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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Circle of Death

During the Battle of Okinawa in World War II, a doctor on a hospital ship risks his life and the lives of others in order to remove an unexploded cannon shell from the body of a wounded Marine.
Guest Stars: William Conrad as Fallon | Wynn Pearce as Stevens | Rachel Ames as Kate | Jerry Gales as Kaufman
Director: Jack Webb

2 :01x02 - V-Victor 5

In 1933, an off-duty police officer recognizes five wanted criminals and tries to apprehend them by himself.
Guest Stars: Hal Hamilton as McNulty | Anthony D. Call as Benjy | Neil Nephew as Whip | John Sebastian as Eddy | Barbara Wilkin as Jean | Karl Held as John Egan
Director: Robert M. Leeds

3 :01x03 - Harris vs. Castro

A Miami businessman sues the Cuban government over a debt and collect by seizing Cuban bank accounts and goods in the United States.
Guest Stars: Beverly Brown as Mrs. Harris | Harlan Warde as Ashman | Robert Knapp as Harris
Director: William Conrad

4 :01x04 - Code Name: Christopher (1)

A United States Army captain is assigned to lead a team of commandos into Norway to destroy a German heavy-water plant which could be used to develop an atomic bomb.
Guest Stars: John Askeland as Olaf | Alf George as Stan | Lloyd Bochner as Stoughton | Anna Lisa as Sigrid | Gunner Hellström as Lund | Jack Webb as Burke
Director: Jack Webb
Writer: Otis Carney

5 :01x05 - Code Name: Christopher (2)

A German heavy water plant has been sabotaged but the leader of the commando team responsible has been captured and the Germans are planning to construct another site.
Guest Stars: John Askeland as Olaf | Alf George as Stan | Lloyd Bochner as Stoughton | Anna Lisa as Sigrid | Gunner Hellström as Lund | Jack Webb as Burke
Director: Jack Webb
Writer: Otis Carney

6 :01x06 - The Handmade Private

After World War II ends, two clerks create a fictitious private as a practical joke on their lieutenant.
Guest Stars: Ben Chandler as Wilmot | Gene McCarthy as Carlock | Karyn Kupcinet as Marybelle | Jerry Van Dyke as Bailey | James Millhollin as Bronner | Arte Johnson as Coogan
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Dean Riesner

7 :01x07 - The Last Day

A man's routine lifestyle changes when he gets mistaken for a secret agent.
Guest Stars: Joan Huntington as Ann | Mark Dempsey as Ernie Adams
Director: William Conrad

8 :01x08 - Man with a Suitcase

A man smuggles his fiancee out of East Germany by carrying her through a border checking station inside a suitcase.
Guest Stars: Bill Berger as Hansen | Erika Peters as Anna | Werner Klemperer as Captain | Oscar Beregi as Conductor
Director: William Conrad

9 :01x09 - Mile Long Shot to Kill

During the Civil War, a Union sniper plans to use a newly invented rifle with a telescopic site to kill a Confederate general.
Guest Stars: James Griffith (1) as Brown | Les Tremayne as McMillan | Russell Johnson as John T. Metcalf
Director: William Conrad

10 :01x10 - Cheating Cheaters

A card shark is hired to check a luxury cruise ship for card cheats after a former passenger kills himself because of heavy gambling losses incurred on a previous cruise.
Guest Stars: Simon Scott as Captain | Harry Holcombe as Whitaker | Charlotte Austin as Jill | Jack Hogan as McFarland
Director: Robert M. Leeds

11 :01x11 - UXB (Unexploded Bomb)

The British Bomb Disposal Unite tries to dismantle a series of unexploded bombs dropped by the Germans during World War II.
Guest Stars: Hedley Mattingly as Taggart | Anthony Eustrel as Root | David Frankham as Allison | Michael Evans as Major Arthur Hartley
Director: Robert M. Leeds

12 :01x12 - The Wrong Nickel

Dramatization about how Colonel Rudolf Abel's Soviet spy ring was broken up when one of his underlings mistakenly gave a dummy nickel containing microfilm to a newspaper vendor.
Guest Stars: Robert Ellenstein as Mark | Albert Paulsen as Vik | Malachi Throne as Cross
Director: William Conrad

