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Philosophy Street / A Fistful of Ugly - Recap

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The first appearance (albeit over the phone) of the owner and president of SCTV, Guy Caballero.

Segment 1: Good-Bye America: Critics
Geraldo has dinner with America's most influential critics to discuss Roman Polanski's remake of Duck Soup.
Segment 2: Sunrise Semester: Self Defense for Women with Dr. Cheryl Height
Dr. Height shows how to put males in their place. (The Dr. Height character is very similar to Dr. Cheryl Kinsey.)
Segment 3: Promo: Bath Talk
The most informal, informative and interesting talk show on the air.
Segment 4: SCTV AM News Today: Earl plays taped music
Floyd has a story on Beirut fighting. Earl plays taped music to add color to his trivial items. Malta declares war on Corsica. Floyd destroys his tape recorder.
Segment 5: Philosophy Street
Philosophy for kids. Today, factual judgments and value judgments. Herbie goes to the store for materialism. Idealism and realism are explained. (A Children's Television Workshop presentation.)
Segment 6: Commercial: S&M Airlines
An airline that caters to your particular tastes. Their motto: "We really whip your tails for you."
Segment 7: Total Woman with Cassie Mackerel
Cassie interviews a woman who's an executive and full-time mother.
Segment 8: SCTV Movie of the Week: A Fistful of Ugly
Edited for family viewing. Black Bart is coming to town. The Sheriff with no name and the Mexican try to get together for a gunfight. The Sheriff then confronts Mr. King.
Segment 9: Commercial: Longjeans C-11 Watch (and more)
No other watch can do what it does..."It's about time."
Segment 10: Feedback with Moe Green
Moe's phone-in show. After some miscellaneous calls, Moe takes some particularly biting criticism from Guy Caballero, president of the network. (Credits crawl over the end.)

Joe Flaherty appears as: Geraldo Rivera in segment 1; Roger in segment 2; Floyd Robertson in segment 4; the Idealist weightlifter in segment 5; Mr. King in segment 8; Guy Caballero in segment 10
John Candy appears as: Andrew Sarriss in segment 1; Mr. Willis the grocer in segment 5; a Passenger in segment 6; Johnny LaRue as The Mexican in segment 8; the announcer in segment 9; the Depressed Caller in segment 10
Catherine O'Hara appears as: Judith Krist in segment 1; Host Donna Davies in segment 3; Herbie the hand puppet in segment 5; a Passenger in segment 6; Trudy Collingwood (Female Person of the Year) in segment 7; Feminist Caller in segment 10
Andrea Martin appears as: Pauline Kael in segment 1; Dr. Cheryl Height in segment 2; the Stewardess in segment 6; Cassie Mackerel (Cassy) in segment 7; the Waitress in segment 8
Eugene Levy appears as: Rex Reid in segment 1; Ira Ginsler in segment 3; Earl Camembert in segment 4; the Smart kid, the Realist weightlifter and the announcer in segment 5; the Butch Steward in segment 6; Sam the Bartender in segment 8; the Dyslexic Caller in segment 10
Dave Thomas appears as: John Symon in segment 1; the Dumb kid in segment 5; the Assistant in segment 7; Civil War Veteran in segment 8; the Happy customer in segment 9
Harold Ramis appears as: the Existentialist weightlifter in segment 5; Mr. Lopez the pitch man in segment 6; the Husband in segment 7; the Sheriff with no name in segment 8; Host Moe Green in segment 10

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