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Death Motel - Recap

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Monster Chiller Horror Theatre features a rare solo venture for Woody Tobias, Jr., and an amusing interview with Count Floyd.

Segment 1: Sunrise Semester: Communicating in Italian with Marcello Sebastiano
Marcello instructs on basic hand gestures, looking at women and the evil eye.
Segment 2: Teaser: Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: Death Motel
Floyd plugs Death Motel.
Segment 3: Commercial: Bubie's Chicken Medication
Chicken soup for all ailments, from Al's bubie.
Segment 4: Kanadian Korner 5: Snow Chains
Doug has worked out the full two-part theme; he doesn't quite get around to the topic of snow chains.
Segment 5: Commercial: Edna's Back from Ronco Records
Features "Killing Me Softly," "What Have They Done To My Face, Ma," "Make It an Open Casket, Cause I Might Be Coming Back," "The Night They Drove Old Edna Down."
Segment 6: Promo: Danny Eubanks: Seminarian / Rookie Cop
Danny Eubanks is a seminarian who was training to become a priest, until his father got bumped off.
Segment 7: Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: Death Motel
Floyd introduces the film and plugs his 3-D glasses ($15.95, certified checks only).
Segment 8: Death Motel, Part 1
Young newlyweds arrive at the motel, where Bruno is the bellboy. As they get ready for bed, they are being watched... (Note: the classic 3-D sound effect!)
Segment 9: Monster Chiller Horror Theatre, Part 2
Straight back to the movie. Afterward, Count Floyd's guest is Woody Tobias, Jr. They discuss Woody's father and his early career.
Segment 10: Death Motel, Part 2
Bruno arrives to turn down the bed and terrorizes the wife in the process. The husband goes for the manager, leaving Bruno with her.

Tony Rosato appears as: Marcello Sebastiano in segment 1; the Motel Manager in segment 8
Robin Duke appears as: the Woman in segment 1; Edna Hymbecker in segment 5
Joe Flaherty appears as: Count Floyd in segments 2, 7 and 9; the Crook in segment 6
Rick Moranis appears as: Al Waxman in segment 3; Bob McKenzie in segment 4
Andrea Martin appears as: Ma in segment 3; the Wife in segments 8 and 10
Dave Thomas appears as: Doug McKenzie in segment 4; Announcer Harvey K-Tel in segment 5; Danny Eubanks in segment 6; the Husband in segments 8 and 10
Eugene Levy appears as: Woody Tobias, Jr. playing Bruno in segments 8 and 10; Woody Tobias, Jr. in segment 9

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