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Semi-Finals 5 - Recap

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For the performers from last week, the results are in! Afterwhich, Soul Mystique, Joe Moore, Jeremy Yong, Laydee Kinmee, Phuzion, Caleb Bartolo and Flair Riders will perform for the public vote. Grant Denyer comes out and welcomes the judges. He brings out the Top 3 contestants that got the most votes.

Rhys Tolhurst, Divalicious and George & Noriko come out as the final three that got most of the public vote. The act that recieved the highest amount of votes is George & Noriko! This leaves Rhys Tolhurst and Divalicious for the judges’ vote. Brian says that both acts were great, but Rhys blew it and he picks Divalicious. Dannii says that she has to go with Rhys Tolhurst. Kyle says that it is tough, but he has to go with Rhys Tolhurst. This means that Divalicious is going home.

Jeremy Yong is up first. He says that his friends at school treated him like a rockstar. He says that he has to be like all the best. He says that he is nervous, but wants to show his talent. He comes out and plays “Living on a Prayer”. Brian says that he has a long way on his voice, but loves the guitar playing. Dannii says that was incredible. Kyle says that he says that he enjoyed listening to it and loved the fireworks.

Next is Flair Riders. They say that it was awesome when everyone stood up. They say that they have built a team and the girl in the group says that she has been scared that she would loose some hair. They go outside for their act. They do what they do best. Afterward, Dannii says that it is the best show and says that she is always scared when she watches this. Brian says that this was a magnificent with what they did. Kyle says that he loved it and says that it was more dangerous on the small stage. Kyle says that it was dangerous and can’t wait to see more.

Laydee Kinmee is next. He/She says that he/she has been singing and loves the alter-ego. Laydee says that it is going to be fun. Laydee comes out and yodels. Dannii and Brian give Laydee a standing ovation. Kyle says that it was excellent and very Disney at the beginning. He says that Laydee is his favorite Drag Queen. Brian says that it was a strange performance, but there is something addictive about the yodeling. Dannii says that Laydee is living the dream and says that the costume and everything is incredible.

Phuzion is up next. They say that they are 17-years-old and they couldn’t believe the attention that they got in their town. Brian says that he hopes that the girls will prove him right that they have talent. They come out and sing. Brian buzzes them. Dannii buzzes too. Afterward, Brian asks them why they sang that song. He says that he can’t believe how bad that was. Dannii says that they are cute and knows that they love singing. However, the voices don’t match. Kyle says that he didn’t mind it. He enjoyed watching them have fun.

Caleb Bartolo is next. He says that he could understand what Dannii was talking about only focusing on one thing. He says that he is going to only dance. He wants to wow the crowd. He comes out and dances. Afterward, Brian gives him a standing ovation. Dannii says that she is glad that it was one thing and showed her what the vision is. He says that the fluidity needs some work, but he stepped it up. Kyle says that it was amazing and says that he is great. Brian says that it was beautiful and says that he is an exceptional dancer. He says that Caleb has the ability to captivate by himself.

Joe Moore is up next. He says that his father was the influence to him and says that he was playing since 14. He says that he has been busking for years. He says that tonight is a big night. His grandma died and wants to make his performance great. He comes out and sings. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Brian says that he doesn’t need to say anything besides a great voice and great songs. Kyle says that he is the full deal and says that he is going to be a star. Dannii says that the vocal talent is amazing and says that his dad must be so proud. She says that he nailed that.

Last up for the night is Soul Mystique. They say that they met in competitive dance and says that the planning and trial and error. They work together and they hope to show things that have never been done. They come out and do what they do best. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Brian says that he doesn’t know what to say and says that they are so fast with quick changing. He says that it is a Vegas show in itself. Dannii says that everyone talks about them and says that was amazing. Kyle says that it takes him longer to do the button on his jacket. He says that it is incredible and unbelievable. That’s it for the performances!

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 14 guide may contain spoilers
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