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Auditions 7 - Recap

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The auditions continue with the 7th round of auditions on Australia’s Got Talent and tonight the stakes are higher then ever. Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands are ready for the oncoming acts to show that they have what it takes to get the prize of $250,000. With the expectations high, the contestants are hopeful that they are going to show the judges enough that they are what they want. The judges take their seats to wait for the first act.

First up is Sarah Hopkins, a classical performer who is going to play her own instrument. She brings it out and Kyle says that they are hoses from her pool. She plays the instrument and it plays a song. Afterward, Kyle asks how she found that out and says that she can take that to the next level. Bryan says that as an act, it is a no. Dannii says that was amazing and gives her a yes. She makes it into the next round.

Next up is Jeremy Yong. He wants to be a Rock Star and win it all. He comes out with a guitar and tells the judges that he is there to sing. They all think that it is cute that the 7-year-old can play. Bryan says that he is already a Rock Star. Dannii says that he is crazy talented. They put him through to the next round.

After a montage of bizarre acts that make it through to the next round, “Phly Crew”, a hip-hop crew who wants to show that they have the right amount of talent. They come out and dance. Afterward, Dannii says that she could watch 10 more hours of that and says that it was great. Kyle says that was excellent. Bryan says that was great and votes yes. They all say yes and the hip-hop dance crew makes it through.

After a montage of acts that make it through, next up is Andy Holm, a contestant who says that he was abducted by aliens. He says that he has an act that is bizarre and that they will love it. Kyle buzzes. Afterward, Dannii says that she liked it. Kyle says that he would like to see what it will go further. Bryan says that it is bizarre, but good. They vote him through to the next round.

Next up is “Hansel”, a Glam Rock Band. Dannii is already excited. They start to play. Afterward, Kyle says that normally he is not into it, but says that they did an excellent job. Bryan says that they are amazing and that they are a great addition. Dannii says that they clearly had a lot of fun. They get through to the next round.

Next up is a repeat performer from last year. Dylan Yeandle comes back with his stripping routine. However, this year, he has two more with him. He takes off his clothes and struggles a bit. Dannii says that he has been working out at it. Bryan says that it is weird, but says that it was interesting. Dannii tells him that he needs to tell whoever to not get the seams too tight. They vote him through to the next round.

Last up for the night is Johnny Taylor, a musician. He says that he has playing since he was 13 and at age 20 he had an accident. The accident made him look at his life in a new way. He comes out and says that he is going to sing a song for his friend struggling with alcoholism. He sings and afterward gets a standing ovation. Bryan says that the song was fantastic and says that it had heart and soul. Dannii says that this is what the show is about and says that it was special. Kyle says that was perfect. They vote him through to the next round. That’s it for that round!

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