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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Soldier's Story

An Army private goes on a drinking binge. Sobriety quickly ensues when his wallet is found at the scene of a murder.
Guest Stars: John Vivyan as Bruno | Mari Blanchard as Helen

2 :01x02 - The Hunting License

An emtionally disturbed policewoman, who was once the victim of a gang rape as a teenaged girl, kills a GI and then claims he was trying to rape her.
Guest Stars: Jan Harrison as guest star | Herb Ellis as Logan | George Margo as Fanto

3 :01x03 - Personal Disappearance

A rock star, who's now in the Army, gets kidnapped after putting on a show at the base theatre.
Guest Stars: James T. Callahan as Burns | Joe Haworth as Logan | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | John Harmon (1) as Colfax | Jean Willes as Molly | Joyce Taylor as Cricket

4 :01x04 - The Fall Guy

Dekker is sure that a private is guilty of murder but a WAC colleague believes that the young man is innocent.
Guest Stars: Charlie Briggs as O'Hara | Michael MacReady (1) as Scully | James Seay as Bush | Barbara Stuart as Ethel | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Lisabeth Hush as Madge Turner

5 :01x05 - Smuggled Wife

Frustrated by red tape when he attempts to bring his foreign wife into the United States, a GI turns to an underworld smuggling gang to do the trick.
Guest Stars: John Marshall (3) as Galt | Art Lewis as Fenwick | Naura Hayden as Laurie | Jonathan Hole as Willoughby | James Parnell as Private Ober | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy

6 :01x06 - The Deserter

Dekker travels to Manila to do battle with a gang that's been stealing Army supplies and discovers that the leader is an old adversary carrying a wartime grudge against him.
Guest Stars: Dennis Patrick as Hanford | Peggy Stewart as Nadine | Ziva Rodann as Sita | Abel Fernández as Changa | Neville Morrow as Manuel | Joan Boston as Louise
Director: John Florea

7 :01x07 - One Quart of Sorrow

Dekker is witness to a man getting knifed by a GI in a Tokyo street brawl.
Guest Stars: Fortune Gordien as Niles | Glen Gordon (1) as Traggart | Bob Okazaki as Ito | Henry Hunter as Trumbull | Pat McCaffrie as Dixon | Michael Lord as Griffin | Marie Tsien as Lilly | Vicki Raaf as Holly | Harlan Warde as Granby

8 :01x08 - The Frame

After a young GI is arrested for looting the base PX, Dekker comes to suspect that the culprit is actually a major.
Guest Stars: Mike Lane (1) as Koki | Don Sullivan (1) as MacLeod | Asa Maynor as Sharon Kingsley | Milton Frome as Major Bradford | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

9 :01x09 - The Fickle Fingers

A wealthy GI is found murdered. Then it's discovered that his fingerprints don't match those in the Army files. This one's a puzzler for Dekker.
Guest Stars: Lela Bliss as Martha | Maggie Pierce as Joan | William Cord as Globe | Carolyn Hughes as April | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

10 :01x10 - Death Loses Face

A friend of Dekker's wants to marry the smokin' hot daughter of a Chinese businessman but her father refuses to give his permission for the union. Then when pappy is found murdered, Dekker's buddy becomes the leading suspect.
Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as Logan | Beal Wong as Ho Gow | Leslie Barrett as Aldrich | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Dennis Patrick as Sgt. Brad Hennessey

11 :01x11 - Shark Bait

Dekker joins an underwater demolition team in order to apprehend the killer of a sailor in the Phillippines.
Guest Stars: Sheila Sullivan as Marianne | James Maloney as Lou | Don Kelly (1) as Barton | William Keene as Callam | Jan Brooks as Phyllis | Rory Harrity as Rink

12 :01x12 - Ten Round Kill

Dekker is on the case when the Mob tries to fix an Army boxing championship match.
Guest Stars: Art Lewis as Fenwick | Guy Lee as Corrado | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Stanley Adams as Morse | Regina Gleason as Carole | Buck Young as Pete/Paul

13 :01x13 - Guns for the Revolution

Dekker is called into investigate the theft of 500 machine guns from an Army post.
Guest Stars: Alan Aric as Jessup | Howard Dayton as Puny | Robert J. Stevenson as Tattoo | Joanne Manley as Diana | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

