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Season 2

40 :02x01 - The Glory Road

A preacher finds himself being blackmailed into helping an outlaw escape from prison.
Guest Stars: Don Haggerty (1) as Preacher | Charles Tannen as Carson | Eve Brent as guest star | Hal Hopper as guest star | Frank Mullen as guest star | William Tannen as guest star

41 :02x02 - Shadow of a Doubt

A Ranger accused of cowardice is put in charge of a rescue mission in dangerous Apache territory.
Guest Stars: Chuck Courtney as McDevitt | Denver Pyle as Haskins

42 :02x03 - Man in Hiding

A miner tells the Rangers that he knows where a wanted killer is hiding but won't divulge the exact location.
Guest Stars: Gregory Walcott as Greaves | Paul Sorenson as Ashton | Harry Shannon as Miner | Elaine Riley as Rose

43 :02x04 - Cross and Doublecross

Rangers allow an outlaw to lead them into his hideout.
Guest Stars: Blackie Austin as guest star | Edgar Buchanan as guest star | Ron Hayes as guest star | Ed Morgan as guest star | Frank Mullen as guest star

44 :02x05 - The Last Rebellion

Apaches contest the acquittal of a tribe member for murder in the white man's court. They want to try him their way.
Guest Stars: Roy Barcroft as Urigh | Blackie Austin as Ortega | Danny Zapien as Elder Apache | Jeannie Carmen as Lilli Mae Turner | Dub Taylor as Rufus | Robert Swan as Chief Long Hand | Billy Dix as Ranger Adams
Director: Oliver Drake
Writer: Sam Roeca

45 :02x06 - Brief Glory

A meek bank teller who has dreams of being a big man confesses to a robbery that he did not commit.
Guest Stars: Robert Foulk as Blackjack Callahan | Maudie Prickett as Sarah Martin | Forrest Lewis as Charlie Martin | Jason Johnson as Sheriff Donnelly | Reg Browne as Johnny | Charles Lassell as Judge | James Hurley as Frank Porter | Ted Gilbert as Curt | John Graff as Carson | Al Overend as Villager.
Director: Franklin Adreon
Writer: Oliver Drake

46 :02x07 - Dog Eat Dog

The people of an Arizona town are caught up in a power struggle between two lawmen there.
Guest Stars: Steve Pendleton as guest star | Darlene Fields as guest star | Gary Gray (3) as guest star | Hal Hopper as guest star | James Seay as guest star | Robert Pollard as guest star | Blu Wright as guest star

47 :02x08 - Judge Not

A recently released mental patient is out for revenge against the doctor who had him committed.
Guest Stars: Myron Healey as Branch Ford | Jason Johnson as Bancroft | Rebecca Welles as guest star | James Hurley as guest star | Jack Briggs (2) as guest star

48 :02x09 - My Brother's Keeper

A former soldier tries to reclaim the family land that was sold out from under his father in order to pay back taxes.
Guest Stars: I. Stanford Jolley as Tanner | Steve Pendleton as Mort | James Seay as Walter | Harry Harvey, Jr. as Soldier | Gary Gray (3) as Shagg

49 :02x10 - Run No More

A man is hanged because of perjured testimony. His son goes after the real criminals with blood on his mind.
Guest Stars: David Cross (2) as Castanares | Joseph Waring as Manuel | Leo Gordon as guest star | Terry Frost as guest star | Eugenia Paul as guest star

50 :02x11 - Manhunt

Rynning releases a killer's twin then must convince a lynch mob that he'd arrested the wrong person.
Guest Stars: Richard Crane as Seth | Morris Ankrum as Young | Connie Buck as Lita | Ted de Corsia as Burke | Robert Noe as guest star | Guy Prescott as guest star

51 :02x12 - The Avenger

Ranger Travis teaches a youth how to handle a gun unaware that the lad plans to become a gunslinger.
Guest Stars: Dale Cummings as Jim Harvey | Karl Davis as Jed Dolan | Gates Brown as Pete Shane | Tom Cain (1) as Sheriff Jed Hansen | Mark Williams (6) as Postmaster
Director: Joseph Kane
Writer: Oliver Drake

