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Auditions 1 - Recap

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Another Season of Australia’s Got Talent is underway and Judges Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands all return for another bought of auditions! Host Grant Denyer is back as well! After finding 14-year-old singer Jack Vidgen last season, the judges are ready to find another star to win the prize money of $250,000. The judges come in and take their seat to wait for the oncoming talent.

First up for the night is Mark Lowndes. He is a musician and tells about how his parents had a rough marriage. He says that he has tried to support himself and his family. His wife says that she wants him to achieve his dream. Singing an original piece, he shows his talent. Afterward, Dannii screams when he goes into his falsetto. They give him a standing ovation. Brian says that he was really scared starting this year, but says that everything was wonderful. He says that he could potentially win the whole show. Dannii says that he is so freakin’ cool. The family joins him on stage and Dannii thanks the two boys. Kyle says that he would love to see him over and over again. Mark gets through to the next round.

However, not all is good and the judges make use of the buzzers rather quickly when one after another get three buzzes. The acts get a quick no from everyone. Hoping to not get the buzzes is “Kookies N Kream” and they are a 13-member dance crew. They don’t have a place to rehearse, but that never stops them. They come out and do their talent. They get the audience jumping on their feet. Kyle says that they are on the brilliant end. Dannii says that was awesome. Brian says that he loved how they worked together as a team. They get through into the next round.

The next act up is “Loretta and Chloe”. Lorretta’s pink poodle is Chloe. Loretta says that they are very active with helping out. They begin the act and Kyle says that he needs a dog like that. Chloe gets on a toy car and they are surprised that the dog can do that. Afterward, Dannii stands up and says “Puppy Power!” Kyle says that he can’t even get his dog to go outside. Bryan says that it was really entertaining.

This sets off a montage of great acts that include a Violin player, a Irish Step dancer, and a yodeller. They all get through to the next round.

Next up are 9-5ers who are a quartet. They are called “Mint26”. They come out on stage and show their talent as achapella singers. Afterward, Bryan gives them a standing ovation. Dannii says that it was fantastic. Kyle says that he loved it. Bryan says that it was an absolute pleasure. They get through to the next round.

Up next is Pip, a Comic Illusionist. He says that he is going to do an illusion. It is comedy magic. He begins the act and a blow up doll is his assistant. He mixes the magic with comedy and the blow up doll turns into a human. Dannii says that they have never had this before and says that she loved it. Bryan says that it was great and impressive. Kyle says that it was amazing and says that he needs one of those dolls that turns into a human. They vote him through to the next round.

Next is a montage of celebrity impersonators with some of them getting through and some not. Hoping that she is going to go through to the next round is Sri Budayasari. She wants to show Australia that she has talent. She comes out dressed as Tina Turner who can do the Nat Bush dance. Kyle joins her on stage and Bryan is confused and laughs. Kyle gets into it and walks around all flamboyant off the stage. Bryan is confused. Dannii says that if she is going to teach Nat Bush to Bryan, she has to say yes. Bryan says no, but Kyle says yes. Sri is through to the next round.

Lane Cove Concert Band come up on stage and play instruments and bang pots and pans together. Bryan says that it is not going to happen. Kyle says that not a chance on Earth are they going to be going through.

Next up is “Flair Action Sports” and they are motor-cross riders that perform stunts on stage. They manage to land every stunt and impress the judges and audience. Everyone gives them a standing ovation in the end. Kyle says that was unbelievable and says that is the most talented thing he has seen. Bryan agrees with them and says that they were amazing. Dannii says that was amazing and wants to see more. They get through to the next round.

Danny Goin “Bongo Head” is the next contestant and he says that it is because of an accident, he has a talent now. He comes out on stage and starts hitting his head. It sounds like a bongo. Danny buzzes. Kyle says yes because he knows talent. Bryan and Dannii say no though.

Hoping to get through are gymnasts called “Odyssey”. They have a former Solviet Union Gold Medallist as their coach. They impress right away with their act. At the end, they get a standing ovation. Dannii says that was the best gymnastic performance and she loved it. Kyle asks the coach to come out and says that he is covered in goose bumps and says that it was brilliant. Bryan says that it is great to see World Class professionals putting on a World Class performance. They get through to the next round.

Next up is Anthony Laye, a mind reader. He is hoping to read Kyle’s mind. He gets on stage and draws what he is thinking. Anthony draws a wine glass and airplane with clouds. That is exactly what Kyle is thinking about! He asks Anthony if he put that in his mind and Anthony says that he can think that. Kyle says that he needs to learn that one girls who don’t date fat guys. Dannii says that was totally off the cuff and says yes. Bryan says that he can’t believe that and says. Kyle says that was unreal.

The last contestant of the night is Cody Bell. He was bullied when he was in High School and he says that he felt that he had nothing to live for. Music helped him open up inside. He comes out on the stage and says that he is going to sing. He begins and shocks everyone. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Kyle says that he loved it and calls it beautiful. Dannii says that his voice was wonderful. Bryan says that he transformed to a shy guy to an amazing singing beast. They all vote yes and send Cody through to the next round. That’s it for the first round of auditions.

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