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Best of #2 - Recap

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The second of two full episodes of repeats.

Segment 1: Speaking of Talk with Lou Jaffe (repeat)
Lou interviews one of the greatest announcers in the business, Harvey K-Tel, and finds out they went to the same school.
Segment 2: Commercial: Long Distance (repeat)
A woman carps about not receiving any calls from an old friend. 'Get the long distance feeling, before it's too late.'
Segment 3: Family Crisis Game Show (repeat)
Johnny introduces Chrissy, who has a husband that beats her. First up, Colonel Sanders asks her whether her family likes chicken and advises her to pay more attention to her family. Lola asks if her husband beats her in bed, and when Chrissy replies yes, she advises her to ship the kids off to the YMCA for a few months and turn their house into a pleasure palace. Bobby suggest that Chrissy watch Bobby's next special, "Bobby Bittman Looks at Marriage...From a Distance." The studio audience likes Bobby's advice best.
Segment 4: Commercial: Tex and Edna Boil's Organ Emporium: Rhythm Ace (repeat)
Tex and Edna are offering a deal on the Rhythm Ace.
Segment 5: The $Millionaire (repeat)
The Millionaire is flat broke and reduced to giving away 50 bucks. His male secretary takes the heat from the Adamly family who aren't impressed by just 50 dollars. But a wealthy Arab arrives to save the day. Next week: The Millionaire From Mecca.
Segment 6: SCTV Rock Concert with Big Jim and Billy Sol (repeat)
Big Jim and Billy Sol blow up Freddy Fender, Randy Newman, Patti Smith, Helen Reddy and the Village People.

Eugene Levy appears as: Lou Jaffe in segment 1; Bobby Bittman in segment 3; the Arab in segment 5; Freddy Fender in segment 6; a member of the Village People in segment 6
Dave Thomas appears as: Harvey K-Tel in segment 1; Colonel Sanders in segment 3; Tex Boil in segment 4; an Adamly family member in segment 5; Randy Newman in segment 6; a member of the Village People in segment 6
John Candy appears as: the Studio Engineer; the Angry neighbor in segment 2; Host Johnny LaRue in segment 3; Michael Anthony, Male Secretary in segment 5; Billy Sol in segment 6; a member of the Village People in segment 6
Catherine O'Hara appears as: the Complaining woman in segment 2; Lola Heatherton in segment 3; an Adamly family member in segment 5; Helen Reddy in segment 6
Andrea Martin appears as: the Concerned neighbor in segment 2; Contestant Chrissy Steiner in segment 3; Edna Boil in segment 4; Patti Smith in segment 6
Joe Flaherty appears as: John Beresford Tipton, Millionaire in segment 5; Big Jim in segment 6; a member of the Village People in segment 6

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