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Death of a Salesman - Recap

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This episode includes the premiere of SCTV Live Theatre, which features a star-studded cast in Death of a Salesman.

Segment 1: Words to Live By: Rabbi Karlov
The Rabbi provides advice on dealing with gentle insults, and brings Angus out to demonstrate.
Segment 2: Teaser: SCTV News
Segment 3: Promo: Elvis 'n Costello
Songs and sketches with Elvis and Costello
Segment 4: Kanadian Korner 3: The French Problem
Separatism and back bacon.
Segment 5: Commercial: Melba's Disco Jeans
Just zip them up and watch them dance for you.
Segment 6: SCTV News: Earl's film doesn't come up
Togo applies to come to Nebraska. Earl takes up the rest of the newscast smiling at the camera, waiting for the film of his bus race item.
Segment 7: Crazy Crafts: First Show
After 15 years off the air, Molly reviews some crafts from the past.
Segment 8: Message from Guy: Live Theatre
Guy blows away the cheap plant in his office and introduces SCTV Live Theatre.
Segment 9: SCTV Live Theatre: Death of a Salesman
Death of a Salesman, live from the Melonville Theatre. Margaret Hamilton gets knocked out by an object resembling a late 20th century stage lamp, while John clears the house when a seed pops out of his joint and starts a fire. Guy swears off live performances.

Rich Moranis appears as: Rabbi Karlov in segment 1; Bob McKenzie in segment 4; a Dancer in segment 5; Ricky Caballero (Guy's son) in segment 8; George Carlin as Biff in segment 9
Dave Thomas appears as: Angus Crock in segment 1; Doug McKenzie in segment 4; a Dancer in segment 5; DeForest Kelly as Happy in segment 9
Joe Flaherty appears as: Floyd Robertson in segments 2 and 6; Elvis Presley in segment 3; the Boss in segment 5; a Dancer in segment 5; Guy Caballero in segments 8 and 9
Eugene Levy appears as: Earl Camembert in segments 2 and 6; Ricardo Montalban as Willy Loman in segment 9
Tony Rosato appears as: Lou Costello in segment 3; Cunningham in segment 5; a Dancer in segment 5; John Belushi as Ben in segment 9
Andrea Martin appears as: Melba the Disco Queen in segment 5; Margaret Hamilton as Linda Loman in segment 9
Robin Duke appears as: the Receptionist in segment 5; Molly Earle in segment 7

Also appearing:
Dick Blasucci as: an audience member in segment 9

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