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Bad Acting In Hollywood - Recap

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This episode features Sid Dithers Private Eye and the superb Bad Acting in Hollywood.

Segment 1: Promo: Donahue in the Morning
Donahue talks about sex and other stuff, but mostly sex.
Segment 2: Sid Dithers Private Eye
Sid tracks down the daughter of Mr. Steele from San Francisco to a prostitution ring in Beverly Hills. Notes: San Francisky? So how did you came, did you drove or did you flew?
Segment 3: Promo: U.F.O. Sharkey
Don Rickles investigates UFOs and makes racist remarks. "It's a valid idea."
Segment 4: Enough About Me: Maureen Jolly
Katherine talks with a woman who's returned from Africa and is promoting her book 'Almost Black Like Me.'
Segment 5: Promo: Fish Police
"Stop, or I'll cast!"
Segment 6: Commercial: Biller Hi-Lite
Maxy and Jake discuss their favorite beer. 'Less taste!' 'Better calories!'
Segment 7: Bad Acting in Hollywood with Tom Boslee
Tom hosts a look at one of Hollywood's worst films. Afterward, Tom has some closing comments. Closing credits: Hooray for Hollywood.
Segment 8: Johnny Dark Always Rings Twice
Johnny Dark is tried for murder, his mother joins him on the stand, his alibi turns states, but it's all interrupted when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.

Dave Thomas appears as: Phil Donahue in segment 1; Bobby, Maxine's son in segment 2; a Hick in segment 3; a Fish Policeman in segment 5; the Prosecutor in segment 8
Eugene Levy appears as: Sid Dithers in segment 2; an Indian in segment 3; a Fish Policeman in segment 5; Jake Primo in segment 6; the Defender in segment 8
Joe Flaherty appears as: Wes Steele in segment 2; a Mexican in segment 3; Maxy Stein in segment 6; Johnny Dark in segment 8
Andrea Martin appears as: Maxine in segment 2; Maureen Jolly in segment 4; Ma Dark in segment 8
Catherine O'Hara appears as: Mr. Steele's daughter in segment 2; Katherine Timber in segment 4; the Woman who loses her watch in segment 5; Johnny's Girl in segment 8
John Candy appears as: Don "Rinkles" Rickles playing Sharkey in segment 3; a Fish Policeman in segment 5; Host Tom Boslee in segment 7; the Judge in segment 8

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