13 :01x13 - The Amateurs

In 1909, a Boston jeweler and his son are able to locate a priceless stolen emerald pendant after the police are stumped.
Guest Stars: Vinton Hayworth as Heargrave | Edward Platt as Hefarty | James T. Callahan as Bruce | Jonathan Hole as Fenwick
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Dean Riesner

14 :01x14 - Open Season

In 1928, a Wisconsin game warden gives notorious Chicago mobster Frank McErlane a citation for illegal fishing. Needless to say, McErlane is not a happy camper.
Guest Stars: Karl Lukas as Stoker | Sherwood Price as Tommy | Shirley Ballard as Claire | David McLean (1) as Frank McErlane | James Best as Ernie Swift
Director: William Conrad

15 :01x15 - Defendant: Clarence Darrow

In 1912, soon to be famous attorney Clarence Darrow is charged with attempting to bribe a juror.
Guest Stars: Frank Gerstle as Court Reporter | Paul Mazursky as Giesler | Andrea King as Ruby | Phillip Pine as Ford | Robert Vaughn as Earl Rogers | Tol Avery as Clarence Darrow
Director: William Conrad

16 :01x16 - O.S.I.

United States military intelligence gets a confessed Communist agent to work as a counterspy.
Guest Stars: Walter Janowitz as Martin Hassler | Dan Stafford as East German Officer | Arthur Batanides as Lee Ralston | Philip Abbott as Chuck Fowler | Stacy Harris as Ben Karmody | Eric Feldary as Stefan Karp
Director: William Conrad

17 :01x17 - Firebug

The U. S. Forest Service goes after an arsonist who has set a total of fourteen forest fires in a national park between 1957 and 1960.
Guest Stars: Paul Birch as Sheriff | William Bramley (1) as Frank Joseph | Arch Johnson as Pete Brill | Keith Andes as Harry Spohr | Victor Buono as Charles Colvin
Director: William Conrad

18 :01x18 - Little Richard

Out hunting raccoons, a blue tick hound named Little Richard becomes trapped in a rock crevice. It's no easy task for the dog's master to rescue his beloved pooch.
Guest Stars: David Carlile as O'Brien | Kevin Hagen as Bud Wiley | Patricia Rainier as Billie Wilson | Hampton Fancher as Larry Wilson
Director: Jack Webb

19 :01x19 - Escape (1)

In 1940, the RAF asks a magician to help over 100 captured pilots escape from a German POW camp.
Guest Stars: Bob Champion as Sentry | Brian Gaffirin as Keith | Felix Reinsch as Schlossie | Rick Traeger as Commandant | James Doohan as Jennings | William Beckley as Lt. Rushmore | David Frankham as Lt. Dixon | Hedley Mattingly as Wing Commander Whitman | Ben Wright as Clayton Hutton
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Lou Morheim

20 :01x20 - Escape (2)

A magician posing as a RAF pilot allows himself to be captured in order that he can mastermind the escape of pilots being held as POWs by the Germans.
Guest Stars: Bob Champion as Sentry | Brian Gaffirin as Keith | Felix Reinsch as Schlossie | Rick Traeger as Commandant | James Doohan as Jennings | William Beckley as Lt. Rushmore | David Frankham as Lt. Dixon | Hedley Mattingly as Wing Commander Whitman | Ben Wright as Clayton Hutton
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Lou Morheim

21 :01x21 - The Moonshiners

A Federal agent goes undercover as a truck driver in order to smash a Florida bootlegging operation.
Guest Stars: Bill Zuckert as Ferguson | James Griffith (1) as Stan Woolman | Carl Reindel as Doug Tolliver | Robert Emhardt as Bill Munger | Gene Evans as Walter Kopek
Director: William Conrad

22 :01x22 - Security Risk

An American embassy official in Warsaw gets blackmailed into passing top secret info to the Communists.
Guest Stars: Charles H. Radilak as Wilhelm Friede | Vinton Hayworth as Tom Erickson | Kurt Kreuger as Stefan Jarek | Parley Baer as Harry Jones | Harlan Warde as Ben Waltmann | Karl Swenson as Jim Kowalski | Erika Peters as Erika Rilko | Charles Aidman as George Ellsworth
Director: William Conrad

