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Auditions 3 - Recap

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The auditions continue as the third round begins. Judges Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands are happy as they come into the auditorium ready to see if they can find the true talent that will make all of Australia proud. The night begins and the judges take to their seat to wait for the contestants who feel that they have what it takes to win it all and be the next winner of Australia’s Got Talent. They are back in Sydney for the auditions.

First up is “Zigitty Dance Crew” and they are a dance group and Justice Crew are their idols. They get out on stage and they dance. Afterwards, everyone is impressed and give them a standing ovation. Dannii says that it was Zigitty-Ah and Zigitty-lisious. Kyle says that the dance crews are good this year and says that they were great. Bryan says that it was an excellent performance. They vote and they all say yes to them. They move to the next round.

They set off a montage of bad performers on the stage that include a didgeridoo player and a boy band that is absolutely rubbish as Kyle says.

Next is Owen Campbell. He says that he has been touring by busting on the streets of the world to enough make to make it to the next town. Owen says that he doesn’t quite know what to expect. He is cheeky and says that he is going to pretend that the judges aren’t even there. He sings and afterward, Kyle says that was enjoyable and asks why he made an enemy of them before. Bryan says that he has to be smart and not act like an ass. Bryan says that it is a no from him. Kyle says that he is excellent, but cocky. He says he wants the newspapers to write complete lies about him and see how he takes it. Dannii asks him why he isn’t famous yet. Dannii says that she is not going to let him through based on his attitude.

Up next is Imbi. She is going to sing an original song and dedicates it to Kyle. She starts dancing and singing around and Dannii buzzes her. Bryan says that if Kyle Minogue was there, then she could sing it with her. Bryan says that it is a no for him. Dannii says that she is going to have to say yes. Kyle says yes because she wrote the song for her. Bryan asks what the others are doing.

The comedians come to the stage and next up is Sam McCool, and he has something special up his sleeves that will impress. He comes out and starts his comedy. They laugh and love it. Afterward, Bryan says that they have been waiting for a good comedian and he is it. Dannii says that she loved it. Kyle says that it was great and people loved it all the way through. They put him through to the next round.

Next up is “Ev&Bow Dance Company”, a contemporary dance crew. They want to show that they are worth it and want to get through to the next round. They come out and Dannii asks why they are different. They say that it is a mash up. They start and impress with their synchronization. The audience gives them a standing ovation. Kyle says that was amazing and says that it was brilliant. Dannii says that was beautiful and says that she was captivated. Bryan says that it was beautiful to watch. They give them a yes to the next round.

Last up for the evening is Laura Loe. She is a singer who has done everything her parents wanted her to do and says that music is where her heart is. She comes out and says that she is going to sing. She starts and Grant has her father on a webcam off the stage without her knowing. They give her a standing ovation at the end. Bryan says that she has raw untouched talent. Dannii says that it is a long time coming and says that millions will see it. Kyle says that she sang it amazingly well. Grant comes out with the laptop and they vote her through to the next round.

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 3 guide may contain spoilers
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