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Family Man - Recap

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Dennis and his family are at church and meet with the minister after services. They go home but Dennis has to head into the office to work on Sunday. He says goodbye to his daughter Courtney and drives to work. As he stops at a red light, he takes a call from Kathy, pulls forward into the intersection… and is hit by a truck.

At the hospital, Dennis sees his family in the waiting room but can’t reach them. Another man appears and says that they can’t hear or see him, and that Dennis is dead. The man takes Dennis through the hospital where time is frozen, and leads him to a room where the doctors are working on his own body. He then shows Dennis his body nearby and says he’ll see Dennis in Hell.

Dennis wakes up and asks for his family, but the sheriff has no idea what he’s talking about and says he’s slaughtered a family. They call him Brautigan, and when Dennis looks in the mirror he sees the man who led him to his body.

Dennis-as-Brautigan meets with his court-appointed attorney, John Amir, who says they need to prepare for his hearing. Dennis says he isn’t Brautigan but Amir doesn’t believe him, and says that Dennis is the “Family Man” serial killer. Dennis tries to piece together what’s happened but Amir doesn’t believe it. Dennis is taken back to his cell where the Toomey keeps a careful eye on him. Later, Dennis is taken to a prisoner’s meeting with… himself. Brautigan is in his body and promises to help Dennis get along in prison, in return for Dennis helping him get along in the outside. Dennis has no choice and Brautigan insists this is his chance for redemption, and he’ll protect the family just as Dennis would.

Amir meets with Dennis again and reveals the police have found tapes Brautigan took as he killed people. He advises Dennis to make a full confession to get a life sentence but Dennis doesn’t know anything to confess.

At home, Kathy gets Brautigan-as-Dennis up for church where he sings enthusiastically and then snaps at Spencer, the man who takes the kids for doughnuts. Brautigan snaps at Kathy, warning about how you can never let your children out of your sight (speaking from personal experience). Brautigan then apologizes, saying he’s been on edge since the accident.

Dennis-as-Brautigan calls his daughter Courtney at home and has her put Kathy on the line. He tries to warn a disbelieving Kathy but Brautigan takes the phone and tells Dennis to stop calling. In his cell, Toomey tells Dennis that one of his victims was his fiancée and snaps. Dennis grabs him but another guard stops him and the two men beat him.

Brautigan-as-Dennis meets with Dennis to tell him he’s had the numbers changed. Dennis insists the arrangement won’t work but Brautigan says they have no choice and has to protect his new family. He also considers going after his new boss at work and Dennis feeds him info to appear helpful. Brautigan leaves to go see Courtney’s school play.

Later, Toomey and his fellow guard chain Dennis onto a chair as Sheriff Weller comes to talk to him. Weller wants to wrap up the investigation and have Dennis confess and tell him where the bodies are, in return for the offer of a life sentence. Dennis has a day to decide, and Weller leaves the guards to beat him.

Brautigan takes his son to get a new baseball glove, and gets mad when someone takes his parking spot. Brautigan confronts the driver and tries to attack him, but gets knocked to the ground. That night at dinner, Brautigan becomes increasingly angry with his new and increasingly nervous family and Sean says he hates his father.

Amir has checked out Dennis’ background and notes it’s all correct, including the fact that he was both in the emergency room at the same time. However, Amir notes that Dennis-as-Brautigan looks nothing like the real Dennis, and the two men have been talking and exchanging information for some reason. Amir walks out, saying he can’t do anything until Dennis works for him.

In his cell that night, Dennis waits in the cell and dreams of being at Courtney’s play as Brautigan takes video. He sees Courtney’s hands and face covered in blood, and saying how mad her daddy is at her. Dennis wakes up in his cell and calls for the sheriff. Weller arrives and Dennis says he’ll show them where the bodies are buried. He leads them out into the countryside but then grabs Toomey’s gun and knocks out the two men, then throws away the gun and frees himself. As he runs away the sheriff shoots him in the stomach and Dennis manages to stagger away and get to his house. Bleeding badly, he gets inside and finds Brautigan alone. Brautigan goes for a knife and stabs Dennis, and then is stabbed himself. Dennis knocks the knife out of his hand and the two men fight until Dennis gets the upper hand and strangles Brautigan-as-Dennis. He gets up… and Weller shoots him down.

Dennis wakes up to find the EMS technician reviving him. Brautigan’s body is next to him. He asks to see his children and runs upstairs despite the police’s warnings, and finds his wife dead. Courtney is still alive… but points at Dennis as the killer.

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