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The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

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Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
421 3x01 01/Sep/2008 the big-breakfast diet; new moms and anorexia; elementary-school girl bullies; cell phones; N/A
422 3x02 02/Sep/2008 acne remedies; child spas N/A
423 3x03 03/Sep/2008 medical debt; reducing bullying in schools; Relationship 101: infidelity; the relationship between money and healthy eating N/A
424 3x04 04/Sep/2008 alternative diets; junk foods that are actually good for you N/A
425 3x05 05/Sep/2008 cosmetic procedures to avoid; a dating Web site; three medicines a doctor will not take; calorie comparison N/A
426 3x06 08/Sep/2008 an acne treatment N/A
427 3x07 09/Sep/2008 the effects of stress on the body; The financial, physical and psychological effects of teen pregnancy N/A
428 3x08 10/Sep/2008 the hosts investigate diets N/A
429 3x09 11/Sep/2008 Anti-aging treatments N/A
430 3x10 12/Sep/2008 discount sites for designer clothes N/A
431 3x11 15/Sep/2008 the social stigmas associated with being a single woman in America N/A
432 3x12 16/Sep/2008 grocery savings N/A
433 3x13 17/Sep/2008 monogamous relationships N/A
434 3x14 18/Sep/2008 men who cheat on women with other men N/A
435 3x15 19/Sep/2008 Relationship 101 N/A
436 3x16 22/Sep/2008 Alfre Woodard; Dante Moore; five food myths N/A
437 3x17 23/Sep/2008 Terri Irwin; Bindi Irwin; M. Gary Neuman N/A
438 3x18 24/Sep/2008 Kirk Cameron; mommy cliques; cosmetic surgery for pets N/A
439 3x19 25/Sep/2008 Jenny Block N/A
440 3x20 26/Sep/2008 A recap of the week's biggest news stories; Kris Carr; Shannon Ethridge; the winner of a college-scholarship competition N/A
441 3x21 29/Sep/2008 Recession-proofing one's family; dating on college campuses; why women lie to doctors; a dieting Web site N/A
442 3x22 30/Sep/2008 Jane Seymour; people obsessed with their exes; tips for eating less; at-home beauty treatments N/A
443 3x23 01/Oct/2008 John Tesh; Arden Myrin; a bouncer reveals what really goes on inside a strip club; stopping stress N/A
444 3x24 02/Oct/2008 Leighton Meester; fertility scams; decoding men's behavior; first impressions N/A
445 3x25 03/Oct/2008 Triple H; a recap of the week's biggest news stories; shopaholics N/A
446 3x26 06/Oct/2008 Melora Hardin; people with shopping compulsions; predicting longevity; parenting N/A
447 3x27 07/Oct/2008 Olivia Newton-John; perfectionist moms vs. laid-back moms; Jena Pincott; food comparison N/A
448 3x28 08/Oct/2008 Cesar Millan; Dr. Debra Mandel; food comparison N/A
449 3x29 09/Oct/2008 Lynne Spears; Arden Myrin; Relationship 101: getting over an ex N/A
450 3x30 10/Oct/2008 Bill Murray; Makeisha Lee; stay-at-home moms who started their own businesses N/A
451 3x31 13/Oct/2008 Jane Seymour; overweight mothers who pass on unhealthy eating-habits to their children; jealousy and relationships; flu shots N/A
452 3x32 14/Oct/2008 Steve Doocy; diets; Nicholas Boothman (``How to Make Someone Love You Forever! In 90 Minutes or Less''); cold vs. flu symptoms N/A
