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Season 6 Finale - Recap

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Joe Moore, Odyssey, Genesis and Dylan Yeandle are through to the Grand Final and the results are in for who will be joining to complete the Final 8! Grant Denyer says that tonight Justin Bieber is going to be there. The judges are there. Dannii Minoque, Brian McFadden and Kyle Sandilands are ready for some talent.

George & Noriko, Andrew De Silva, Kookies N Kream, The Wolfe Brothers and Soul Mystique come out to the stage. The two acts definitely through tonight’s Final are: Andrew De Sliva and The Wolfe Brothers. This leaves Kookies N Kream, George & Noriko and Soul Mystique for the judges’ decisions.

Genesis is first up for the night of the Grand Final and says that he has confidence in what he can do and for tonight’s show he wants to have everyone on their feet. He comes out and he shows his talent in a unique way. Brian says that bringing the loop box was a mistake though. He says that he is great at what he does. Dannii says that it is hard to understand that he can do all the voices when he has a looper. Kyle says that he understood what he was trying to do and Genesis says that he wanted to dance.

Kookies & Kreme, George & Noriko and Soul Mystique are back on stage and Brian says that this is hard because they are all amazing. He says that their first pick was Soul Mystique. Kyle says that their second pick was Kookies N Kream.

The Wolf Brothers are up next. They say that they have gained a following and it has been amazing. They love to sing Country Rock and love to perform. They come out and sing. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Dannii says that they saw something in them and is glad that Australia loves them. Kyle says that they are decent guys that are having fun. He says that he may not like Country guy, but he loved it. Brian says that they knew that they were someone special.

Dylan Yeandle is up next and he says that they are happy to be in the finals and that they are going to bring it all on the stage. Afterward, Grant comes out on the pony. Kyle says that it is entertainment and talent. Brian says that he is sore in the jaw from laughing and says that they deserve their spot in the Finals. Dannii says that they have achieved incredible things and say that it is a show and there are people in Vegas talking about them.

Joe Moore is next. He says that this has turned him into a performer and says that he considers himself as an adopted Aussie. He says that his father is a musician and says that he gets his inspiration from him. He comes out and sings another original. Afterward, Brian and Kyle stand up. Brian says that he is exceptional and says that he is singing every week hit record songs. He says that he deserves to win. Dannii says that he is amazing and says that it was great. Kyle says that he is ready to go to the radio and says that win or lose, he is a star.

Soul Mystique is up next and they say that they love what they do. They say that they have put their time and money and have sacrificed to have children. They are happy that they can show this to Australia. They come out and do what they do best. Danni says that she loves them and that she has no idea how they do that. Kyle says that it is brilliant and they were spectacular. He says that he loves it. Brian says that the most beautiful thing is that they are unique. He says that it is entertainment.

Kookies N Kream are up next and they say that they are a multi-cultural dance crew. He says that he tries to tell the others that they can do a lot of things. They come out and dance. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Kyle says that it was another wonderful performance and says that they are great dancers. Brian says that they are the best troupe they have had in this. Dannii says that she loves their spirit and that they bring their best every time. She says that they dance with their heart.

Next up is Andrew De Silva. He says that he is a different person on stage and says that he is trying to show his kid that if there are fears, he has to take them down. He dedicates his performance to her partner and says that she has been with him. He comes out and sings. Afterward, he gets a standing ovation. Brian says that it is just wow and says that was his best performance. He says that he is world class and says that he should win this show. Dannii says that it is mega and says that the vocals were insane and says that it looked and sounded spectacular. Kyle says that he wasn’t in the mood for love songs and he softened him in 10 seconds and says that it is a hit song.

Odyssey is up last. They say that this is crazy that they are in the Grand Final. They say that their coach Uri is the best for them. They say that they are going to continue their story and they are going to show their best. They come out and do what they do best. Afterward, they get a standing ovation. Dannii says that it was heart stopping and says that it is insane what they do and incredible. Kyle says that they are incredible to watch and says that they are amazing. Brian says that their trilogy was amazing and says that he really hopes that people will vote for them.

Now that the performances are over, they end the night with a performance of Justin Bieber. He comes out and sings his hit single “Boyfriend” and “As Long As You Love Me”. He shows that he can still command a crowd as they scream for him. That’s it for the performances. Results are in next!

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Warning: Australia's Got Talent season 6 episode 20 guide may contain spoilers
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