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Auditions 8 - Recap

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The auditions continue and Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands are ready for another round of singing, dancing and other acts that want to win the prize of $250,000. With only one more day until the Semi-Finals, the acts are more and more determined to give it their all. The judges take their seats to wait for the

Up next is “Phuzion” a pair of 17-year-old twin girls who have dreamt to be performers. They love to touch people’s hearts. They come out on stage and sing. They rock the audience with their sound. Afterward, Dannii says that was the wrong song choice for them and says that they were not fit. However, Bryan says that they are awesome. Kyle says that he liked it. They vote and Bryan says yes, Dannii says no and Kyle says yes.

Next up is Hume Colville. He wants to play an instrument that he saw an Italian man playing when he was a boy during World War II. He comes out with a bow and a saw. He starts to play and the audience joins in on the song. Kyle says that he has the talent they want and says yes to him. Brian and Dannii agree and Hume goes through to the next round.

Up next is Justin Geange, Buck, The Brisbane Broncos Mascot. He has picked a singing career before and wants to show that he is talented. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Kyle is impressed with his voice and says that it was really good. Bryan says that it was great. Dannii says that she loved it too. They vote Justin through to the next round.

Next are Susie Q and Toby J. They are an acrobatic crew. They come out suspended high in the air. They show their muscles and skill. Afterward, Kyle tells them to kiss and says that there was more danger in the act and says that it was excellent. Dannii says that she cannot get her head around it and says that it was great. Bryan says that they need to start reading the bios and says that they won a pole dancing competition and Miss Nude Australia. Kyle says that they are going all the way to the finals.

Next are “Divine Knights”, a musical duo that wants to show that they have the talent worth $250,000. The sing and afterward, Kyle says that it was odd. Bryan says that he would love to see this on a bigger level. Kyle says that it could be big. Dannii says that it is going to be a big leap. She says that it is going to be interesting to see if they can get better.

Next up is Nick Savadellis, a singer hoping to get through to the next round. He comes out and says that he has been singing for 20 years and hopes to impress them. He starts singing. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Bryan says that he is disapoitned that they had to wait 20 years to hear that voice. He says that his gift should have been shared. Dannii says that it was amazing. Kyle asks why he waited. He says that he sacrificed his career to help his family. Kyle loves it.

The last act up for the night are “The Pigs” a bunch of blokes who got together to play. They want to bring Bluegrass to the stage. They come out and start to sing “Single Ladies” in a bluegrass tune. Kyle starts to do the dance. Afterward, Kyle says that was unexpected and says that it was excellent. Bryan says that they belong on the show. Dannii says that she can’t wait to see them again. They get through to the next round. That is it for the 8th round of Auditions. The auditions close tomorrow night!

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