cops

The daughter of a physician is kidnapped by a man who holds her father responsible for the death of his own daughter.
Guest Stars: John Larch as John Clark | Stafford Repp as Lt. Howard Cline | Danny Sue Nolan as Jill | Vivi Janiss as Mary Clark | Parley Baer as Pop O'Shea | June Dayton as Mrs. Reisman | Susan Gordon as Muffin Reisman | Charles Aidman as Dr. Ted Reisman
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Hank Searls

2 :01x02 - Prime Target

The police know one thing about a sniper operating in the Los Angeles area: he has a intense hatred for the Catholic Church.
Guest Stars: Keir Dullea as Frank | Pilar Seurat as Noreen | James Gregory as Father Al

3 :01x03 - Death of a Ghost

A vengeful Adams relentlessly seeks a hit-and-run driver: his wife was killed by a motorist who was never caught.
Guest Stars: Joan Staley as Sophie | Frances Helm as Lois McHenry | Norman Burton as Paulos | Olan Soule as Lab Technician | Fritz Weaver as Arthur Grissom

4 :01x04 - To None a Deadly Drug

The police race to find a woman who has been given a lethal dose of a prescription drug.
Guest Stars: Gary Merrill as Karl Lippert | Barbara Baxley as Eve Lippert | Simon Oakland as Felix Paschal

5 :01x05 - The Compulsion to Confess

A murder investigation gets nowhere---until police psychiatrist Buel Reed suggests that the killer has a subconscious desire to be caught.
Guest Stars: Michael Constantine as Oscar Holloway | Sydney Pollack as Austin Rogers | John Lasell as Chris Birch | Harold Stone as George Sorens | Telly Savalas as Dr. Buel Reed | William Windom as Warren Giles

6 :01x06 - Til Death Do Us Part

A corpse is found floating in the swimming pool of a seemingly respectable businessman.
Guest Stars: Wendell Corey as Dawson | Eileen Heckart as Harriet | Stanley Kahn as Varner | Michael Allison as Piggie

7 :01x07 - The Butcher

A dying woman's mention of the name "Marion" is the police's only clue as they rush to prevent a second death.
Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Matson | Jeanne Cooper as Helen | Lynn Bari as Mrs. Grace | Charles Carlson as Mal

8 :01x08 - Waive Goodbye to Grandpa

A housemaid's fatal fall triggers a probe of a suspiciously operated old-folks home.
Guest Stars: Dennis King as Joy | Robert Emhardt as Baker

9 :01x09 - Sweet Bloom of Death

The squad has three hours to find an antidote for an unknown poison swallowed by a small boy.
Guest Stars: Cathleen Nesbitt as Constance Meadows | Nelson Leigh as Dr. Halsted | Amanda Randolph as Mattie | Doro Merande as Miss Stewart | Jimmie Gates as Ronnie Wollock | Lee Bergere as Ed Wollock | Patricia Breslin as Ruth Wollock | Henry Jones (1) as Davidson

10 :01x10 - Valley of Three Charlies

The squad goes after three no talent assclowns responsible for murder, robbery, and kidnapping.
Guest Stars: Anita Sands as Sue | Mike Kellin as Moran | Keenan Wynn as Ronson | Charles Bronson as Jerry Bergason
Director: Allen H. Miner

11 :01x11 - Lady Killer

Adams sounds an alert for a rapist who has a peculiar characteristic: he steals wedding rings.
Guest Stars: Tsuruko Kobayashi as Noguchi Gladstone | William Swan as Vincent Gladstone | Martin Balsam as Frank Eberhardt | Robert Redford as Hitchhiker | Anne Francis as Phyllis Eberhardt
Director: Walter Grauman

12 :01x12 - Blood Money

In their attempts to put him out of business, the squad can't find anyone will to testify against a quack doctor.
Guest Stars: Marjorie Bennett as Mrs. Berger | Sandra Warner as Sandy Demarest | Ralph Taeger as Tad Calloway | Charles McGraw as Dr. Cameron Hill | Diana Millay as Connie Weems | Gloria Grahame as Nora Springer

13 :01x13 - I Remember Murder

A has-been comic's bid for a movie comeback is marred by two mysterious deaths on the set of the film.
Guest Stars: Robert Middleton as Stanley Mannis | Sandra Warner as Mrs. Flyer | Virginia Field as Iris | David Lewis (3) as Maury Keeler | Ilka Chase as Cynthia Webster | Tina Louise as Stella Knowland | Jack Oakie as Ham Tucker

14 :01x14 - The All-American Boy

Lt. Adams is facing the loss of his badge after shooting a popular honor student and athlete.
Guest Stars: Virginia Gregg as Georgine | Burt Brinckerhoff as Willis | Edward Binns as Crafts | Paul Carr as Johnny Crafts