453 3x33 15/Oct/2008 Michelle Williams; fast-food comparison; women who gained weight after getting married; stopping the spread of germs N/A
454 3x34 16/Oct/2008 Ed McMahon; Relationship 101; overcoming homesickness N/A
455 3x35 17/Oct/2008 Maureen McCormick; a recap of the week's biggest news stories; Angela Shelf Medearis; how to get a good night's sleep N/A
456 3x36 20/Oct/2008 Jay Thomas; dating questions; looking good in pictures N/A
457 3x37 21/Oct/2008 Ivanka Trump; Sheree Whitfield, NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak; Lisa Wu Hartwell N/A
458 3x38 22/Oct/2008 Dr. Drew Pinsky N/A
459 3x39 23/Oct/2008 Monique Coleman; Carmindy N/A
460 3x40 24/Oct/2008 Ashley Tisdale; Carson Kressley; news recap, cutting costs at home N/A
461 3x41 27/Oct/2008 Char Margolis N/A
462 3x42 28/Oct/2008 Jaclyn Smith; Swoosie Kurtz; money scams N/A
463 3x43 29/Oct/2008 Omarosa N/A
464 3x44 30/Oct/2008 George Duran N/A
465 3x45 31/Oct/2008 News Recap N/A
466 3x46 03/Nov/2008 Florence Henderson; Nigel Barker N/A
467 3x47 04/Nov/2008 Lee Ann Womack N/A
468 3x48 05/Nov/2008 Beth Stern N/A
469 3x49 06/Nov/2008 Miranda Cosgrove; Drs. Yvonne Bohn, Allison Hill, and Alane Park N/A
470 3x50 07/Nov/2008 Roger Moore N/A
471 3x51 10/Nov/2008 Bill O'Reilly; Dana Delany; Tim Gunn; the week's biggest news stories; Sanyika Calloway Boyce; getting out of debt N/A
472 3x52 11/Nov/2008 Michelle Obama's style and choosing dogs for Obama family; drug-store makeup; Lynette Khalfani-Cox; getting out of debt; Susan Powter N/A
473 3x53 12/Nov/2008 Sabrina Bryan, Glenn Beck N/A
474 3x54 13/Nov/2008 Camilla Morton N/A
475 3x55 14/Nov/2008 Anti-crime activist John Walsh; Deborah Cox performs; a recap of the week's biggest news stories; getting out of debt; dressing like a celebrity for less; N/A
476 3x56 17/Nov/2008 Barbara Eden; Tamara Tunie; News Recap; Child Behaviours N/A
477 3x57 18/Nov/2008 Season 2, Episode 165 N/A
478 3x58 19/Nov/2008 Valerie Bertinelli; Jillian Michaels N/A
479 3x59 20/Nov/2008 Marion Ross; Sandra Lee N/A
480 3x60 21/Nov/2008 Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond; a recap of the week's biggest news stories; nerd makeovers; Thanksgiving dinner shortcuts N/A
481 3x61 24/Nov/2008 Stephen Baldwin; News Recap of the weekend's biggest news stories; holiday stress; Angela Shelf Medearis N/A
482 3x62 25/Nov/2008 Candace Cameron Bure; Black Friday deals; avoiding sibling quarrels at the Thanksgiving table; Rocco DiSpirito N/A
483 3x63 26/Nov/2008 Jonas Brothers; singer Trace Adkins; Thanksgiving advice; chef Paula Deen provides recipes for Southern Thanksgiving dishes; avoiding identity theft on Black Friday and Cyber Monday; fashion for the holidays N/A
484 3x64 27/Nov/2008 Shirley MacLaine; Terri Irwin; Bindi Irwin N/A
485 3x65 28/Nov/2008 Keri Russell; Brett Larson; Rocco DiSpirito N/A
486 3x66 01/Dec/2008 John Leguizamo; discount sites for designer clothes N/A
487 3x67 02/Dec/2008 Kristin Chenoweth N/A
488 3x68 03/Dec/2008 Heidi Klum; Adriana Lima N/A
489 3x69 04/Dec/2008 Maggie Gyllenhaal; Vanessa Williams; Rick Warren N/A
490 3x70 05/Dec/2008 Band Push Play; Karen Tack N/A
491 3x71 08/Dec/2008 Marlo Thomas; Ana Ortiz; Char Margolis N/A
