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Season 42

Britain’s Underworld: Glasgow

Britain's Underworld: Glasgow - A deadly look at the history of the underworld in one of Britains' most violent cities. Includes interviews with leading gangsters and hardmen, telling their stories of crime and punishment.

Source: National Geographic Channel

100%: Planes

100% Planes features amazing stories of aviation and flying. From military planes to recreational planes to stunt planes, we fly high and learn more about the world's 400,000+ aircraft from the pilots and engineers that work closely with them. Discover the most versatile military plane that can dogfight and bomb in a single mission. Take an aerobatic stunt lesson with a 25-year veteran pilot. And tour a luxurious private jet, rumored to cost up to half a billion dollars.

Source: National Geographic Channel

Black Dragon

Ango, a cricket fighting master from Taiwan's rural countryside, journeys to China for a showdown between his ‘black dragon' and China's smaller but well-trained ‘Qu Qu' – but will size matter in this ultimate tournament? We'll also journey to Holland and see how some scientists are creating artificial cricket hairs for sound detection that may lead to new developments to aid the hearing impaired.

Source: National Geographic Channel

Kung Fu Secrets

The Shaolin Temple gave birth to one of the greatest martial art forms: kung fu. For over a thousand years Shaolin has trained the top students but now grapples with influences of the modern world.

Source: National Geographic Channel

Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon

Profiling British preppers whose fear of a disaster has driven them to build escape vehicles, construct shelters and hoard supplies in order to prepare for survival. .

Source: National Geographic Channel

Sex: How It Works

We've been doing it since we first walked the Earth. It gives us pleasure and it gives us life. But how much do you know about how sex works? Now, National Geographic Channel takes a fascinating look at one of the world's most popular pastimes: sex. Through gripping real-life stories and simulations, we journey from first times to playing the field, and all the way to humankind's ultimate goal, procreation. We'll learn anything and everything you've ever wondered about sex.

Source: National Geographic Channel

Inside China’s Biggest Gala

The Chinese New Year Evening Gala, an annual variety show extravaganza with a viewership of nearly 1 billion, is one of the premiere television events of Mainland China and the most watched variety show in the world. National Geographic Channel will go inside to witness the preparations and challenges of the event's key organizers. Will the pressure of making this blowout a successful hit prove to be too much?

Source: National Geographic Channel

Slang Hunters

Slang has been around longer than you might think—we've been calling a house a "crib" since the 1500's. But for most of its life, slang has been "dissed"—banished to the fringes of language, considered unworthy of serious study. Until now. Join us on a blizzard-paced, A-to-Z tour of slang, from the amusingly outdated to the very latest. With the help of lively and renowned language experts, hilarious person-on-the street commentary and dazzling graphics, NGC will truly bring language to life!

Source: National Geographic Channel

Hardcore Hobbies

Meet two extreme collectors: Alex spent $20,000 on 60,000 baseball cards of just one, relatively unknown player, and Dave owns more than 3,000 action figures. Each is so consumed by his hobby that it's become more of an obsession, interfering with daily life. Their families are fed up and have called in professional help. Now, NGC follows these hardcore collectors who must cope with letting go of their childhood hobbies to succeed as adults.

Source: National Geographic Channel

King of Coke: Living the High Life

Profiling a young dentist who built a cocaine empire in the 1980s.

Source: National Geographic Channel

1 :42x01 - Kon-Tiki: The Incredible True Story

Shot in open waters in six countries, KON-TIKI tells the incredible true story of Heyerdahl’s expedition from Peru to Polynesia on a primitive balsa wood raft in an effort to prove that it was possible for South Americans to settle in Polynesia in pre-Columbian times. The journey changed the way we understand cultural migration today.

Source: National Geographic Channel

2 :42x02 - Alien Earths: Revealed

Take a visual journey beyond our solar system with leading astronomers in search of life among other planets. National Geographic explores bizarre worlds that stretch beyond our imagination through the use of CGI animation. There are planets with iron rain and hot ice, diamonds and endless oceans of gas. From planets with abnormal orbital patterns to planets that drift alone in the Milky Way – could life exist elsewhere?

Source: National Geographic Channel

3 :42x03 - Giant Crystal Cave: Revealed

A team international scientists unlock the secrets of a deadly cave filled with giant crystals.

Source: National Geographic Channel

4 :42x04 - How Nature Works

A look at the interconnectivity of the millions of plant and animal species on Earth.

Source: National Geographic Channel

5 :42x05 - Americans on Everest

Documents an American assault on Mount Everest in 1963. Cameras follow the team as it trains in Washington; its arrival in Katmandu, Nepal; the trek across the ice-fall at the base of the mountain; and the slow battle to the top. Filmed by Norman G. Dyhrenfurth. Orson Welles narrates.

Source: National Geographic Channel

6 :42x06 - American Heroes Fishing Challenge

Ten recovering service men and women retreat to Martha's Vineyard for a whole week of serious fishing and powerful healing.

Source: National Geographic Channel

7 :42x07 - Inside World War II

From harrowing images of despair and destruction to compelling battle strategies, go behind the front lines of the bloodiest WWII conflicts for intimate tales from veterans and everyday citizens.

Source: National Geographic Channel

8 :42x08 - Croc Catchers: Crocs in the City

The Northern Territory Government's Crocodile Management team sets out to capture rogue crocs that slip into the city through its many waterways. Tommy and Joey are called to help capture a monster-sized croc that has become a community's worst nightmare.