15 :01x15 - Cross the Little Line

Garcia poses as a heroin dealer to bag the head of a narcotics ring.
Guest Stars: Joseph Ruskin as Donnell | Joan Hackett as Angie | Victor Buono as Manrique | Peter Falk as Lopez
Director: Walter Grauman

16 :01x16 - To Sell Another Human Being

An illegal adoption racket comes to light as the squad probes the kidnapping of a foster child.
Guest Stars: Monica Keating as guest star | William Hughes (1) as guest star | Rebecca Welles as guest star | Richard Carlyle as guest star | Richard Bakalyan as guest star | Paul Richards as Hobbins | Richard Arlen as Willits | Jean Engstrom as Carol | Vic Morrow as Belman
Director: Allen H. Miner

17 :01x17 - Care is No Cure

A typhoid carrying Native American arrives in Los Angeles and takes a job he's been warned to avoid--picking fruit.
Guest Stars: Mario Alcalde as Barney Talltree | Leif Erickson as Dr. Eric Thor | Sherry Jackson as Ellen Talltree | Royal Dano as Harry Tilden | Selette Cole as Mrs. Becker | Jennie Lynn (1) as Susie Tilden
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Don Brinkley

18 :01x18 - Policemen Die Alone: Part 1

An underworld boss orders the killing of a small-time hood and imports a hired assassin to do the job. This leads to the death of Price's partner after they spot the hit man at the airport.
Guest Stars: Ernest Sarracino as Old Man | Strother Martin as Benny Kohler | George Mathews as Moose Martusian | Kim Hamilton as Sally Wick | Oscar Beregi as Howard Pressman | Barney Phillips as Sgt. Steiner | Margaret Hayes as Eve Steiner | Ivan Dixon as Wick | Victor Jory as Deacon Lee | Zachary Scott as Frank Luchek | Ed Begley as Masters

19 :01x19 - Policemen Die Alone: Part 2

Both Adams and the Mob are searcing for a hit man who just killed a policeman.
Guest Stars: Strother Martin as Benny Kohler | George Mathews as Moose Martusian | Kim Hamilton as Sally Wick | Oscar Beregi as Howard Pressman | Ivan Dixon as Wick | Victor Jory as Deacon Lee | Zachary Scott as Frank Luchek | Ed Begley as Masters

20 :01x20 - Mr. Weltschmerz

A factory worker's retirement forces him to turn to other means of killing time---like making bombs.
Guest Stars: Don Hanmer as Kronis | Robert Emhardt as Orcutt | Josephine Hutchinson as Nettie | Cecil Kellaway as Weltschmerz
Director: Joseph Pevney

21 :01x21 - Wings for a Plush Horse

The squad tries to protect a visiting Welsh playwright who's been receiving death threats.
Guest Stars: John Baragrey as Appleton | Margo Lorenz as Edyth | Nan Martin as Margaret | Barry Morse as Morgan Dolgelly

22 :01x22 - How Proud the Guilty

Adams faces a critical task as a father and a policeman when his daughter is accused of possessing an obscene book.
Guest Stars: Joan Tompkins as Mrs. Marsh | Bennye Gatteys as Jane Morley | Robert Eyer as Vinnie Kincaid | Diane Mountford as Kathy Adams | Nehemiah Persoff as Louis Morley

23 :01x23 - The Torch

Adams suspects that an arsonist is at work when a series of seemingly unrelated fires takes on a distinct pattern.
Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as Gruber | Les Tremayne as Garland

24 :01x24 - All the Dead Faces

Adams tries to rehabilitate his former Marine C. O. who's now an alcoholic living on skid row. This week Lieut. Adams is called to a skid-row bar to break up a brawl and finds his old Marine Corps commanding officer on the bottom. He has become a guilt-ridden derelict.
Guest Stars: Susan Cummings as Gerry Lang | Brett Somers as Dorothy Blaylock | Arnold Moss as Dr. Canadeo | Jack Klugman as Floyd Blaylock

25 :01x25 - The Deadlier Sex

Three elusive damsels are the suspects in the killing of a payroll bandit.
Guest Stars: Herb Ellis as unknown | James Doohan as Dr. Lennon | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Claire Arnett | Paula Raymond as Juliette Beauvoir | Judi Meredith as Florence Charron
Director: Joseph Pevney
Story: Genevieve Manceron | Teleplay: Don Brinkley

