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Auditions 4 - Recap

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Another round of Auditions kick off and Judges Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands are ready to find talent again. The bar has already been set high for them and the hopefuls always want to make the judges proud. The stage has been moved to Brisbane and they are hopeful that they are going to find what they want.

First up for the night is “Luscious Lil”. She comes out in a cloak with her back turned toward everyone. She tells the judges that they are going to be turned on when they see her. She turns around and she is not attractive. Brian says that she is perfect for Stag Night. Dannii says that she was very entertaining. Kyle says that they had the censors standing by when she started dancing. Bryan says that it is a yes for him based on pure effort. Dannii says that she loved it and Kyle agrees.

Rhys Tolhurst is up next and he says that he wants to stop washing dishes and become a performer. He says that his mother is the biggest supporter. He wants to show Australia what he has. He comes out and sings. He is a crooner and impresses the audience and judges. Afterward, Bryan says that was so natural and says that it was a perfect package. Kyle says that he loved it and says that it was perfect. Dannii says that it was unique and great. They all give him a pass to the next round.

Next up is “Larger Than Life”, a kid band. They want to be the first kid band playing kid songs. They have a 9-year-old drummer who is very excited. They start singing and at the end they get a standing ovation. Kyle says that it was a little rough, but says that they are going to get better. Dannii says that she is impressed with the 9-year-old drummer and says that they all were great. Bryan says that they were wonderful. The little drummer gives them a drum roll and the judges all say yes.

Up next is “Circotic”, an acrobat group. They say that they have a passion for this and want to prove that they have talent enough to make it to the end. They come out and do their act and one of the girls slips and falls. She says that it was his partner’s fault. Kyle says that even though they had an error, he would like to see it again. Bryan says that he loved it and would like to see more. Dannii says that it was amazing and brilliant despite the little fault. They get through to the next round.

They next up is “Runway”. They are a dance group with cross-dressers. They say that they mixed a few styles of dance together. They start dancing and they impress. Dannii says that the song choice was great and so was the choreography. Bryan says that it was a powerful performance. Kyle says that it was a well put together act and says that it was great. They all give them the pass to the next round of the competition.

Owen Campbell is back to try to prove that he has matured and that he can man-up and the judges give him a second chance to redeem himself. He comes out to them and he apologizes for his Melbourne audition. He impresses with his song. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation from Bryan too. Bryan says that his voice is amazing and that he is a real artist. Dannii says that it was a great performance. Kyle says that they all have attitudes and says that it was a great performance. He gets the yes that he wanted in the first place.

Next up is “Black Diamonds”, a dance crew. They are a mixture of moms, housewives and teens. They come out and they are performing a modified routine. They impress and get a standing ovation from all judges. Kyle says that he is going to get himself an all girl army and says that was spot on. Bryan says that it was great and wonderful. Dannii says that it was like an optical illusion and says that it was great. They get through to the next round.

Up next is “Minis Vs Models”, a jelly wrestling group. They say that they are going to impress with the guys and it is going to be tough for Dannii They have a little person to wrestle in the jelly. Kyle automatically loves it. Afterward, Bryan says yes, Dannii says no and Kyle says yes. Kyle gets in on the fun and gets taken down by the two models.

Last up for the night is Monique Le Bas, an opera singer. She says that she has never been naturally good at singing opera. She believes that she is good enough though. She comes out and greets the crowd. She starts singing and impresses the audience. Afterward, Dannii says that she was born to be on stage and Monique snorts. Bryan says that it was amazing and controlled. Dannii says that she wants to see more. That is it for the 4th round of auditions!

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 4 guide may contain spoilers
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