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Season 3

61 :03x01 - Who's Che Guevara?

Paul's plane gets hijacked by anti-Castro rebels trying to free a dissident.
Guest Stars: Rita Moreno as Anita | Nico Minardos as Bob | Alex Montoya as Pepe | Abel Franco as Fernando | Tony Giorgio as Castro | Victor Millan as Felipe
Director: Michael Ritchie

62 :03x02 - The Inhuman Predicament

Paul tries to discourage a princess who has developed a crush on him.
Guest Stars: Kurt Kasznar as Driscoll | Katherine Justice as Princess Ingrid | Vera Miles as Rachel Pike | Fernando Lamas as Ramon de Vega

63 :03x03 - Three Passengers for the Lusitania

In Acapulco, Paul competes in a road race against a thrill seeker who also claims that he has only a short time to live.
Guest Stars: Murray MacLeod as Bud Ellis | Cliff Potts as Lee | David Lewis (3) as Miller | Luis de Córdova as Captain Garcia

64 :03x04 - The Frozen Image

Paul gets involved with a Las Vegas entertainer who fears aging.
Guest Stars: Michael Cole as Chico | Nicholas Colasanto as Jake Wexler | Sandra Smith as Diana Burke | Mel Tormé as Jamey Burke
Writer: Mel Tormé

65 :03x05 - Trip to the Far Side

A millionaire, disturbed by his daughter's attraction to Paul, tries to find out why our hero is leading a playboy existence.
Guest Stars: Don Knight as Tim O'Rourke | Geoffrey Horne as Neil Scofield | Ralph Bellamy as Cal Phillips | Bruce Dern as Alex Ryder | Marianna Hill as Valerie Phillips

66 :03x06 - The Company of Scoundrels

Paul tangles with the Mob when he gets involved in a crusade to outlaw gambling.
Guest Stars: Dean Heren as Ames Farley | Lou Frizzell as Gas Station Attendant | Kermit Murdock as Senator Strohm | Bob Kaliban as Arthur Cort | Robert Yuro as Tony Cupid | Len Wayland as Lt. Omar Blix | Ford Rainey as General Andrew Douglas | Pat Hingle as Frederick Huffschmidt
Director: Michael Ritchie

67 :03x07 - At the End of the Rainbow There's Another Rainbow

Paul comes to the aid of old friend Molly Pierce who has gotten herself involved with swindlers.
Guest Stars: Arch Whiting as Embassy Aide | Fabian Dean as Captain | Jeff Corey as Fred Morrissey | Bart Burns as John Hollander | Anne Helm as Molly Pierce | Bruce Dern as Alex Ryder

68 :03x08 - Down with Willy Hatch

Paul defends an insult comic who has been charged with statutory rape in a backwater town.
Guest Stars: Clarke Gordon as Darrell Decker | Mary Jo Kennedy as Mary Jo Potter | James Anderson (1) as Roy Potter | Don Rickles as Willy Hatch | Robert Donner as Sheriff Hinkleman

69 :03x09 - The Naked Half Truth

Paul and old acquaintance Ramon de Vega travel to Andorra where they plan to abduct the missing daughter of a millionaire.
Guest Stars: Letitia Roman as Susanne | Frank Puglia as Ignacio Romero | Fernando Lamas as Ramon de Vega | Joe De Santis as Eduardo Alonzo | Edward Andrews as Andrew Dawson

70 :03x10 - Tell It Like It Is

Paul aids a judge who is under fire from a television reporter.
Guest Stars: Michael Strong (1) as Lt. Decker | Quinn Redeker as Dr. Ed Gilray | Lenore Kingston as Arlene Wilenski | Joan Huntington as Jennifer | James Daly as Jerry Haines | Franchot Tone as Judge Taliaferro Wilson

71 :03x11 - Cry Hard, Cry Fast (1)

Paul is at fault in an accident where four people are killed.
Guest Stars: Robyn Millan as Suzie Schell | Joan Van Ark as Donna Hayward | Susan Clark as Kathryn Aller | Jack Albertson as Harry Krissel | Charles Aidman as Hal Andre | James Farentino as Frank Frazier | Diana Muldaur as Dr. Jean Winters

72 :03x12 - Cry Hard, Cry Fast (2)

After being at fault in an automobile accident where four people were killed, Paul fights to get just settlements for the families of the victims. Meanwhile, a bank robber who was also involved in the accident tries to recover his loot.
Guest Stars: Robyn Millan as Suzie Schell | Joan Van Ark as Donna Hayward | Susan Clark as Kathryn Aller | Jack Albertson as Harry Krissel | Charles Aidman as Hal Andre | James Farentino as Frank Frazier | Diana Muldaur as Dr. Jean Winters

73 :03x13 - The Mustafa Embrace

Paul aids a damsel who's the target of an Arab sheik who wants to add her to his harem.
Guest Stars: Katherine Crawford as Lucia Van Vorst | Edmund Hashim as Ahmed Mustafa | William Sargent as Hank Rodgers | Stanley Waxman as Jamal Mustafa

