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Premiere - Recap

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As the episode begins, the scripts are not finished. The first on-screen appearance of Guy Caballero, in a wheelchair (which he uses for respect) with a phone. And, seemingly out of nowhere, Lola Heatherton appears, fully formed, in her first special.

Segment 1: SCTV Editorial: The New Season
Moe introduces the new season. Good news--their license is no longer suspended. Caballero phones: there's a problem, the writer hasn't finished the scripts.
Segment 2: Ernest Kirsch, SCTV Writer
Caballero pesters Kirsch for the scripts. First on-camera appearance of Guy Caballero (ina wheelchair that has a phone).
Segment 3: Promo: Lola Heatherton In Concert
The beautiful, dynamic, multi-talented Lola in concert this Saturday. ("So Glad to Be Here," "You Light Up My Life") "I want to bear all your children!"
Segment 4: Promo: Love Craft
A rich American divorced lady and her daughter take a cruise aboard the Love Craft. She may fly the Greek flag, but the comedy is international. ("You want special? Toast that kaiser!")
Segment 5: Commercial: Water Spray from Pocketpic
Great new device for cleaning teeth. "Smile again."
Segment 6: SCTV News: Informal chit-chat
Earl tries to lighten the newscast with chit-chat. Floyd has an item on mudslides in Togo and Tarzan accepting the help of mercenaries, and gets Earl to cut back on the chit-chat.
Segment 7: Words to Live By with Rev. Ernest Kirsch
Kirsch tries to end the programming day a little early. Caballero calls him up and orders him back to his basement.
Segment 8: The Incredible Bulk
At his psychiatrist's office, Bulk meets a woman he can relate to.
Segment 9: Commercial: Moxwell House Decaffeinated Coffee
The stock boy has trouble stacking tins of juice.
Segment 10: Feedback with Moe Green
Moe has a call-in show. He solicits feedback on the new season, and is forced to make some calls instead.
Segment 11: Ernest Kirsch SCTV Writer, Part 2
Caballero pursues Kirsch to get those scripts. Caballero signs off.

Harold Ramis appears as: Moe Green in segments 1 and 10
Joe Flaherty appears as: Guy Caballero (voice only) in segments 1 and 7; Guy Caballero in segments 2 and 11; a Dancer in segment 3; Captain Alki Stereopolis in segment 4; Floyd Robertson in segment 6
Dave Thomas appears as: Ernest Kirsch in segments 2, 7 and 11; a Dancer in segment 3; a Sailor in segment 4; Mr. Bigsby in segment 8; the Stock Boy in segment 9
Catherine O'Hara appears as: Lola Heatherton in segment 3; American Divorcee in segment 4; the Receptionist in segment 8; Mrs. Strickler in segment 8
Eugene Levy appears as: a Dancer in segment 3; the Announcer in segments 3 and 8; a Sailor in segment 4; the Pitchman in segment 5; Earl Camembert in segment 6; Mr. Dunston in segment 10
Andrea Martin appears as: the Daughter in segment 4; the Doctor in segment 8; Margaret Hamilton in segment 9
John Candy appears as: the Announcer in segment 4; the Happy User in segment 5; the Bulk in segment 8

Also appearing:
Kathleen Wallace as: a Demon in segment 9
Matthew Wallace as: a Demon in segment 9

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Warning: Second City TV season 2 episode 1 guide may contain spoilers
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