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Semi-Finals 3 - Recap

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Before the next round of Semi-Finalists performing, the results are in for the semi-finalists from last round. The acts performing after them are: Owen Campbell, Joe Fisher, Runway, Natasha Hoeberigs, Odyssey, Hansel and Zigitty. Grant Denyer comes out and introduces the judges for another results time. Guy Sebastian will be performing as well tonight.

Ev & Bow, Beside Lights and Andrew De Silva are the Top 3 from the results. The act who got the highest amount of votes is Andrew De Silva! This leaves Ev and Bow and Beside Lights up for the final vote. The next spot is in the judges’ hands. Kyle says that both are great. However, he has to go with Beside Lights. Brian says that this is difficult, but eventually goes with Ev & Bow. Dannii says that she is going to go with Beside Lights. This means that Ev & Bow are going home.

“Zigitty” is up first. They say that being in Zigitty, they have a lot of fun. They have been awarded a prize for Hip Hop champion. They rehearse and one of the members hurts his foot. However, he says that he is fine. They come out and perform. Afterward, Brian says that there were some great parts. However, some of them they have seen before. All around it was a great act. Dannii says that it was fantastic and says that it was spectacular. Kyle says that the costumes were good and says that it was tight. He says that they should be happy with themselves and says that it was nice.

Natasha Hoeberigs is up next. She says that she does a full-time course and works part-time. She says that she has a Pokemon obsession. She says that she has been sick this week though. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Dannii says that she sang a love song to Kyle and says that it was amazing. She says that she likes the song, but didn’t love it. Kyle says that she is wasting her talent, but she has a powerful voice. He says that she makes him want to go see Musical Theater. Brian says that he didn’t like it and felt that it was a little bit of a sell-out and says that she has one of the best performing voice, but he didn’t like the performance.

Next up is Hansel. They say they have jobs, but like to rock out. They are going to be going bigger this time around. They come out and sing and dance. Afterward, Kyle says that he hated it and says that it wasn’t energetic. Brian says that he agrees with Kyle, but says that the costumes are amazing. He says that he is a little disappointed. Dannii says that they amped up the performance, but the song choice wasn’t that good.

Runway is up next. They say that the audition was amazing and they want to show Australia that they have the talent that is deserving of the Final. They come out and dance. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Brian says that it was great and says that everything about it was amazing. They have everything down perfectly. Dannii says that it was amazing and wishes that she could do that. She says that they are great. Kyle says that he loved it and strangely enough, he wants to see it again.

Guy Sebastian comes out on stage and shows what it takes to be a multi-platinum recording artist. He comes out and sings his new single “Gold”. Grant comes out afterward and asks when the album comes out. Guy says that it is coming.

Joe Fisher is next up. He says that he started juggling when he was 6 and says that he loves it. His father says that it is hard to juggle at the rate that he does. He says that he would love to follow after the Wolfe Brothers. He comes out and juggles. He drops one or two. Afterward, Dannii says that he did look nervous. However, she doesn’t know how he sees the balls with the lights. Kyle says that he could master a trick to hide the mistakes and says that it was great. Brian says that he has to dropping the balls twice; he pulled off juggling 7 balls. He says that he did an amazing job.

Next up is Odyssey. They were motivated to work harder after the auditions. They are training all the time and Uri, their coach, has put together an act that will impress. They want to achieve the wow factor. They come out and dance. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Kyle says that was a Grand Final performance and says that he could not find one fault. He says that he loved it. Brian says that they have changed it all and says that they have what it takes to win it all. Dannii says that is what happens when they have the talent and says that they are going to be getting the results that they want.

Last up for the night is Owen Campbell. He says that his comments were uncalled for during the first audition. That is why he wanted to make changes to his attitude. He says that he has been playing for years and says that he is bringing an original tune. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Brian says that he is a fantastic talent, but says that he has to look at his catalog of songs and be smart that will hook people. Dannii says that the biggest challenge is to cross over. She says that there are pressures if he takes it big time. Kyle says that he loved it and says that he loves that he is looking after the kids and singing anywhere.

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 12 guide may contain spoilers
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