74 :03x14 - It Could Only Happen in Rome

In Rome, Paul meets a mysterious damsel who hampers his efforts to learn about her past.
Guest Stars: Renzo Cesana as Luigi | Tisha Sterling as Tia | Robert Brown (1) as D. T. Randall

75 :03x15 - Fly by Night

Back home in San Francisco, Paul turns detective in order to solve an old murder case that has muddied the reputation of a friend.
Guest Stars: Richard McMurray as Ralph Phillips | Bruce Glover as Tweed Murcott | Don Stroud as Jim Hammack | Jason Evers as Garrett Hamilton | Andrew Duggan as James Seaborne | Felicia Farr as Alita Greenley

76 :03x16 - A Dangerous Proposal

Paul discovers that an industrialist has an ulterior motive in wanting to acquire a classic car owned by an exiled Latin American dictator.
Guest Stars: Marcel Hillaire as Durand | Carlos Romero as Lt. Ortiz | Marino Masé as Luis Reyes | Mark Lenard as Sebastian Peralta | Albert Dekker as Sir Harry Hiller | Judy Carne as Gillian Wilmont

77 :03x17 - One Bad Turn

Paul goes up against a pair of vicious lawmen in a prairie town when he's charged with interfering with an arrest.
Guest Stars: Norman Leavitt as Gas Station Attendant | Michael T. Mikler as Link Slocum | Jon Lormer as Judge Wallace Barnes | Strother Martin as Holly Amberton | Walter Brooke as Richard Phillips | Anne Helm as Molly Pierce | Bert Freed as Sheriff Parsons | Warren Oates as Deputy Potter

78 :03x18 - The Rape of Lucrece

Paul is accused of attempted rape by an increasingly delusional novelist.
Guest Stars: Donald Foster as Judge | Vincent Van Lynn as Howard Billings | Audrey Totter as Dorothy Young | Julie Harris as Lucrece Lawrence
Director: Larry Peerce

79 :03x19 - The Killing Scene

Paul tries to get a stay of execution for a man on death row just hours before the pellets in the gas chamber are scheduled to drop.
Guest Stars: William Boyett as 2nd Detective | Frank Maxwell as 1st Detective | Will Geer as Judge Andrews | Dana Elcar as Dr. George Graham | Walter Brooke as Ralph Phillips | Tom Skerritt as Lou Patterson | Robert Duvall as Richard Fletcher
Director: Ben Gazzara

80 :03x20 - Saro-Jane, You Never Whispered Again

Paul combs the hippie hangouts in both San Francisco and Los Angeles in search of the runaway daughter of a wealthy man.
Guest Stars: Richard Van Vleet as Policeman | Floyd Mutrux as Boy | George Murdock as Police Sergeant | Frank Marth as Assistant District Attorney | Robert F. Simon as Judge | Phil Proctor as Bobo | James Oliver (2) as Freddie | Kenneth O'Brien as Harve Crawley | Austin Willis as Myles Prentice | Cec Linder as Warren Windom | Bobo Lewis as Aunt Turkey | Michael Bell (1) as George Travis | Barbara Hershey as Sara Jane

81 :03x21 - Strategy of Terror

Paul travels to Israel where he joins an archeological dig that's soon threatened by hostile Bedouin tribesmen.
Guest Stars: Nate Esformes as Shlomo | Shlomo Bachar as Aram | Ronald Feinberg as Hakim | Eric Braeden as David Navan | Ina Balin as Lisa Sorrow

82 :03x22 - The Dead on Furlough

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Yossi Eichenbaum as Yossi

83 :03x23 - Beware My Love

A damsel asks Paul's help in escaping a man who's become obsessed with her.
Guest Stars: Grant Woods as Chips Harley | Susan Trustman as Barbara Sherwood/Joanne Harley | Pat Priest as Susan | Michael Evans as Roger Aldington | Anna Lisa as Helga Galen | John van Dreelen as Henrik Verbeek

84 :03x24 - Carol

Paul gets involved with a pregnant woman who wants to abort her unborn child because her husband just abandoned her.
Guest Stars: Kim Darby as Carol Sherman | Ron Russell as Tom | Jana Taylor as Mary Kendall | Clark Warren as Doctor

85 :03x25 - Life Among the Meat Eaters

Paul's life is threatened when he hobknobs with the jet set in Sardinia.
Guest Stars: Phillip Chapin as Willem | Jacques Bergerac as Alejandro Orsini | Anne Baxter as Mona Morrison | Peter Donat as Burton Wells

86 :03x26 - The Exchange

Once again, Paul is recruited by American intelligence. This time he has to negotiate the trade of a Communist agent for an American millionaire.
Guest Stars: David Hurst as Heinrich Kleist | Janice Rule as Alicia Stuyvesant | Lee Bergere as Karl Verner | Stephen McNally as Mike Allen
Warning: Run for Your Life guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1965
Ended: September 11, 1968
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