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Auditions 9 - Recap

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The final round of auditions are among us and Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands are ready to go for it and see if they can’t find the best act to be able to give the prize of $250,000 to. They get into the auditorium and take their seats to wait for the oncoming talent.

First up is the Singh Sabha Sports Club, a dance group. They jump around to Bollywood music and show that they have energy. Dannii gets into it. Afterward, Dannii says that it was great. Another act is Russian Bar that gets a yes as well.

Next up is “Zoo Allstars” a gymnastic dance crew and they want to be able to take their team to America and compete. They show what they can do and impress. They get a standing ovation in the end. Bryan says that it is great to see a group all together. He feels energized. Dannii says that it was great. Kyle says that was joyful and art. They vote them through to the next round without any problems.

Up next is “Ten Days After Christmas” a brother duo who like to write songs. Their mother says that she is amazed with them and is proud of them. They go out on stage and tell them that they are going to sing their own song. They sing and get the audience entertained. The judges ask for another song. Bryan asks how many songs they have and they say that they have 45 or 50. Bryan says that they are amazing. Dannii says that they are amazing. They vote them through to the next round.

Next up is The Wolfe Brothers. They have been performing since they were little and they want to show that they can sing together in a band. They are a Country Rock Band. They start singing and entertain the crowd and judges. Dannii and Bryan give them a standing ovation. Bryan says that they never had a great Rock Band to win and they could be the one. Dannii says that was fantastic and says that it is the year of the Rock Band. They vote them through to the next round.

Up next is Jane-Louise Turner. She is back from last year. She says that she wasn’t that great last year. She says that she has changed a bit. She starts to sing and Kyle buzzes. Dannii buzzes too. Bryan buzzes too. At the end, Bryan says that she is still awful, but has improved 100% since last year. Kyle says that she sings drab songs. Dannii says that she has to say yes to bring her back. Kyle decides to put her through if she sings a Grease song in tights.

Next up is “Soul Mystique” were in the LIVE Finals last time, but never won. They are back with a twist of magic in their dancing. They come out and Dannii recognizes them. They managed to ad a quick change magic act in their dancing. They get a standing ovation. Bryan says that it is a great act and says yes. Dannii says that this is world class and says yes. Kyle says that they are through again.

The last contestant of the auditions is “Flowers For Midnight” Chrislyn is the lead singer. Chrislyn was in the Top 5 of Australian Idol. She took a job at McDonalds as a barista and Kyle recognizes her. They come out and sing. Dannii gets goosebumps. Afterward, she gets a standing ovation. Kyle says that this band was a great idea. Bryan says that Dannii looks like a raw chicken. Dannii says that she loved the whole thing and says that it was great. Bryan says that it was one of the best vocals in his life and better then last year. They vote her through to the next round.

Now the hard work begins and who is going to make it through to the Semi-Finals. Dannii, Bryan and Kyle sit down and they start with The Singers then move on to The Dancers. The Thrillseekers are next to be looked at followed by The Magic. The Bands are looked at next and then The Comedians. The Unique acts are the last to be looked at. The finalists are chosen and next week the first round of Semi-Finalists performing are: Cody Bell, Jagger, Pip Comic Illusionist, The Wolfe Brothers, Nat Harris, Sam McCool, Superhoodz and Laura Loe.

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