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Leg 6 (South Korea) - Recap

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Arriving in Japan in the last leg, teams were made to search an entire park for a single clue, get a local to sing a folk song on camera, hunt down a Japanese girl in an anime costume, catch 40 goldfishes with a paper paddle, deliver a kimono, solve an ice puzzle in sub zero temperature... and this was on top of having to deal with language and cultural problems.

Teams were definitely looking forward to get to the next pitstop, which would bring them their mandatory rest period, but as they slowly found out, even that was not a sure thing.

After riding a bullet train and hailing a cab to the pit stop, the Malaysian moms are the first to the pitstop. In their excitement though, the moms fail to notice that Allan Wu is standing alone. Their happiness quickly turns to shock when Allan passes them an envelope and announces that this is actually not a pitstop, and that the race is still ongoing.

And they better hurry. Since all teams took the same bullet train, the other teams are hot on their heels. All bets are now off as previous position placements are irrelevant. Marc and Rovilson arrive next, followed by Collin and Adrian. Coming close in the forth position are Paula and Natasha.

And while Daichi and Sawaka topped most of the tasks in the last leg, they are the fifth team to arrive, followed by Henry and Terri, and Pamela and Vanessa.

With $264 in their pockets, teams must now head to Hakata Port Ferry Terminal to catch a ferry to Pusan, South Korea. Their next clue is located outside the ferry terminal there.

Despite the tight deadline, all seven teams manage to get on board the ferry, which will take them 320km to South Korea.

Teams must travel by taxi to Jongro and enter a Taekwondo school. Once there, they will receive training and must break through three wooden boards before they will get their next clue.
After a desperate search where taxi drivers start calling their friends for directions, Marc and Rovilson take back their lead by being first at the Taekwondo school, followed closely by Adrian and Collin.After getting lost yet again, Paula and Natasha find the school, but arrive after Pamela and Vanessa. Surprisingly, the women don't have much difficulty in breaking the boards, but the same cannot be said for the Daichi.

Teams must travel by taxi to the Jagalchi market, and look for a Golden Pig statue, where they will find their next clue. There, they will also find a Yield, which can be used on any teams that drop by after that. The next task is a Detour. In Slither, teams must look for the fish market in Jagalchi and fish out two tokens from a tank filled with live octopuses. Those not squeamish about large, eight-legged sea creatures would not have an issue with this task.

In Deliver, teams must go to a restaurant and deliver food on a tray to three different locations. They will then return to the restaurant for their clue. The problem is that while the delivery addresses would be provided, not all streets in Korea have names, making it hard to locate the right place.

On their way to the market, Collin and Adrian realize how important it is for them to arrive at the Yield ahead of Marc and Rovilson. Otherwise, the Filipino team would definitely Yield them. Not long after, Marc and Rovilson arrive, obviously relieved that Collin and Adrian chose not to Yield them.
Over at the octopus tank, Collin and Adrian and Marc and Rovilson have no problem slipping their hands into the tank to grab the tokens. Rovilson however, makes a rather bizarre comment that would raise a few eyebrows. While having his hand in the water tank, Rovilson likens the experience to something related to Marc. "It's like putting my hands down your pants," he tells Marc.

At the school, Daichi and Sawaka and Henry and Terri finally break the boards and are headed to the market. Soon after, Ann and Diane arrive at the school.

Vanessa and Pamela find the Golden Pig and also choose not to Yield anyone. Daichi and Sawaka are behind them and choose not to Yield either, but soon regret their decision. Says Daichi, "We would have yielded the moms if we knew they were behind us." And that may not be all they live to regret. Instead of the Slither task, the siblings pick Deliver instead.

Paula and Natasha arrive at the market but cannot find the Golden Pig, and are beaten to the clue by Henry and Terri. Unaware that Marc and Rovilson are ahead of them, the married couple chooses to Yield their fellow countrymen.
Teams have to travel to Nurimaru Apec House for the next clue. The clue is simple but teams realise getting to the house is not that easy.

Running amok near the Nurimaru Apec House, teams can see the house, but cannot seem to find the entrance to the road leading to the house. They can see the Nurimaru Apec House but Ann, Diane, Daichi and Sawaka are unable to find the entrance and end up running around the area.

Knowing that they are the last two teams, Ann and Diane decide that they must act fast to delay Daichi and Sawaka. They decide to pull a feint to send the Japanese siblings on a wild goose chase.While within earshot of the siblings, the mothers exclaim out loudly that they need to rush to the airport for their next clue. Swayed by the supposed "tip off", Sawaka is inclined to follow the mothers, but luckily for her, Daichi stops her and calls the mother's bluff. The race to the house just got a bit more heated.

Eventually, Daichi and Sawaka come across the gate of the Apec House, and one of the locals tells them to climb over the gate to get to the house. Skeptical at first, the siblings eventually make their way in and to the next clue. Unfortunately, they also find out they are the last team to pick up the clue.
Teams must now travel by taxi to Yogousan Park and look for the gate keeper. He will then hand a member of the team a key, which the team member must then use to unlock one of the many padlocks used to chain the main gate of the park.

First to the gate, Marc picks a key and steps up to do the task, but this is where their luck turns into something very strange. Amidst all the locks surrounding the gate, Marc sticks the key into the first lock, and opens it. An incredulous Marc could not believe his luck.

"We have gone beyond dumb luck. I think it's called retarded luck," he says.

Adrian and Collin are next to the gate and after a few tries, open their lock. The other teams follow and aside from Paula getting her key stuck in the lock for a while, they all manage to open their locks without any difficulty.

The pitstop for this leg of the race is Beomeosa Temple, home to over a thousand monks in Korea. Again, Marc and Rovilson are the first teams to the pitstop. After an incredible stretch where teams run two legs without rest, all are happy to see Allan Wu with a welcoming committee this time around.

Eventually, the race boils down to two teams. But with a stronger lead, the dancing moms complete the tasks at hand and show up at the pitstop. When Daichi and Sawaka arrive, Allan informs them they are the last team, and have been eliminated from the race.

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