Source: National Geographic Channel

9 :42x09 - Crossing the Ice

For the first time in history, National Geographic Channel and a group of scientists search the ocean floor for a series of shipwrecks many Americans never heard about. Everyone knows that on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. But what most don't know is just days later, Hitler sent his own force to devastate the East Coast. On December 19, the German Naval War Staff sent three U-boats to American waters. It was an assault so deadly, it was covered up by the U.S. government.

Source: National Geographic Channel

10 :42x10 - Mystery Bear of the Arctic

In April 2006, an American sports hunter shot and killed a mysterious bear in the arctic which unleashes a scientific investigation and a criminal inquiry into the exact nature of its identity.

Source: National Geographic Channel

11 :42x11 - Secrets of the Lost Gold

The story behind the 2009 discovery of a massive Anglo-Saxon gold hoard by an amateur metal-detecting enthusiast in Staffordshire, England. Included is a look at the archaeological excavations and conservation work that followed, and the academic debate the discovery has sparked.

Source: National Geographic Channel

12 :42x12 - The 400 Million Dollar Emerald

The saga of the 840-lb. Bahia Emerald, which was unearthed in Brazil in 2001, and has eight people claiming to be its rightful owner. .

Source: National Geographic Channel

13 :42x13 - Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Using one single, unbroken shot, Journey to the Edge of the Universe explores what we would find if we were able to travel the entire length of our universe. Venturing past Neil Armstrong’s footsteps still sealed on the moon, the special soars over brightly illuminated Venus onto Mercury, a small planet made almost entirely of iron that may perhaps be the left-over remnants of a much larger planet. Mars is a planet of extremes: with tornadoes, volcanoes and canyons unlike anything seen on Earth while Jupiter’s ever-present red storm is three times the size of Earth and has lasted for hundreds of years. Reaching the Saturn moon Titan, we find a landscape closely resembling Earth, but Titan’s rivers, lakes and oceans are not made of water, but of liquid methane. Could life exist here? Travelling more than 90 trillion kilometres from Earth, viewers step inside the Epsilon Erid...

Source: National Geographic Channel

14 :42x14 - Waking the Baby Mammoth

Cutting edge science and Arctic adventure come alive in this story of a unique discovery, a perfectly preserved baby woolly mammoth appears on a Siberian riverbank.

Source: National Geographic Channel

15 :42x15 - Touching the Dragon

A simple thought took photojournalist Roger Horrocks halfway around the world to Costa Rica on a mission to find Chito, a man many referred to as the “crocodile shaman.” Many years ago, Chito nursed an injured crocodile, which he calls Pocho, back to health. Since then, the two formed an unthinkable bond. Touching the Dragon examines this astonishing relationship between the earth's most ancient predator and a unique man, one that defies the boundaries of the natural world.

Source: National Geographic Channel

16 :42x16 - America vs. Iraq

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17 :42x17 - Life with Tourette's

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21 :42x21 - In the Name of Science

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22 :42x22 - Killer Quest

Follow veteran cameraman Andrew Manske and hard-nosed outdoorsman Brian Bildson as they venture out into one of North America's most remote regions in an attempt to capture extraordinary footage of North America's largest wolves taking down the continent's largest land animal: the wood bison. Battling cracking ice roads, floods, forest fires, persistent rain storms, and relentless swarms of mosquitoes, their journey offers a unique and raw vision of natural history filmmaking.

Source: National Geographic Channel

24 :42x24 - National Geographic Photographers: The Best Job in the World

National Geographic photographers have long been taking readers of the storied magazine to all corners of the earth. In celebration of the National Geographic Society's 125th anniversary, this one hour special features original interviews and footage from the field with celebrated photographers Steve McCurry, Steve Winter, Emory Kristof, Jodi Cobb, William Allard, Joel Sartore, Nick Nichols and many more.

Source: National Geographic Channel

25 :42x25 - Man vs. YouTube

This video was a You Tube sensation: A guy on a subway train grabs a fire extinguisher off a wall and uses it to fly back and forth while on the train. But how'd he do it? In Man vs. You Tube, engineer Tim Shaw and stuntman extraordinaire Johnny Riche join forces to determine the secrets behind some of the wildest clips to hit the Internet. Are they hoaxes or are they real?

Source: National Geographic Channel

26 :42x26 - Philly Undercover: Fight Night

The Philadelphia SPCA undercover team are on surveillance, following the movements of two big players in the dog-fighting world.

Source: National Geographic Channel

27 :42x27 - Don't Try This At Home: Don't Set Yourself on Fire!

Host Michael Kosta examines the science behind popular viral videos.

Source: National Geographic Channel

28 :42x28 - Secret History of UFOs

At Washington National Airport, air traffic control reported seven slow-moving blips over D.C. in 1952, causing the Air Force to scramble fighter jets. During the 1980s, an increasing number of people claimed they were abducted by aliens … from their own bedrooms! Bringing together eyewitness testimony, expert opinions, and archival video and photos, Secret History of UFOs investigates some of the biggest landmark UFO sightings in history.

Source: National Geographic Channel

29 :42x29 - American Blackout

American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack — told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. You’ll learn what it means to be absolutely powerless. Gritty, visceral and totally immersive, see what it might take to survive from day one, and who would be left standing when the lights come back on.

Source: National Geographic Channel

30 :42x30 - JFK: The Final Hours

Few events have been more scrutinized than the minutes and hours following the fatal bullets fired by Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 22, 1963. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been analyzed repeatedly from every angle and every perspective, but this leaves us with no real insight into his humanity. JFK: The Final Hours, narrated by Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Bill Paxton, takes both in-depth and birds-eye views of the final day of Kennedy's life through firsthand accounts.

Source: National Geographic Channel
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