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Season 1

Operation: Cobra

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1 :01x01 - Operation: Big Store

In the series premiere episode, O'Hara tries to nail a rackets boss on charges of income tax evasion.
Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as Ell Brown | Angel Tompkins as Diana | George Takei as Joe Lew | Felton Perry as Billy Trent | Del Monroe as Al Peters | Dal Jenkins as Paul Kress | Edward Faulkner as Ike Carter | Paul Condylis as Phil Monroe | William Campbell as Arnie Christenson | Eric Braeden as Vincent
Director: Gerald Mayer

2 :01x02 - Operation: Bandera

This time, O'Hara is out to bust up a gun smuggling operation.
Guest Stars: Don 'Red' Barry as Harry | Tol Avery as J. D. Morgan | Raymond Mayo as Neely | Billy Halop as Bart | Albert Popwell as Hughes | Richard Angarola as Luis Vegas | Miguel Ángel Landa as Miguel Devo | Pilar Seurat as Juanita Rivera | Ross Hagen as Boots Randolph | John Dennis as Karl Morley | Lawrence Dobkin as Floyd Kramer | Richard Anderson as Agent Hobson
Director: Allen Reisner

3 :01x03 - Operation: Stolen Bonds

O'Hara Investigates the counterfeiting and theft of U.S. Savings Bonds by a criminal syndicate.
Guest Stars: Yale Summers as Fresno Agent | Clark Howat as Doug Miller | Alan Baxter as Walter Mason | Dorothy Green as Jacqueline Wells | Berkeley Harris as Todd Cramer | Tony Young as Johnny Winters | Karen Machon as Louise Hall
Director: Sam C. Freedle

4 :01x04 - Operation: Bribery

O'Hara wonders if a crooked IRS agent is in league with the blackmail scheme of a small-time grifter.
Guest Stars: Erin Moran as Girl | Bill Stevens as Supervisor McGill | Marc Hannibal as Inspector Barner | Paul Picerni as Inspector Miller | Robert Patten as Inspector Smith | Leonid Kinskey as Mortician | Russell Johnson as Agent Wells | Patti Heider as Amy Wells | John Randolph as Thomas Gault | Victor Buono as Al Connors | Frank Gorshin as Little Willie
Director: Allen Reisner

5 :01x05 - Operation: Time Fuse

O'Hara races against time to find and defuse a bomb.
Guest Stars: Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Adams | Sam Edwards as Oscar Sims | Paul Petersen as Fred Cope | Kenneth Washington as Marv Dixon | Vince Howard as Ed Monroe | Kevin Coughlin as Jackson Croft | Warner Anderson as Harley Buchanan | Sian Barbara Allen as Sheridan Lee | James Wainwright as Dave Shaw
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

6 :01x06 - Operation: Offset

O'Hara goes up against an aging Burleque queen who is now running a counterfeit money operation.
Guest Stars: Buck Young as S.A. Wiley | Marilyn Maxwell as Paradise Ryan | Richard Jaeckel as Barth | John Harmon (1) as Symon Foss | Alex Dreier as Hippo LaMere | Bruce Bennett as S.A.C. Myers | Ian Abercrombie as Mike
Director: Dick Moder

7 :01x07 - Operation: Heroin

O'Hara goes undercover as a carnival worker in order to trail a shipment of heroin through Mexico.
Guest Stars: R.L. Armstrong as Talker | Ed Deemer as Inspector | Robert Mandan as Thomas Jorgens | Joaquin Martinez as Enrique Chavez | Rodolfo Acosta as Cesar Dominguez | Nico Minardos as Hugo Chavez | Sallie Shockley as Minny Mionso | Jack Carter as "Lucky" Strike
Director: James Neilson

8 :01x08 - Operation: Spread

The estranged wife of a gambler tips O'Hara that hubby might be a tax evader in league with organized crime.
Guest Stars: Whit Bissell as Magistrate | Kenneth Tobey as Colonel Phillips | John Sebastian as Man | Mel Scott as Agent Donaldson | Judson Pratt as Forman | Morgan Jones (1) as Agent Jones | Ella Raino as Mary Smith | Harry Lewis as Jack | Robert Colbert as Alan Bryce | David Brian as Mark Hamilton | Peter Brown (1) as Agent Herron | Larry Pennell as Agent Wade | Jo Anne Meredith as Janet Bryce