23 :01x23 - The Black-Robed Ghost

Con artists deceive a wealthy California matron into believing that her beloved deceased niece is trying to make contact with her through seances.
Guest Stars: Booth Colman as Funeral Director | Jeanette Nolan as Madame DiAngelo | Mort Mills as Detective Duncan | Josephine Hutchinson as Cora Greer | Don Dubbins as Tom | Louise Lorimer as Ethel
Director: William Conrad

24 :01x24 - Ordeal

A cop killer holds a New Orleans family hostage in their apartment.
Guest Stars: Chris Robinson (1) as Holt | Lillian Buyeff as Ellen | Kevin Hagen as Simms | Judee Morton as Judy
Director: William Conrad

25 :01x25 - Pattern for Espionage

An Army colonel is approached by the Soviets with an offer to spy for them.
Guest Stars: Gregory Gaye as Petrov | Pat Woodell as Alice | Gregory Walcott as Goodwin | Anthony Eisley as Addis | Rex Reason as Harvey Madison
Director: William Conrad

26 :01x26 - The Tenth Mona Lisa

True account of how an Italian picture framer helped thieves steal the famous Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911.
Guest Stars: Vito Scotti as Vincenzo Perugia | Leon Askin as Warchek | Émile Genest as de Saude | Marcel Hillaire as Bertillon | Eugene Borden as Saulvet | Maurice Marsac as Beroud
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Lou Morheim

27 :01x27 - Gertie the Great

Environmentally conscious citizens of Milwaukee band together to protect a mallard duck nicknamed Gertie who has built her nest atop a river piling near a busy drawbridge.
Guest Stars: Harry Bartell as Laurence Hautz | Jan Shepard as Eve Temple | Robert Brubaker as Gordon MacQuarrie
Director: Robert M. Leeds

28 :01x28 - Black Market

Army investigators try to break up a black market ring smuggling American cigarettes into East Germany.
Guest Stars: Ron Foster as Dunlop | Hanna Landy as Karen | John Marley as Hoffman | John Banner as Hipp

29 :01x29 - Nitro

A worker in a chemical plant accidentally puts nitric acid in a tank instead of sulfuric acid thus creating nine gallons of nitroglycerine.
Guest Stars: Philip Carey as Pete Foley | Jacqueline Scott as Gloria Price | Noam Pitlik as Edward Gleason
Director: John Peyser

30 :01x30 - Heydrich (1)

Two Czech partisans parachute into their homeland in order to assassinate notorious Nazi bigwig Reinhard Heydrich, known as the Hangman.
Guest Stars: Charles H. Radilak as Father Petrek | Lili Valenty as Maria | Walter Linden as Jan Kubis | Albert Paulsen as Josef Gabchik | Werner Klemperer as Frank
Director: William Conrad

31 :01x31 - Heydrich (2)

German occupation forces eradicate the entire Czech village of Lidice in retaliation for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich by commandos.
Guest Stars: Werner Klemperer as Frank | Albert Paulsen as Josef Gabchik | Walter Linden as Jan Kubis | Lili Valenty as Maria | Charles H. Radilak as Father Petrek
Director: William Conrad

32 :01x32 - Commando

Just before D-Day during World War II, British forces send a former safecracker to break into a safe in Rome that contains vital German defense plans.
Guest Stars: James Wixted as Potter | Roy Dean as Walsh | Lloyd Bochner as Saunders | Sean McClory as McDonald
Director: William Conrad

33 :01x33 - Five Tickets to Hell

In 1922, a Chicago gangster robs the mint in Chihuahua, Mexico of nearly half a million dollars worth of currency. Seven men are killed in the process and it's up to the Mexican police to hunt down the culprits.
Guest Stars: Carlos Romero as Lt. Juan Garcia | Barbara Luna as Cotita | Bing Russell as John Quigley | Valentin de Vargas as Francisco Gomez | Abel Franco as Anselmo | Alex Montoya as Delgado
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Warning: General Electric True guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1962
Ended: September 22, 1963
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