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Semi-Finals 4 - Recap

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The Results are in for the performers that performed before and this time, Rhys Tolhurst, Larger Than Life, Outside the Box, Divalicious, Luke Heggie, George & Noriko and Divine Knights are going to perform afterward. Grant Denyer comes out and says that it is time to get down to business.

The Top 3 acts are: Owen Campbell, Runway and Odyssey. They all come out to the center of the stage. Odyssey gets through to the next round based on the public vote. The judges vote between the remaining two. Kyle says that he is picking Owen. Dannii says that she has to choose Runway. Brian says that he hates this decision and eventually goes with Owen. This means that Owen Campbell and Odyssey are through to the next round. Runway is going home.

Divine Knights are up first for the night. They are thrilled to be there and say that their costumes are an expression of themselves. They hope that everyone loves what they have done. They come out and sing. Bryan buzzes. Afterward, Dannii says that this was great and says that performance wise it was great. However, the song needs more work. Bryan says that it was dreadful and he says that he was excited with them, but it didn’t go anywhere. Kyle says that it was fantastic, but the singing is no good.

Larger Than Life are up next. They have a new drummer and say that they are really excited. They say that they want to go out and show them what they have. They come out and perform. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Dannii says that she loved it and says that they are incredibly cute and talented. Kyle says that he loved it all. He loves the message too. They have a great energy. Brian says that it was a great performance. He says that they were incredible.

Next up is Outside the Box. They were excited when they got in the next round. They say that they were all bullied for being in dance and tonight they are hoping to keep the audience shocked. They come out and do their act. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Kyle says that was sick and that he loved it. He says that it was nothing but grace. Brian says that it was great and they get better and better. Dannii says that they are creative and they looked beautiful.

George & Noriko are next. They sometimes bust and Noriko says that they are going to be singing a song that is surely to impress. They come out and they play and sing. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Brian says that was amazing and says that it was a brilliant performance. Dannii says that they are so incredibly talented and says that it was perfection. Kyle says that was great and should be the United Nations theme song and says that it was great.

Up next is Luke Heggie. He says that he was a bit of a smart ass when he was young. He says that he just came up and tried the comedy routines. He comes out and does his comedy. Afterward, Danni says that coming on the stage is a gamble. Kyle says that he loved it, but takes a little for people to warm up. He still got laughs. Brian says that he is relaxed and says that he is an acquired taste and says that people seemed to like it.

Divalicious are up next. They say that they met in 2001 and say that they are mums by day and Divas by night. They hope that the judges and audience embrace their style. They come out and sing and Brian gives them a standing ovation. Kyle says that it was great and says that it was excellent. Brian says that they don’t have to appreciate Opera to appreciate that. Dannii says that when they harmonize, it is beautiful. However, they didn’t show a connection to one another.

Up last for the night is Rhys Tolhurst. He says that he has had nothing but love growing up. He says that singing in front of all the professionals is nerve racking. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Brian says that he didn’t like the song choice. Dannii says that this was a dangerous move to change a song because he is a puppy in the business. Kyle says that he actually loved it. He says that he took something to make something different. That is it for the performances! The results are next week!

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 13 guide may contain spoilers
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