492 3x72 09/Dec/2008 Paula Abdul; Tila Tequila N/A
493 3x73 10/Dec/2008 Patti LaBelle; Tony Danza; John Leguizamo; Ben Widdicombe N/A
494 3x74 11/Dec/2008 Brandy; Veronica Webb; Phillip Bloch N/A
495 3x75 12/Dec/2008 Danny Masterson; Isaac Mizrahi; a recap of the week's biggest news stories; Diana DeGarmo, Kimberley Locke; David Hernandez; Chikezie N/A
496 3x76 15/Dec/2008 Brian McKnight performs; the Monday Morning Mix with Carrie Preston; holiday etiquette; Mark Montano; homemade gifts for people on a budget; couples that are nervous about meeting each other's parents N/A
497 3x77 16/Dec/2008 Keri Russell; Brett Larson; Rocco Dispirito N/A
498 3x78 17/Dec/2008 Clinton Kelly; Joe Francis; Bob Guiney N/A
499 3x79 18/Dec/2008 The cast of Broadway's ``Wicked'' performs a holiday song; the top five reasons couples fight; buying inexpensive, quality makeup; affordable toys for children; safe holiday gifts for pets N/A
500 3x80 19/Dec/2008 Patti LaBelle performs a holiday song; a recap of the week's biggest news stories; holiday dinners for under $10; how to look 10 pounds thinner for a party; gifts that suggest that one's partner is cheating N/A
501 3x81 22/Dec/2008 Why women lie to their doctors N/A
502 3x82 23/Dec/2008 eating less; grocery saving N/A
503 3x83 24/Dec/2008 Sheree Whitfield; NeNe Leakes; Kim Zolciak N/A
504 3x84 25/Dec/2008 money scams; stay-at-home moms who started their own businesses N/A
505 3x85 26/Dec/2008 parents who play favorites N/A
506 3x86 29/Dec/2008 Maureen McCormick; Dr. Scott Haltzman; Theresa Foy DiGeronimo; the diet site hungry-girl.com; food myths N/A
507 3x87 30/Dec/2008 Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth; Carson Kressley; dieting N/A
508 3x88 31/Dec/2008 James Lipton; parental alienation syndrome; Jenny Block; free items N/A
509 3x89 01/Jan/2009 Suzanne Somers; Nicholas Boothman (``How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You in 90 Minutes or Less''); Char Margolis; relationship advice N/A
510 3x90 02/Jan/2009 M. Gary Neuman; calorie comparison; News Recap N/A
511 3x91 05/Jan/2009 The Morning Mix with actress Illeana Douglas; Is It Normal: diets; celebrity diets; a man tells how he lost 200 pounds using the George Foreman Grill N/A
512 3x92 06/Jan/2009 Lisa Rinna; foreclosures; author Teri Gault (``Shop Smart, Save More''); getting children to stick to New Year's resolutions N/A
513 3x93 07/Jan/2009 a snack comparison; Larry Winget (``People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!''); Catherine Hickland N/A
514 3x94 08/Jan/2009 Tate Donovan; Relationship 101: 90-day love challenge; how to handle job loss; health tips N/A
515 3x95 09/Jan/2009 A recap of the week's biggest news stories; Paul McKenna hypnotizes people to help them lose weight; preventing snoring N/A
516 3x96 12/Jan/2009 arguments against getting a flu shot N/A
517 3x97 13/Jan/2009 natural home remedies N/A
518 3x98 14/Jan/2009 Bret Michaels, Cooper Lawrence, Tiffany Brissette N/A
519 3x99 15/Jan/2009 Raven-Symoné; Patty Duke N/A
520 3x100 16/Jan/2009 Ryan Smith; Andrea Arden; News Recap N/A
521 3x101 19/Jan/2009 Juliet's Wedding, Steven Ford; Jack Ford; Dr. Kevin Leman N/A