26 :01x26 - Edge of Violence

The squad goes after a killer whose victims are teenage delinquents.
Guest Stars: Moria Turner as Mrs. Roth | Ben Wright as Frank Andrews | Les Damon as Summer Roth | Lisa Golm as Mrs. Plummer | Bartlett Robinson as Victor Kredenza | John Brinkley as Mark Calvin | Peter Helm as Lennie Rath | Richard Evans as Keith Blessing | Jay Adler as Joseph Zeromski | Will Kuluva as Benjamin Worthmann

27 :01x27 - Echoes of Hate

The water front is the scene of reignited World War ll hostilities among the German Mueluch family and the Norwegian Halversons.
Guest Stars: Cameron Prud'Homme as Olav Halverson | Roger Torrey as Chris Halverson | Natalie Trundy as Inge Halverson | Oscar Beregi as Karl Muelich | Kevin Hagen as Arne Halverson | Ed Nelson as Jeff Bright | Andrew Prine as Werner Muelich
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Pat Silver

28 :01x28 - The Man with the Other Face

Cavelli's cousin claims that her husband is trying to kill her.
Guest Stars: Alberta Nelson as Anna | Eugene Borden as Roberto | Iphigenie Castiglioni as Carla Rossi | Mario Alcalde as Frank Danielo | Eduardo Ciannelli as Tulio Rossi | Arlene Martel as Maria Danielo
Director: Walter Grauman

29 :01x29 - Thousand and Thousands of Miles

The squad searches for two teenagers who are from opposite sides of the tracks and whose road to happiness is paved with misunderstandings and danger.
Guest Stars: Lin McCarthy as John Kegler | Peter Fonda as Ronnie Bryson | Joanne Linville as Grace Kegler | Patty Duke as Karen Kegler
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Don Brinkley

30 :01x30 - Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here

A blind woman aids the squad's investigation of a girl's fatal fall.
Guest Stars: Hope Summers as guest star | James Flavin as guest star | Noam Pitlik as guest star | Bryan O'Byrne as guest star | Virginia Christine as guest star | Bartlett Robinson as guest star | John Fiedler as guest star | Edward Andrews as Hutch Hutchins | Virginia Vincent as Edna Pittman | Yvonne Craig as Louise Pittman | John Larkin as Chuck Graffer
Director: Walter Grauman

31 :01x31 - My Brother's Keeper

Cavelli's reputation and job are at stake after he arrests Bobby Madero, a reckless youth with an overprotective mother.
Guest Stars: Miriam Colon as Dolores Madero | Rudy Solari as Mike Madero | Frank Silvera as John Hernandez | Margo as Mrs. Madero | Robert Blake as Bobby Madero

32 :01x32 - A Motive Named Walter

An unhappy housewife commits forgery in order to buy her daughter a new dress for the junior prom.
Guest Stars: Linda Watkins as Wilma Donnelly | Bea Benaderet as Miss Horne | Karen Green (1) as Susan Cowley | Eddie Albert as Walter Cowley | Laraine Day as Vivian Cowley

33 :01x33 - Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?

Clayton Grimes is given to marrying rich women---and dispatching them shortly thereafter.
Guest Stars: Henry Beckman as Sgt. Rayless | Harold Innocent as Club Manager | Vaughn Taylor as Felix Wainwright | John Zaccaro as Sgt. Conlon | Beatrice Kay as Joy Miggins | Ann B. Davis as Elizabeth MacBaine | Robert Karnes as Fred Clinton | Carmen Mathews as Sarah Clinton | Joseph Wiseman as Clayton Grimes

34 :01x34 - Judgement at San Belito

Adams goes to bat for a bewildered and frustrated man who has been fired from a series of jobs for no apparent reason.
Guest Stars: David Jeff Pevney as Bobby Townsend | William Schallert as Gilbert Condon | Cloris Leachman as Elsie Condon | David Lewis (3) as Townsend | Phyllis Love as Mrs. Capples | Arthur O'Connell as Peter Capples

35 :01x35 - So Dark the Night

The squad looks into the case of misplaced guilt involving an anguished couple and their mentally disabled son.
Guest Stars: Bill Zuckert as Ira Garrity | Milton Selzer as Dr. Harmon | Ron Howard as Ronny Kingman | Michael Vandever as Tommy Simms | Don Taylor (1) as Fred Kingman | Dina Merrill as Ruth Kingman
Director: Walter Grauman

36 :01x36 - Walk This Street Lightly

Virgil Payne is an art patron. He's also a professional thief who's currently masterminding a $750,000 heist.
Guest Stars: Jack Hogan as Jerry Wells | Laura Devon as Ann Fetterson | Ron Whelan as Achilles Rex | Chris Robinson (1) as Clifford Forbes | Ed Nelson as Roger Sykes | Sydney Pollack as Bert Masters | Barry Morse as Virgil Payne
Director: Jerry Hopper
Warning: The New Breed guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1961
Ended: September 25, 1962
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