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Auditions 2 - Recap

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The second round of auditions kick off and Judges Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands are ready to see the acts who want to get their chance at the $250,000 that goes to the winner of Australia’s Got Talent. The contestants arrive at the auditorium in their bid to win. They take their seat and await the oncoming talent.

Shawn “Bike Boy” Bridges is up first and he is a fire juggler. However, he is not good at it at all. Bryan says that he made a lot of mistakes and says that it wasn’t good. They vote and it is an easy no to him and he leaves.

Next up is Joe Fisher. He says that his father taught him a party trick and says that he wants to show his juggling skills. He begins and impresses the judges and audience with his talent. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation from Dannii and Bryan. Kyle says that was impressive and he says that he is a brilliant little genius. Bryan says that was really cool and impressive. Dannii says that he has it all and says that it was fantastic. His mom comes out and the judges tell him that they want to see him again. The Tazzie gets through to the next round.

Up next is “Big Foot/Little Foot”. They come out and the guy twirls the girl with his feet. The judges and audience are impressed. Dannii says that she has never seen this. Bryan says that was very interesting and Kyle asks Dannii if she wants to try that. She says that she doesn’t and they all vote them through.

Joe Moore, a musician, is up next and he is a struggling artist. He is going to sing an original piece of his on stage. He starts and impresses the audience and judges. Afterward, Kyle says that was fantastic. Bryan says that he has the old school power voice and says that he is a contender to win the show. Dannii says that was fantastic and says that she loved the song. They vote him through into the next round.

Next up is Nat Harris, a former Cirque Du Soleil dancer. She says that she has been working on some new moves. She comes out and gets in a hoop. She shows her strength and impresses the judges and audience. Afterward, Dannii gives her a standing ovation. Kyle says that she made this sexy and athletic and says that it was well done. Dannii says that she got dizzy watching it and loved the swinging at the end. Bryan says that she is the best he has seen. They vote her through to the next round.

Genesis is next and he is a beat boxer. He says that he has been doing it for years. He begins and shows that he can really beat box really good at what he does. He impresses the audience and judges. Kyle says that it was fantastic and says that beat he was doing was excellent. Dannii says that the throat beat box was amazing. Bryan says that he has talent and would love to see that. They vote and it is unanimous. He gets through to the next round.

They show a montage of acts trying to impress Kyle with musical theatre and he is not interested in it. Hoping to change Kyle’s mind is Natasha Hoeberigs. She comes out on stage and is nervous of how Kyle will react to her musical theatre song. Bryan says that Kyle really loves Musical Theater. Natasha sings and afterward, Kyle snaps. Dannii says that she is a future star and says that she has the magic. Bryan says that was an excellent performance. Kyle says that she is a great performer and says that she will be a star in Musical Theater. They all vote her to the next round.

Next is "Human Car Sounds". He says that he has something for everyone and says that no one has done what he does on the show. He says that he is going to do car sounds. Everyone is impressed and Dannii give him a standing ovation. Kyle says that he nailed the sounds. Bryan says that it is nothing but yes for him. Dannii says that she is amazed with it.

The battle of the bands begins and one after another, the bands show what they have. Even the elderly are getting into it. All the bands get their ticket to the next round. Dannii isn’t that impressed with them. Last up for the evening and hoping to impress Dannii, is “Beside Lights”. They want to showcase their stuff and want to put Perth on the map. Afterward, Kyle says that was alright and says that if the audience loved it so does he. Dannii says that their song sounded really hot and says that they are in the running. Bryan says that they did their job with it. They vote them through to the next round. That’s it for the second round of auditions.

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 2 guide may contain spoilers
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