52 :02x13 - False Witness

A corrupt town boss kills a man and then threatens the victim's sister when a witness comes forward.
Guest Stars: Ted de Corsia as guest star | Morris Ankrum as guest star | Connie Buck as guest star | Guy Prescott as guest star

53 :02x14 - The Torch

The owner of a mining town begins teaching its children tricks of thievery.
Guest Stars: Grant Withers as guest star | Karl Davis as Ebbie | Dale Cummings as Moose | Mack Williams (1) as guest star | Paul Lukather as guest star

54 :02x15 - Trail of Revenge

An ex-convict goes on the revenge trail after discovering that wifey has deserted him.
Guest Stars: Jeanne Baird as May Lacey | DeForest Kelley as Ed Lacey | Arthur Space as Monk Barraby | Vera Costello as Esther Barraby | William Henry as Joe Wallace | Montie Montana as Cowhand

55 :02x16 - The Hellion

An outlaw kills the woman he loves and then tries to pin the murder and a robbery on a romantic rival.
Guest Stars: Doug McClure as George Smith | Rayford Barnes as Eddie Eagan | Hal Baylor as Charlie Daggett | Vera Costello as Mrs. Smith | Rex Lease as Morton | Dusty Walker as Spooner | Robert Shayne as Judge | Mark Williams (6) as Clerk | Bob Taylor (3) as Al Smith | Bob Johnson (1) as Bill Smith
Director: Oliver Drake

56 :02x17 - Ranger Without a Badge

Rynning and Travis get help from a gambler when they set out to track down the leader of a rustling gang.
Guest Stars: Orville Sherman as Granger | William Henry as Walker | Charlita as guest star | Arthur Space as guest star

57 :02x18 - Showdown

A young man exploits loopholes in the law in an attempt to escape punishment for the murder of his father.
Guest Stars: Leo Gordon as guest star | David Cross (2) as guest star | Terry Frost as guest star | Robert Pollard as guest star | James Hurley as guest star | George Douglas as guest star | Jack Riggs as guest star

58 :02x19 - Long Trail Home

An escaped convict runs into his old outlaw gang.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Toke Shaw | Walter Maslow as Ed Shaw | Richard Carlyle as Jimmy Blaine | Barbara Bestar as Virginia Blaine | Gates Brown as Jack Burke

59 :02x20 - Death in the Dragoons

Captain Rynning rescues a pretty damsel but then learns that she is wanted for murder.
Guest Stars: Jean Dean as Jane Bardeen | Rayford Barnes as Sam Harvey | Robert Shayne as Logan Bright | Rex Lease as Cliff Swanson | Hal Baylor as Scar Tyrell | Bob Taylor (3) as Todd | Tom Cain (1) as Dan Martin | Mark Williams (6) as Telegraph Agent | Kenneth Kennedy as Bill Farley
Director: Oliver Drake
Writer: Oliver Drake

60 :02x21 - Ricochet

Three brothers with wild reputations return to their hometown after a three year absence.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Blake Larson | Richard Carlyle as Wes | Gates Brown as Dean | Robert Pollard as guest star | Barbara Bestar as guest star | Walter Maslow as guest star | Jack Mather (1) as guest star | Stuart Wade (1) as guest star | Paul Raymond as guest star

61 :02x22 - A House Divided

A rancher sets out to wreck the marriage between his brother and a Native American damsel.
Guest Stars: George Keymas as guest star | William Swan as Les | Daria Massey as Wanama

62 :02x23 - The Profane Masquerade

Loot laden outlaws headed for the Mexican border are aided by two damsels who want to get their hands on some of the money.
Guest Stars: Eve Brent as Kate | George Keymas as Tod | Patricia Michon as Mary

63 :02x24 - Dead or Alive

The Rangers set out to solve a three year old murder.
Guest Stars: Gregg Barton as guest star | Steve Darrell as guest star

64 :02x25 - The Has-Been

Captain Rynning investigates a boxing racket involving a former heavyweight champion.
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Duke Bristol | Roy Barcroft as Barker | Jon Locke as Larry Carson | Blu Wright as Morgan | Bob Corrigan as Pitchman
Director: Oliver Drake