9 :01x09 - Operation: Deadhead

O'Hara goes undercover as a truck driver in order to recover stolen explosives.
Guest Stars: Janaire as Laurie | Don Ross as Patrolman | Carmen Zapata as Maria Valdez | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Chico Valdez | Marion Ross as Sandy | James Daris as Vincent Perl | Paul Mantee as Frank Case | Thomas A. Geas as Restaurant Owner | Paul Carr as Howard Barkley | Douglas Fowley as Joe Workman | Victor French as Paris Kohler
Director: Paul Krasny
Writer: Jack Turley

10 :01x10 - Operation: Hijack

This time O'Hara pulls undercover duty as an air cargo handler in order to solve mysterious thefts of valuable imported objects.
Guest Stars: Edward Faulkner as Sgt. Wall | Robert Clarke (2) as Eliot Wyndham | Robert Palmer (2) as Hodges | Ed Peck as Officer | William Elliott as Les Williams | Alan Baxter as Paul Fedderson | Richard Tate as Pete McAdams | Leo Gordon as Harry Wilson | Joe E. Tata as Dick Miles | Judy Pace as Katrina Wiles | Milton Selzer as Klaus Haisch
Director: Sam C. Freedle

11 :01x11 - Operation: Crystal Springs

O'Hara goes to a small town in search of income tax violations.
Guest Stars: Virginia Gregg as Elinor Hoxie | Frank Ferguson as Fred Hoxie | Russ Conway as Hansen | Bing Russell as Bob Rasmussen | James Westerfield as Deputy Sheriff Phillips | George Ives as Clifford Spry | Don 'Red' Barry as Sheriff Snuffy Bruce | Ron Foster as Al Ellis | Lorraine Gary as Mrs. Madrid | David Friedkin as Burton Craig

12 :01x12 - Operation: Payoff

O'Hara tries to set up a crime boss by convincing him that he's on the take.
Guest Stars: Alan Dexter as Richard King | Francis DeSales as William Teal | Marc Hannibal as Al Crisp | Pepe Hern as Santiago Bustamante | Robert Patten as Ed Miller | Bill Stevens as Glen McKay | Claudio Martinez as Elfrego | Joanna Barnes as Hannah | Harry Townes as E. J. Wallace | Dennis Patrick as Jason McGuire | Mitchell Ryan as Burke Devlin | John Lupton as Edward Bell
Director: Daniel Haller

13 :01x13 - Operation: Moonshine

O'Hara seeks the source of moonshine that has been contaminated by lead
Guest Stars: Kay Stewart as Clara Hansen | Ross Elliott as Dr. John Snyder | Sherry Boucher as Ginne Mae Watkins | Dabbs Greer as Billy Jack | Katie O'Pace as Martha Tidwell | Judith M. Brown as Ruth Ann Watkins | Paul Comi as Gus Petroni | Alan Hale, Jr. as Claude Sparks | Jim B. Smith as Vin Heffernan | Russell Wiggins as Gerald Dean | Will Geer as Shelcy Mullins
Director: Paul Landres

14 :01x14 - Operation: XW-1

O'Hara poses as an arms dealer to find the source of new machine guns that are ending up in the hands of criminals.
Guest Stars: Ken Lynch as Colonel Wescott | Buddy Lester as Peter Fareson | Sid Haig as Ward | John Kowal as Dan Sykes | Jason Wingreen as Ed Michaels | Carl Esmond as August Werner | Charles McGraw as Tom Kleyberg | Lindsay Wagner as Edie Lang | Gary Crosby as Rodney Tiller | Ed Nelson as Karl McAfee
Director: Ron Winston

15 :01x15 - Operation: Lady Luck

A compulsive gambler keeps getting in O'Hara's way when our hero attempts to smash a ring of counterfeiters.
Guest Stars: Henry Brandon as Ham Jason | Lyle Talbot as Art Prescott | Barney Phillips as Al Reid | Del Monroe as Mechanic | Marjorie Bennett as Agnes Howett | Don Haggerty (1) as Zig Helfer | H.M. Wynant as Arnie Press | Colby Chester as Burt Hale | Ricardo Montalban as Rick Morris | Allen Ludden as Himself | Betty White as Herself | Lyle Bettger as Fred Bingham | Francine York as Betty Ramsey
Director: Sam C. Freedle
Writer: Bill Rega

