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Auditions 6 - Recap

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Another round of auditions is underway and everyone is getting ready. However, Kyle is away with the flu. They replace him with Todd McKinney. Bryan and Dannii welcome Todd to their home of Australia’s Got Talent as they go into the auditorium. They take to their seats and wait for the oncoming talent.

First up for the night is “The Divine Divas of Sunbury”, a singing group of women. They come out on stage and Bryan says that there are a lot of them. They begin to sing and sing contemporary songs. They get the audience interested in it. Afterward, Todd says that was cleaver and very camp. Bryan says that he was very profession and went from his Lordship to Majesty in an instant. Dannii says that she loves that he came out and was himself. They vote the Diva choir through to the next round.

Next up is “The Nelson Twins”. They are comedians and they come out and do their thing. Todd says that they do comedy brilliantly. Dannii asks why they haven’t seen them before and says that they are contenders. Bryan says that he loved it and all the judges say yes to them to the next round.

After a few acts that get through to the next round, up next is Boris Jalovec, a singer. He comes out and says that his family told him to stop singing in the shower. He starts singing opera and impresses the audience. He gets a standing ovation at the end. Todd says that watching him go red for the last note was great. Bryan says that he was thinking he was going to be horrible. He says that was great. Dannii says that this is what the show is all about and says that it was great. He gets through to the next stage of the competition.

After a few acts, next up is Caleb Bartolo. He is a dancer wanting to impress the judges. He comes out and sings and dances. Bryan is impressed with his jumping skills. Dannii asks what the ultimate goal and he says that Vegas. She doesn’t know about him. Dannii says no to him, but Bryan and Todd send him through to the next round.

Next up is George & Noriko. They say that they are a mix of Western and Eastern music. They come out and play and sing. They get the audience excited. Afterward, Todd says that he wasn’t expecting that and says that it was amazing. Dannii says that she wants to see it again. Bryan says that he loves George’s voice and says that it was interesting. They vote them through to the next round.

Andrew De Silva is last and he says that he was in “CDB”, a boy band from the 90’s. However, he was asked to leave the band when he was diagnosed with Cancer. He wants to make a comeback. He comes out and sings and afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Bryan says that he says that his voice is for the masses. Dannii says that he came back is magic and they all loved it. Todd says that he is a great artist and he is asked to bring his family out. Todd says that he is amazing. Bryan says that he would bet for him to win. That’s it for the 6th round of auditions.

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 6 guide may contain spoilers
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