522 3x102 20/Jan/2008 Getting back on the weight loss wagon; websites N/A
523 3x103 21/Jan/2008 Grant Bowler N/A
524 3x104 22/Jan/2008 Guest co-host Beth Stern; Il Divo performs; handling a job loss; makeovers N/A
525 3x105 23/Jan/2008 Guest co-host Beth Stern; Scott Baio, Eric Nies, Jeremy Jackson, Christopher Atkins; a recap of the week's biggest news stories; mothers that dress too young for their ages; a deserving family gets a surprise N/A
526 3x106 26/Jan/2009 Lauren Velez, Ben Sherwood N/A
527 3x107 27/Jan/2009 Miss America 2009 Katie Stam, three families from TLC's "Toddlers and Tiaras" N/A
528 3x108 28/Jan/2009 Brody Jenner, Steve Harvey, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
529 3x109 29/Jan/2009 Antonique Smith N/A
530 3x110 30/Jan/2009 Demi Lovato, Geraldo Rivera, Jeannine Pirro N/A
531 3x111 02/Feb/2009 Liza Minnelli, Melora Hardin, Dr. Robert Rey N/A
532 3x112 03/Feb/2009 Hugh Dancy N/A
533 3x113 04/Feb/2009 Andy Garcia, Patti Stanger, Michael Ian Black, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
534 3x114 05/Feb/2009 Ed Alonzo, Jill Keto, Kim Benson N/A
535 3x115 06/Feb/2009 Ted McGinley, Geraldo Rivera, Jeanine Pirro, John Tesh, Alton Brown N/A
536 3x116 09/Feb/2009 Kim Coles, Sandra Lee, Christopher Kennedy Lawford N/A
537 3x117 10/Feb/2009 Stay at home dads discuss their roles N/A
538 3x118 11/Feb/2009 Gilbert Gottfried, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher, Ian Kerner and Heidi Raykeil, Adriana Lima N/A
539 3x119 12/Feb/2009 Loral Langemeier, Bobbi Brown N/A
540 3x120 13/Feb/2009 Neil Sedaka, Geraldo Rivera, Jeanine Pirro, Alec Greven, Lori Uscher-Pines N/A
541 3x121 16/Feb/2009 Steve Harvey, Khloe Kardashian, Dr. Allison Hill and Dr. Alane Park, Kim Saunders N/A
542 3x122 17/Feb/2009 Victoria Stilwell N/A
543 3x123 18/Feb/2009 Drew Lachey, Ray J, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher, "The Real Housewives of New York City" N/A
544 3x124 19/Feb/2009 Cal Ripken, Nole Marin N/A
545 3x125 20/Feb/2009 Geraldo Rivera, Jeanine Pirro N/A
546 3x126 23/Feb/2009 Neal McDonough, Antonique Smith N/A
547 3x127 24/Feb/2009 Robert Wagner, Kitchen Diva Angela Shelf Medearis, DailyMakeover.com's Rachel Hayes N/A
548 3x128 25/Feb/2009 Molly Sims, Charlie O'Connell, Dustin Diamond, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
549 3x129 26/Feb/2009 Anson Williams N/A
550 3x130 27/Feb/2009 Jillian Reynolds, Geraldo Rivera, Jeanine Pirro, Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, travel expert Justin Bergman N/A
551 3x131 02/Mar/2009 Dr. Debbie Magids, Dr. Ian Kerner N/A
552 3x132 03/Mar/2009 Kate Vernon, Sylvia Browne, Todd Starnes N/A
553 3x133 04/Mar/2009 Tyson Beckford, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
554 3x134 05/Mar/2009 Kim Bensen, Dr. Nicholas Perricone N/A
555 3x135 06/Mar/2009 Bridget Marquardt, Geraldo Rivera, Jeanine Pirro, RuPaul, Jillian Michaels N/A
556 3x136 09/Mar/2009 Bryan d'Arcy James, Arden Myrin, Shape magazine's Cynthia Sass, Jack Hanna N/A
557 3x137 10/Mar/2009 Scott Hamilton, zoologist Jeff Musial N/A
558 3x138 11//2009 Marcia Cross, Russell Brand, Billy Jeffrey, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
