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Consumer Action Line - Recap

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The Family Crisis Game Show segment was mysteriously cut from syndication and replaced with Wara Wara Wara from episode 2 of the first season.

Segment 1: Promo: The Young Weasels
Weasels find a niche in Hollywood.
Segment 2: Fireside Chat: The State of the Economy
The mayor's tobacco went up in price. He gives a biscuit to a stuffed parrot.
Segment 3: Commercial: Simple Touch Whitener
They take the whitener out of Mary Feenan's detergent.
Segment 4: Commercial: Tex and Edna Boil's Organ Emporium: Budgies
Tex and Edna are offering a free budgie with every organ, and budgie bait.
Segment 5: Family Crisis Game Show
Johnny introduces Chrissy, who has a husband that beats her. First up, Colonel Sanders asks her whether her family likes chicken and advises her to pay more attention to her family. Lola asks is her husband beats her in bed, and when Chrissy says yes, she advises her to ship the kids off to the YMCA for a few months and turn their house into a pleasure palace. Bobby suggests Chrissy watch Bobby's next special, "Bobby Bittman Looks at Marriage...From a Distance." The studio audience likes Bobby's advice best.
Segment 6: Commercial: Graft Cheese
A tasty sandwich recipe.
Segment 7: SCTV News: Consumer Action Line
Earl has an item on a doctor who has discovered mental illness is a virus. Floyd counters with an item where the good doctor is arrested for fraud. Perini Scleroso interviews an Irish mother of triplets. In a new segment, Consumer Action Line, Earl is put on hold.

Dave Thomas appears as: a Weasel in segment 1; the Announcer in segment 3; Tex Boil in segment 4; Colonel Sanders in segment 5
Joe Flaherty appears as: a Weasel in segment 1; Floyd Robertson in segment 7
Eugene Levy appears as: a Cop in segment 1; Bobby Bittman in segment 5; the Announcer in segment 6; Earl Camembert in segment 7
John Candy appears as: the Producer in segment 1; Mayor Tommy Shanks in segment 2; Host Johnny LaRue in segment 5
Catherine O'Hara appears as: Mary Feenan in segment 3; Lola Heatherton in segment 5
Andrea Martin appears as: Edna Boil in segment 4; Contestant Chrissy Steiner in segment 5; Perini Scleroso in segment 7

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