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Semi-Finals 2 - Recap

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Before the next round of Semi-Finalists performing, the results are in for the semi-finalists from last round. The acts performing after them are: Andrew De Silva, Beside Lights, The Space Cowboy, The Divine Divas of Sunbury, Darren Jones, Tina Tina and Ev & Bow. Grant Denyer comes out and introduces the judges.

Laura Loe, The Wolfe Brothers and Jagger are the Top 3 from the results. The act who got the highest amount of votes is The Wolfe Brothers! This leaves Jagger and Laura Loe up for the final vote. The next spot is in the judges’ hands. Brian says that he has to go with Jagger. Dannii goes with Jagger. This means that Laura Loe has to go home.

The first act is Tiny Tina. She says that this is a dream come true. She says that she is happy that she got to find Tina Turner and says that she is ready to perform. She comes out on stage and sings. Afterward, Dannii says that she is one of her biggest fans and says that she is a performer and kept the vocals even with the dancing. Kyle says that she is lovable and says that he is with Dannii on this and says that he loves it. Brian says that as Tina Turner impressionists, she is the best and says that he is just confused.

The next act up is The Divine Divas of Sunbury. They say that they have ordinary people in a great thing. Tonight they are going to raise the bar. They come out and sing. Afterward, Dannii says that it was fun. Vocally it was spot on tonight. He says that the song choice was not too good though. Brian says that it was beautiful at the beginning and then focus went off the women and onto the conductor and it was horrible. Kyle says that he agrees with Brian and calls it self-indulgent.

Next up is The Space Cowboy. He says that he was born with a malformation and can swallow anything. He is going to performing an act that is dangerous. He comes out and juggles on top of a 4m high unicycle. He goes for a record of juggling blindfolded on a unicycle. He manages it and that makes for 12 world records. Afterward, Kyle says that it is impressive, but he was more nervous for him last time. He says that it is still impressive. Brian says that the audition was better and says that it was underwhelming. Dannii says that it was great, but would have thought that he would step it up.

Beside Lights is up next. They were blown away that they got the response they did. They say that they get a lot of nicknames and says that they are going to sing another original. They come out and perform. Afterward, they get a standing ovation from the judges. Brian says that it was excellent and says that it is a hit record. He says that they need to get their record out there. Dannii says that they work together great and it sounded like it was on the radio. Kyle says that they are current and it was amazing.

Up next is Darren Jones. He says that everywhere he goes now people want to have him sing. He says that he was adopted and decided to go into helping the mental health. He comes out and sings “What A Wonderful World”. Afterward, Dannii says that it is emotional and it was a great performance. She says that the timing was a little off, but that will come with training. Kyle says that he is funny and says that there were a few flaws, but he didn’t care about it. He says that is what made it beautiful. Brian says that performance was nice, but the talent may be too raw and says that it wouldn’t be at this stage of the competition.

Ev & Bow come out next. They say that they have been dancing forever and they combine martial arts with tumbling. They are nervous about the act, but they are determined to deliver. They come out and dance. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Kyle says that performances like that will fill arenas. He really enjoyed it. Brian says that it was incredible even to the end of the trick. He says that they have earned a spot in the Finals. Dannii asked how they did that and says that choreography was amazing and says that they pushed it to the next level.

Last up for the night is Andrew De Silva. He says that there has been huge reactions to his audition and says that it feels like he is starting over again. He says that he is doing this for his family. He says that this is a song all about his life. He comes out and sings. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Brian says that everything was said on stage and he thanks Andrew for coming. Dannii says that they needed a hug after that and says that the performance was amazing and says that she is glad that he is doing this again. Kyle says that was great and he remembers him from the past. He says that he owned the stage and says that everyone loved it. He says that he is sensational. That is it for performances for the night! Next are the results and more performances!

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 11 guide may contain spoilers
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