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Semi-Finals 8 - Recap

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The last set of Semi-Finalists is up to show that they have what it takes to make it into the LIVE Final. Performing tonight are: Black Diamonds Drilldance Team, Andy, Monique Le Bas, Ten Days After Christmas, Kookies N Kream, Anthony Laye and The Nelson Twins. The results from last week are in and the three top acts will be announced. Grant Denyer comes out and welcomes the judges and crowd. He says that Timomatic is performing tonight as well. He reveals the Top 3 acts who go through to the final votes.

Flowers For Midnight, Johnny Taylor and Dylan Yeandle. The act that received the most amounts of votes is Flowers For Midnight. This leaves Johnny Taylor and Dylan Yeandle for the judges’ vote. Kyle says that they were both really good. He picks Dylan. Dannii says that Dylan has to be the one because he smashed it.

Black Diamonds Drilldance Team is first and they started 25 years ago and says that they have a range of ages. They would love to be in the Final. They come out and dance. Afterward, Brian says that it was incredible and very surprising. Dannii says that it was fantastic and says that it was really well done. Kyle says that he loved the marching band stuff and says that the timing was flawless and says that they could win this.

Andy is up next and he says that his music is a mesh of different styles. He says that he wants to connect with the audience. He is doing a love theme. Afterward, Dannii stand up. Kyle says that he sings really good and says that he was with him in there. Dannii says that none of that was together, but she will go to his hometown. Brian says that it works even though it shouldn’t.

Monique Le Bas is next and she says that she teaches music and says that she could use the money to renovate her house. She comes out and puts on a show. Afterward, she gets a standing ovation. Kyle says that it was very entertaining. Brain says that everything was great and says that it was a perfect performance. Dannii says that this time she blew her away and it was great.

Up next is Ten Days After Christmas. They say that the audition was fun and say that they have written 65 songs. They are certain that they are going to do a great job. They come out and sing. Afterward, Brian says that they are so cool and says that they are a lot of fun. Dannii says that she didn’t know what they were talking about, but says that they were cute. Kyle says that he thought that was fun and asks for a rabbit suit to take home for his girlfriend to wear.

Timomatic comes out and premieres his new single “Can You Feel It”. He shows what it means to be a recording artist out in the music industry. Afterward, Grant asks how he has been and Timomatic says that he has come a long way and says that he is ready to tour.

The Nelson Twins are up next and they say that they grew up in a small town and they want to show that they can bring a lot of comedy. They come out and do their comedy and get many laughs. Dannii says that she looked forward to this and says that they delivered it again. Kyle says that it was really entertaining and loved it. Brian says that they are genuinely funny and says that they are very good.

Next up is Anthony Laye. He says that he was working as a carpenter and says that he became a dad recently. He says that he is combining carpentry and mind reading. He has Grant as his assistant. He has four nail guns with one loaded. He eventually guesses the right one that was loaded. Afterward, Kyle says that he nailed it and says that it was a stand out act. Dannii says that it was amazing and that he could use that mind reading to the max. Bryan says that it was fantastic.

Last up for the night is Kookies N Kream. They don’t have a studio and so they dance in the park. They are the last dance crew in the competition and hope to make it into the LIVE Final. They come out and dance. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Brian says that this reminds them of Justice Crew and says that was how to put on a performance. Dannii says that was perfect and says that it was amazing. Kyle says that the songs were perfect and it is a game changer for them. That is it for all performances. The Grand Final is next week!

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