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Semi-Finals 7 - Recap

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The results are in for the acts who performed last week. A new batch of performances is after the results which include: Mint26, Circotic, Jonny Taylor, Dylan Yeandle, Justin Geange, Phly Crew and Flowers For Midnight. Grant Denyer comes out and welcomes the crowd. He says that they are having Chuka Parker to perform as well tonight. He welcomes the judges too. The night kicks off with the reveal of the Top 3 acts of last week.

The Pigs, Genesis and Mark Lowndes come out to the stage and the act that has received the highest amount of votes is Mark Lowndes. This leaves The Pigs and Genesis for the judges’ vote. Kyle says that he has to go for Genesis. Brian says that he has to go with The Pigs. Dannii says that last week was one of the toughest weeks. She says that she has to go with Genesis. This means that The Pigs are going home and Mark Lowndes and Genesis are going into the Final.

Phly Crew is up first of the night and they say that they started it two years ago. They say that it would mean a lot to be the first Hip Hop crew to the Finals. They come out and do their thing. Afterward, Brian says that it is funny and creative, but wanted to see more Hip Hop in the dance. Dannii says that she loved it from start to end and says that it was good what they did. Kyle says that he liked it and says that the thing missing was the big Ka-Pow. He says that everything was still there though.

Jonny Taylor is next and he says that he travels with his wife around the country and says that it has been a long road. He says that he is nervous and anxious and says that everything could go wrong. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Dannii says that he put in the hours but didn’t feel like it was the best performance. She says that he could go for it even more. Kyle says that it wasn’t the best son in his repertoire. However, he says that he is a great singer. Brian says that the song was good, but in the show, the audition was better. He says that it needed to see the stripped back person he is.

Up next is Circotic. They remember when they had someone fall in the audition and they are determined not to fall down. One of their members gets sick during rehearsals. They come out and do their acrobatic act. Afterward, Kyle says that was interesting and quite amazing to watch. Brian says that it was random. However, some of it was a little disjointed. He says that he still liked it. Dannii says that was amazing and incredible. She says that it was really entertaining.

Justin Geange is up next. He says that he has been the mascot for the Brisbane Broncos for 12 years and wanted the music to come out of him. He says that he wants to show his family proud. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Brian says that was horrible for him because it felt like a cruise ship performance. He says that the crowd was singing last time. Dannii says that tonight the song choice was off and the fun of the performance was off. Kyle asks why he chose the song and he says that it is about his life. Kyle says that he understands the choice, but he should have made it fun.

Chuka Parker performs his piece on the stage and shows that he has the talent that warrants the success that he has gotten. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Grant comes out and asks him how he has been and he says that he has a computer now.

Next up for the night is Mint26. They say that they work a 9-5 and want to make singing a career. They come out and sing achepella. Afterward, Dannii says that the audience was up on their feet. She says that parts of it were not the best and points out one of the singers as the best. Kyle says that it was great work and he liked it. Brian says that there were a couple pitching issues and Brian says that individually, they are not good. They need to work on a few things.

Up next up is Dylan Yeandle. He says that he had a malfunction in the rehearsals and says that he doesn’t know if he is going to win, but says that they are going to have fun anyways. He comes out and entertains with his stripping. Kyle says that he knows where his bowl of fruit went now. He says that it is amusing to watch and would like to see it again. Brian says that it is like Zoolander the Live Show. He says that it was entertaining and put a big smile on their faces. Dannii asks the audience if they want more and they go crazy. She says that it is very hot in there now.

The Final act of the night is Flowers For Midnight. They say that they have been friends for a while and she was the last girl standing on Australia Idol. They perform on stage. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Brian says that it was great and says that she is the favorite in the show. Dannii says that it was smoking and says that they are all amazing. She says that they owned it. Kyle says that he says that the swagger that they have is amazing and it was great. He says that she could take this entire competition.

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