14 :01x14 - A Matter of Courage

An MP is found in a highly intoxicated state holding a pistol over a murdered girl. Dekker is assigned to sort out the facts behind what happened.
Guest Stars: Michael Pataki as Willie | James Canino as Hal | Robert Anderson as Fergus | Jean Gillespie as Edna | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Steve Brodie as guest star

15 :01x15 - Carrier Pigeon

An Air Force officer who has been diagnosed with typhoid fever disappears. Dekker must find the missing flyboy before he causes an epidemic to break out.
Guest Stars: Barbara Stuart as guest star | Robert Hutton (1) as guest star

16 :01x16 - Big Man

Dekker is assigned to find a soldier who disappeared right before he was to be honored with a decoration.
Guest Stars: James T. Callahan as Miller | Jacquelyn Ravell as Moana | Don Ross as Evans | Charles Wagenheim as Moki | Chet Marshall as Garrison | Ron Soble as Crater | Claudia Barrett as Linda

17 :01x17 - Careless Love

A hot chick marries servicemen who are bound for overseas duty so that she can receive their BAQ allowances.
Guest Stars: Charles Reade as Sam | Neil Grant as McDevitt | Jimmy Smith as Parker | Selette Cole as Magda | Wayne Heffley as Joe | Dave Willock as Chase | Jay Douglas as Harris

18 :01x18 - The Set-Up

After losing money in a card game, a soldier finds that the only way he can square the debt is to commit a murder for some mobsters.
Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as Morse | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Karl Lukas as Stefano | Patrick Waltz as Burton | Michael Miller (1) as guest star

19 :01x19 - The Basic Rumble

Dekker must repeat Army basic training in order to protect a soldier who's received threats against his life.

20 :01x20 - One of Our Russians is Missing

Dekker searches for a missing Russian born WAC who was abducted while serving in an Army undercover unit.
Guest Stars: Barney Biro as McConnell | Ivan Triesault as Schoenberg | Sam Gilman as Fisher | Jean Paul King as Andre | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Narda Onyx as guest star

21 :01x21 - The Roll

A skank who made a living rolling drunken servicemen is found murdered in her residence. Dekker is assigned to determine whether or not military personnel were responsible for the death.
Guest Stars: Richard Erdman as guest star

22 :01x22 - The Needle

Dekker's investigation of the theft of narcotics is complicated by both a hot chick and a former wrestler.
Guest Stars: Don Barton as Paxton | Nancy Millard as Nurse | Tom Austin as King Kong | Claire Brennen as Madge | Arthur Hanson as Simmons | Suzanne Lloyd as guest star

23 :01x23 - Murder in a Quiet Town

A GI marries into a wealthy family but then gets framed for killing a policeman.
Guest Stars: Pat McCaffrie as Townsend | Steve Brodie as Slater | Henry Hunter as Omar | Greta Granstedt as Anne | Della Sharman as Marie | Robert Ivers as guest star

24 :01x24 - Battle Scar

Gamblers blackmail a colonel's son into steering newly discharged soldiers to rigged poker games. When a dischargee is murdered shortly after participating in one of the rigged game it's Dekker to the rescue.
Guest Stars: Robin Blake as Waitress | Robert "Buzz" Henry as Gardner | Don Dillaway as Colonel | Robert Chapman as Sullivan | John McCann (1) as Manning | Constance Dane as Sharon | Stanley Clements as Sellers | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

25 :01x25 - The Survivor

A GI who was presumed dead for many years returns home to claim a family inheritance but it appears as though someone isn't very anxious for him to collect.
Guest Stars: Ivan Triesault as Mueller | Phyllis Coghlan as Edna | John Eldredge as Lathrop | Shirley Collins as Peggy | Walter Reed as Silver | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Shepherd Sanders as guest star

26 :01x26 - Main Event

Two recently released Army prisoners come looking for revenge against Dekker who had them sent up for drug dealing.
Guest Stars: Fortune Gordien as Kapp | Ray Montgomery as Neal | Arthur Batanides as Rooney | Enid James as Julie | Johnny Seven as Cimoli | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

27 :01x27 - Line of Duty

A hot chick murders a hitchhiking sailor to whom she gave a ride and then rigs things to make it look like an accident.
Guest Stars: Jess Kirkpatrick as Davis | Jack Mann as Falk | James Parnell as Husk | Joan Staley as Jill | Peg Stewart as Betty Brackenridge | Grace Gaynor as Ruth Sand