16 :01x16 - Operation: Deathwatch

O'Hara goes after a smuggler suspected of committing three murders.
Guest Stars: Jack Collins (1) as John Benson | Fred Holliday as Stan Carver | Ben Wright as Uncle Hans | Felton Perry as Don Eberly | Leslie Charleson as Helga Kuyper | Charles Knox Robinson as Raymond Moore | Michael Larrain as Steve Couch | Larry Linville as Detective Ed Pierce
Director: James Neilson

17 :01x17 - Operation: White Fire

O'Hara gets an uneasy feeling when he accompanies a diamond broker to Africa to investigate a diamond smuggling ring.
Guest Stars: Urrea Jones as Young Man | Morris Erby as Desk Clerk | Nate Esformes as Schiller | Jess Barker as Harold Stoneman | Joe E. Tata as Ted Wilson | Jay Robinson as George Cadlin | Linda Marsh as Rebecca Kent | John Abbott (1) as Stephen Ravazian | Hari Rhodes as Rouchinet | Robert DoQui as Paul Stoddard | Joseph Wiseman as Armand Pringle

18 :01x18 - Operation: Dorias

O'Hara must build an income tax evasion case against a con man who specializes in art swindles.
Guest Stars: William Bramley (1) as Grover Potter | Hedley Mattingly as Val Valentine | Paul Picerni as Bill Clark | William Betts as Clerk | Hans Conried as Count Anton Brelius | Doris Dowling as Judge Leslie Dugan | Michael Fox as Dr. Julian | Jessica Tandy as Genevieve | Donnelly Rhodes as Johnny Guizet | Patricia McCormack as Gilda Julian | Maurice Marsac as Papa Guizet | Martin Kosleck as Dr. Hans Vogel
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

19 :01x19 - Operation: Rake-Off

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Guest Stars: Richard Roat as Stanley Turner | Tony Monaco as Inspector Tom Chaney | Jean Norman as Eleanor | James Lydon as Lee Foster | Yvonne Craig as Inez Malcolm | Barbara Rhoades as Tina Grace | Alan Dexter as Richard King | Edward Andrews as Austin Bailey | Nancy Wilson as Poppy Grant | Brock Peters as Jess Florian | Godfrey Cambridge as Win Ethan
Director: Sam C. Freedle

20 :01x20 - Operation: Mr. Felix

O'Hara must find a missing counterfeiter before vengeful racketeers do.
Guest Stars: Clark Howat as Dan Gates | Sarah Kennedy as Miss Moscrip | Craig Curtis as Mark Kiser | John Daheim as Orange Roughy | Norman Lloyd as Felix | Warren Stevens as Giles Combs | Carlos Romero as Peter Wade | Dana Wynter as Mrs. Merrill
Writer: Tony Patino

21 :01x21 - Operation: Good Citizen

The bitter wife of a mobster sets hubby up for a fall but at the same time she endangers O'Hara.
Guest Stars: Douglas Kennedy as Policeman | Sid McCoy as Councilman Hellman | Robert Mandan as George Landy | Ahna Capri as Jean Houser | Larry Pennell as Charles Donaldson | Scott Walker (1) as Vic Dondine | John Larch as Mike Albin | Martha Hyer as Laura Albin
Director: Dick Moder

22 :01x22 - Operation: Smokescreen

O'Hara goes undercover as a dealer in a casino to prove that its owner is hiding cash from the IRS.
Guest Stars: William Bryant as John Cossett | Bill Williams (1) as Willoughby | Marion Brash as Rose Walsh | Len Wayland as Walter Land | Carl Ballantine as Doc Ellery | Don Stroud as Willie | Leslie Parrish as Olga Miles | Paul Picerni as Bill Clark | Jack Ging as Arthur Harlan | Norman Fell as Leo Walsh | Dee Dee Elsinger as Melissa Walsh
Director: James Neilson
Warning: O'Hara, U.S. Treasury guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1971
Ended: September 08, 1972
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