65 :02x26 - The Unwanted

A group of Easterners need the help of an obliging Ranger before they'll be allowed to settle down.
Guest Stars: Alan Dinehart as Tex Fallon | Nancy Kilgas as Mary | Chuck Courtney as Joey | James Seay as Griff Halleck | James Canino as Bugler

66 :02x27 - Live and Let Die

An outlaw goes gunning for his ex-wife's present hubby.
Guest Stars: Jon Locke as Wade | Michael Forest as Hardy | Bob Taylor (3) as Chunk | Johnny Dakota as Wes | Laurie Mitchell as Addie

67 :02x28 - Trial at Verde River

A young lawyer gets involved in a feud over water rights when he returns to his home town.
Guest Stars: Richard Crane as guest star | Robert Armstrong as Vallon | Tom Cain (1) as Norris

68 :02x29 - Scorpion

Escorting a prisoner to jail, Ranger Travis gets bitten by a poisonous scorpion and finds himself at the prisoner's mercy.
Guest Stars: Lane Bradford as Haddock | Wendy Wilde as Jenny

69 :02x30 - The Last Kill

An ex-convict comes down with a terminal illness so he vows to kill the man who sent him to prison before he dies.
Guest Stars: Richard Garland as guest star | Patsy Kelly as Kate | William Fawcett as Grant | Jim Hyland as Townsend | Virginia Stefan as guest star | Ted Stanhope as guest star

70 :02x31 - Redskin

A Native American war hero becomes involved with a quack doctor selling phony cures.
Guest Stars: I. Stanford Jolley as Cincioni | Bob Corrigan as Doctor | Cindy Lee Caster as Cindy

71 :02x32 - Cave-In

A newspaper editor discovers that funds for the purchase of mining safety equipment have been embezzled.
Guest Stars: Richard Garland as guest star | William Fawcett as guest star | Virginia Stefan as guest star | Jim Hyland as guest star | Todd Lasswell as guest star

72 :02x33 - Terror in Paradise

Two dance hall gals agree to testify at a murder trial but get cold feet when threatened.
Guest Stars: Gregg Palmer as Eddie Graham | I. Stanford Jolley as Roy Danby | Robert Karnes as George Martin | Wendy Wilde as Laura Delaney | Johnnie Westmore as Ruth Delaney | Jim Hayward as Coroner | Bob Taylor (3) as Apache Joe Garcia | James Dugan as Bill Walsh | Stirling Welker as John Latimer
Director: Joseph Kane
Writer: Oliver Drake

73 :02x34 - Fighting Man

A marshal finds himself torn between personal duty and career while chasing after a post office bandit.
Guest Stars: Lance Fuller as Carter | Carol Thurston as Sherry | Grant Withers as guest star | Denver Pyle as guest star | Stirling Welker as guest star | Harry Shannon as guest star | Bud Brown as guest star | Bill Baucom as guest star

74 :02x35 - Tumbleweed Ranger

A stage transporting mail order brides through the Territory is plagued by both Apaches and bandits.
Guest Stars: Tap Canutt as Seldom | Roy Barcroft as Effrim | Lyn Thomas as Maylene | Bob Taylor (3) as Jaffe

75 :02x36 - The Tiger

American outlaws plans to take over a Mexican village.
Guest Stars: Britt Lomond as Colonel | Robert Foulk as Tobasco | Lane Bradford as Bascomb

76 :02x37 - Abandoned

Captain Rynning leads a posse through hostile Native American territory in order to find a kidnapped boy.
Guest Stars: Richard Reeves as Snyder

77 :02x38 - Bandit Queen

This time the Rangers' foe is a wily female outlaw.
Guest Stars: Jackie Blanchard as guest star | Tap Canutt as guest star | Bob Johnson (1) as guest star | Stirling Welker as guest star

78 :02x39 - Refuge at Broken Bow

A young boy must choose between respect for the law and family loyalty when his two outlaw uncles arrive on the scene.
Guest Stars: Peter Miles as Dan | Addison Richards as Morgan | Alan Wells (1) as Jenkins | Peter Mamakos as Merenge
Warning: 26 Men guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 15, 1957
Ended: June 30, 1959
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