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Kidnapping of Moe Green - Recap

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Station Manager Moe Green is kidnapped by Lutonians. This marks Harold Ramis' last appearance on the show. Linkin Mercury Dali Edition and K-Tel Salvador Dali Car Stash Wax provide an unlikely linked set of commercials.

Segment 1: SCTV Editorial: Lutonian Liberation Front
Moe Green declares publicly that he won't back down to threats from the Lutonian Liberation Front.
Segment 2: Donna: Barbara Streisberg
Joined in progress. Donna's guest Barbara Streisberg tries to song a song.
Segment 3: Promo: Master Sergeant Chef
The sergeant prepares dinner for the ambassador and his party.
Segment 4: SCTV News: Moe Green Kidnapped
An outbreak of Legionnaire's disease breaks out in Hawaii; Plattsburg cleanup; and Earl keeps forgetting the Moe Green kidnapping item: he's been kidnapped by Leftists For Lutonia. To finish, Earl gives an editorial about the kidnapping.
Segment 5: Commercial: Cup 'n Soup
The cup you cook up with the soup.
Segment 6: Petty Claims Court
Various petty people make petty claims to the bailiff.
Segment 7: Commercial: Linkin Mercury Dali Edition
Dali abandons function for concept.
Segment 8: Commercial: K-Tel Salvador Dali Car Stash Wax
Save the mustache on your Linkin Mercury Dali Edition car.
Segment 9: Promo: SCTV Movie of the Week: Nice Kids from Hell
Some nice kids terrorize the neighborhood.
Segment 10: SCTV News Bulletin: Message from Moe Green
A tape from Moe Green has arrived after SCTV refused to pay the excessive $2,000 ransom. Earl and Floyd discuss it.

Harold Ramis appears as: Moe Green in segments 1 and 10
Catherine O'Hara appears as: Host Donna in segment 2; the Daughter in segment 5; an Announcer in segment 6; Kitten in segment 9
Andrea Martin appears as: Barbara Streisberg in segment 2; the Mother in segment 5; the Bag lady in segment 6; the Wife in segment 9
Dave Thomas appears as: Sergeat Chef in segment 3; the Alcoholic in segment 6; Harvey K-Tel in segment 8; Tony in segment 9
Eugene Levy appears as: Ramone in segment 3; Earl Camembert in segments 4 and 10; the Bailiff in segment 6; Herb in segment 9
John Candy appears as: Nichel in segment 3; the Man who wants 50 cents back in segment 6; Mort in segment 9
Joe Flaherty appears as: Andre in segment 3; Floyd Robertson in segments 4 and 10; an Announcer in segment 6; Salvador Dali in segment 7; the Husband in segment 9

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Warning: Second City TV season 2 episode 3 guide may contain spoilers
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