28 :01x28 - The Long Dead Blonde

Dekker is almost ready to take a long overdue furlough when he gets assigned to investigate the murders of two soldiers involved in an art swindle.
Guest Stars: Barnaby Hale as Harwood | Bunny Bishop as Edie | Jonathan Kidd as Stark | Earl Parker as Ames | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

29 :01x29 - Sheep's Clothing

A smokin' hot photographer pulls off a series of holdups with the aid of unsuspecting soldiers.
Guest Stars: Skip Ward as Burton | Selette Cole as Rita | Robert Sherman (1) as Bobo | Ron Nicholas as Lewis | Stanley Adams as Morse | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Maureen Arthur as guest star

30 :01x30 - The General's Daughter

Dekker is assigned to watch over the smokin' hot daughter of a general who soon gives our hero more than he bargained for.
Guest Stars: Willis Bouchey as Martin | Bill Hickman as Ambrose | Paul Langton as Saunders | Lou Krugman as Morse | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Anne Helm as Frankie

31 :01x31 - Lover's Leap

A bandit begins terrorizing a lover's lane frequented by GIs and their sweeties.
Guest Stars: Patrick Waltz as Sumner | Jim Telford as Harry | Gwen Harmon as Policewoman | Jane Betts as Marilyn | Stanley Adams as Morse | Lisabeth Hush as Madge Turner | Lynn Thomas as Sherry | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

32 :01x32 - Operation Salvage

When a vital electronics device is sabotaged, the evidence points to a friend of Dekker's.
Guest Stars: Marian Miller as Rose | Nina Roman as Betty | John Dennis as Flint | Robert Chapman as Ellwood | Robert Anderson as Wabash | Fred Graham as Jones | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

33 :01x33 - The Uniformed Mugger

A soldier in uniform is mugging wealthy tourists and Dekker is assigned to the case.
Guest Stars: Tommy Cook as Danziger | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Cosgrove | Virginia Gibson as Madge | Vivian Cervantes as Leilani | John Bryant as Grayson | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Jack Reitzen as Lt. Flores

34 :01x34 - The Joker

An Army corporal with a penchant for practical jokes finds himself involved in a non-joking murder plot.
Guest Stars: Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | William Cord as Grant | Jan Harrison as Rita | Harlan Warde as Townsend | John Craig (2) as Shackles

35 :01x35 - Ticket to a Gas Chamber

A soldier who just lost a bundle gambling robs and beats up the owners of the casino.
Guest Stars: Ric Marlow as Egan | Frances Mercer as Good Mama | Jon Locke as Spooner | Nesdon Booth as Grummel | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Robert Ball as Dillon | John Craig (2) as Shackles

36 :01x36 - Diamond Head Decoy

Crooks pretending to be filmmakers rob a jewelry store and make their escape in Dekker's jeep.
Guest Stars: George Barrows as Paris | Ivan Triesault as Masters | Shirley Collins as Erica | Arch Whiting as Wilkins | Jack Reitzen as Lt. Flores | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan

37 :01x37 - Adults Only

Dekker takes part in a movie star's project to find homes for orphan children. All goes well until one of the foster parents is found murdered.
Guest Stars: Jack Reitzen as Lt. Flores | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Patricia Blair as Gloria Wilder | Warren Hsieh as Suyin

38 :01x38 - The System

Gamblers use a GI as a shill at a casino but then he disappears. Dekker and Bragan go undercover to investigate.
Guest Stars: James T. Callahan as Smith | Barbara Morrison as Mrs. Pettigrew | Joe Abdullah as Julius | Bernard Fein as Waxey | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Anne Dore as Holly | John S. Ragin as Pettigrew

39 :01x39 - The Witness

Dekker is once again assigned to watch over a smokin' hot (but wild) general's daughter after she witnesses a robbery/murder at a post office.
Guest Stars: Anne Helm as Frankie | Ken Drake as Corporal Bragan | Norman Alden as Corporal Grundy | Jack Reitzen as Lt. Flores | Robert Ball as Wilson
Warning: Not for Hire guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Military/War | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 23, 1959
Ended: July 15, 1960
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