559 3x139 12/Mar/2009 Corbin Bleu, Cheryl Forberg N/A
560 3x140 13/Mar/2009 Jeff Foxworthy, Geraldo Rivera, Jeanine Pirro, Bethenny Frankel N/A
561 3x141 16/Mar/2009 Celtic Woman, Catherine Hickland, Ananda Lewis N/A
562 3x142 17/Mar/2009 Carson Daly, Shilelagh Law N/A
563 3x143 18/Mar/2009 Steve Ward, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher, Tamarama N/A
564 3x144 19/Mar/2009 Dr. Drew Pinsky, Mark Indelicato, Beth Stern N/A
565 3x145 20/Mar/2009 Edi Gathegi, Corbin Bleu, Geraldo Rivera and Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jennifer Jolly, Cheryl Forberg N/A
566 3x146 23/Mar/2009 Dolly Parton, Tamera Mowry N/A
567 3x147 24/Mar/2009 Katie Lee Joel, Jon Peter Lewis N/A
568 3x148 25/Mar/2009 John Fugelsang, Jake Tyson, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
569 3x149 26/Mar/2009 Ashanti, Clay Walker N/A
570 3x150 27/Mar/2009 Ray Liotta, Troy Dunn, Geraldo Rivera and Judge Lynn Toler, fitness expert Bob Greene N/A
571 3x151 30/Mar/2009 Mia Tyler, Carolyn Hennesy N/A
572 3x152 31/Mar/2009 Valerie Bertinelli, John McEnroe N/A
573 3x153 01/Apr/2009 Alyssa Milano, Judah Friedlander, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher, Sally Shields N/A
574 3x154 02/Apr/2009 Olivia Newton-John, Alison Sweeney N/A
575 3x155 03/Apr/2009 Cloris Leachman, Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro, Shaun Robinson N/A
576 3x156 06/Apr/2009 Brian McMillan, Callie Thorne, Carol Leifer N/A
577 3x157 07/Apr/2009 Kathy Ireland, Jamie Kennedy N/A
578 3x158 08/Apr/2009 Melissa Rivers, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
579 3x159 09/Apr/2009 Emily Osment, Sylvia Brown N/A
580 3x160 10/Apr/2009 Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro N/A
581 3x161 13/Apr/2009 Nigel Barker, Ben Sherwood N/A
582 3x162 14/Apr/2009 Susan Powter N/A
583 3x163 15/Apr/2009 Michael Ian Black, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher, Sanyika Calloway Boyce N/A
584 3x164 16/Apr/2009 Brody Jenner N/A
585 3x165 17/Apr/2009 Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Cesar Millan, Stephanie Nelson, Jeff Yeager N/A
586 3x166 20/Apr/2009 Bob Barker, Arden Myrin N/A
587 3x167 21/Apr/2009 The Bacon Brothers N/A
588 3x168 22/Apr/2009 Tom Bergeron, Jack Hanna, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
589 3x169 23/Apr/2009 Lloyd Boston, Bethany and Scott Palmer N/A
590 3x170 24/Apr/2009 Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro N/A
591 3x171 27/Apr/2009 Jessica Hart N/A
592 3x172 28/Apr/2009 Darryl Strawberry, Kevin Cronin, Tommy Shaw N/A
593 3x173 29/Apr/2009 Kim Kardashian, Collin Raye, Steven Pasquale, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
594 3x174 30/Apr/2009 Nancy O'Dell, Alexandra Wentworth, Christine Avanti N/A
595 3x175 01/May/2009 Joey Villani, Jeanine Pirro, Charles Mattocks N/A
596 3x176 04/May/2009 Lori Loughlin, Jill Zarin, La La Vasquez N/A
597 3x177 05/May/2009 Cesar Millan, Ali Vincent, Cheryl Forberg N/A
598 3x178 06/May/2009 Deborah Norville, Franz Wisner, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher, Chef Michael Domitrovich N/A
599 3x179 07/May/2009 Ziggy Marley, Charles Stuart Platikin N/A
600 3x180 08/May/2009 J.J. Abrams, Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro, Alec Greven, Jacques Torres N/A
601 3x181 11/May/2009 Fred Willard, Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman N/A
602 3x182 12/May/2009 Mariel Hemingway N/A
603 3x183 13/May/2009 Olympia Dukakis, Josh Bernstein, Chuck Nice, Steven Ward, James Van Praagh N/A
604 3x184 14/May/2009 Ricki Lake, Dr. Michelle R. Callahan N/A
605 3x185 15/May/2009 Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Christine Ebersole, Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro N/A
606 3x186 18/May/2009 Helio Castroneves, Ryan Briscoe, Dario Franchitti N/A
607 3x187 19/May/2009 Ali Vincent, Cheryl Forberg N/A
608 3x188 20/May/2009 Marko Jaric, Chuck Nice, Steven Ward N/A
609 3x189 21/May/2009 Deborah Norville N/A
610 3x190 22/May/2009 Curtis Stone, Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro N/A
611 3x191 25/May/2009 Jeff Foxworthy, Jack Hanna N/A
612 3x192 26/May/2009 Angela Shelf Medearis N/A
613 3x193 27/May/2009 Kris Allen, Ben Widdicombe, Guy Blews, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher N/A
614 3x194 28/May/2009 Adam Lambert, Chef Fabio Viviani N/A
615 3x195 29/May/2009 Angie Harmon, Danny Gokey, Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro N/A
616 3x196 01/Jun/2009 Teresa Giudice, Danielle Staub, Bethenny Frankel, Scott Haltzman N/A
617 3x197 02/Jun/2009 Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval N/A
618 3x198 03/Jun/2009 Niecy Nash, Joe Francis, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher, Sylvia Browne, Chef Fabio Viviani, Jeff McInnis, Carla Hall N/A
619 3x199 04/Jun/2009 Ken Seeley N/A
620 3x200 05/Jun/2009 Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro, Dannion Brinkley N/A
621 3x201 08/Jun/2009 Jill Zarin, Chef Devin Alexander N/A
622 3x202 09/Jun/2009 Jeffrey A. Wands, Jill Rappaport N/A
623 3x203 10/Jun/2009 Adam Ferrera, Chuck Nice, Patrick Meagher, Dr. Marty Becker N/A
624 3x204 11/Jun/2009 Thomas Haden Church, MC Hammer N/A
625 3x205 12/Jun/2009 Betty White, Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro N/A
626 3x206 15/Jun/2009 Andy Garcia, Dr. Kevin Leman, Jillian Michaels, Spoiling Children N/A
627 3x207 16/Jun/2009 Patti Stanger, informercial products N/A
628 3x208 17/Jun/2009 Steve Harvey, Sylvia Browne, looking thinner, fixing finances N/A
629 3x209 18/Jun/2009 Ashanti, Beth Stern N/A
630 3x210 19/Jun/2009 Neil Sedaka performance, Jack Hanna, Larry Wingel, Lori Uscher-Pines N/A
631 3x211 22/Jun/2009 Darryl Strawberry; grocery store food comparrison; Bob Greene N/A
632 3x212 23/Jun/2009 Jillian Reynolds; Bob Barker; snoring; Dr. Ian Kerner; Dr. Heidi Raykeil N/A
633 3x213 24/Jun/2009 J.J. Abrams; Tom Bergeron; Internet dating sites; anxiety; fixing finances N/A
634 3x214 25/Jun/2009 Victoria Stilwell; Ray Liotta; healthy exercises and foods; Nolé Marin; Alec Greven N/A
635 3x215 26/Jun/2009 News Recap; Saving money at the grocery store; Lori Uscher-Pines; comparing favorite foods; fixing finances; John Tesh N/A

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