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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

In this premiere episode, young executive Peter Christopher's corporate career with a baby food company is stalled due to the fact that his boss believes in promoting only married executives to higher level positions within the company. So to rectify this situation, Peter gets hat check girl Greta Patterson to pretend to be his wife in return for paying her apartment rent and tuition to art school.
Guest Stars: Eddie Ryder as Jack | William Long, Jr. as Al | Lindsay Workman as Jewelry Salesman | Jack Collins (1) as Mr. Brahms | Joan Tompkins as Mrs. Brahms | Sara Seegar as Mrs. Christopher | Chris Noel as Marilyn
Director: Ernest Pintoff

2 :01x02 - Occasional Trouble

Peter's mother hires a private detective to spy on Greta after seeing her smooching another man.
Guest Stars: Jeri-Lynne Fraser as Girl | Jonathan Hole as Druggist | Hollis Morrison as 2nd Detective | Stanley Beck as Will Yates | Linda Gaye Scott as Miss Wilson
Director: Richard Kinon

3 :01x03 - The Rivalry

Peter, Greta, and office rival Wally Flick and his wife all spend a weekend at Brahms' country home. Hilarity ensues when Greta's boyfriend, Bernie, also shows up.
Guest Stars: Jack Riley as Wally Flick | Stuart Margolin as Bernie | Susan Silo as Vera
Director: Bob Claver

4 :01x04 - He Who Burns Bridges

After being hired by a rival baby food company, Peter writes a scathing letter to Brahms detailing his entire "marriage" to Greta and also fires her as his occasional wife. But when the job falls through he finds himself having to retrieve the letter as well as patch things up with Greta.
Guest Stars: William Bagdad as Man | Martin Ashe as Stringfellow | Lewis Charles as Filcher | Eldon Quick as H. K. Morgan | Anne Bellamy as Edie
Director: Richard Kinon

5 :01x05 - I Do, We Don't

Peter and Greta are pressured by his mother to have a church wedding so he gets an actor friend to perform the ceremony.
Guest Stars: John Astin as Frank Mastin | Woodrow Parfrey as Grant Gray | Henry Hunter as Reverend Green | Victor Thorley as Leslie Crawford | Lindsay Workman as Clerk | Jim Begg as Photographer
Director: Bob Claver

6 :01x06 - The Promotion

Brahms gives Greta a surprise for her husband--he's getting a promotion with the company.
Guest Stars: Elaine Fielding as Receptionist | Buddy Lewis as Painter | E.J. Peaker as Ginger Snap
Director: Bob Claver

7 :01x07 - No Cookie for Dessert

Brahms' bratty niece ends up having to spend the night at Peter's apartment. It isn't long until she discovers that he and Greta are not really married.
Guest Stars: Leigh Chapman (1) as Cookie Carruthers | Paul Sand as Harvey | Eileen Baral as Amanda | Tom Palmer (1) as Dr. Mortimer

8 :01x08 - Danger! Woman at Work

When Greta takes a job at an employment agency, her boss takes a shine to her.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Gordon | Charles Macaulay as Captain
Director: Richard Kinon

9 :01x09 - A Friend of the Family

Greta's medication causes her to faint while out on a date with boyfriend Bernie.
Guest Stars: Valerie Hawkins as Cindy | Patricia Sides as Nurse Sharper | Ceil Cabot as Nurse Higgins | Richmond Shepard as Dr. Swann
Director: Bob Claver

10 :01x10 - Marriage Counselor

Brahms sees Greta on the dance floor with another man so he decides that the "couple" need marriage counseling. Peter then gets his uncle to pose as the marriage counselor.
Guest Stars: Herb Edelman as Uncle Harry | Steve Harmon as Fred Finger | Susan Browning as Evie Finger | Joy Harmon as Model | Larry Bishop as Urchin
Director: Richard Kinon
Writer: Richard Baer

11 :01x11 - No Talent Scouts

Peter is asked by Brahms to get the daughter of an important client into acting.
Guest Stars: Ned Glass as Waiter | Cathy Lewis (1) as Mrs. Zogerdorfer | Severn Darden as Martin Martin | Sally Field as Nancy Zogerdorfer
Director: Bob Claver
Writer: Richard Baer

12 :01x12 - That's How They Got Capone

Hilarity ensues when Peter forgets to sign his income tax return.
Guest Stars: Allen Davis as Hatfield | Frank DeVol as Hanes | Gerald Hiken as Mullens | Jeri-Lynne Fraser as Francine | Marcelle Fortier as Edie
Director: Richard Kinon

13 :01x13 - GP Loves UU

A visiting Italian Count falls for Greta.
Guest Stars: Jeannine Riley as Linda | Jack Burns as Sgt. Krock | Fabrizio Mioni as Count Umberto Ugazzi
Director: Bob Claver

14 :01x14 - Miss Greta Regrets

Peter and Greta accept a dinner date with Brahms and his wife but trouble ensues when Greta's parents unexpectedly show up with her former boyfriend.
Guest Stars: James Frawley as Waiter | Paul Hartman as Patterson | Pert Kelton as Mrs. Patterson | Hal England as Arnie Stoner
Director: Richard Kinon

15 :01x15 - Peter by Moonlight

Peter and Greta get caught up in an attempted corporate takeover of Brahms Baby Food.
Guest Stars: Marcelle Fortier as Edie | Linda Gaye Scott as Miss Wilson | Karl Lukas as Workman | Helen Kleeb as Aunt Harriet | Grace Gaynor as Yolanda | Byron Morrow as Farley | Shelley Morrison as Fran | Nicolas Coster as Rod McHew
Director: Richard Kinon

16 :01x16 - Alias Peter Patterson

Peter finds himself in a full blown jam when two hot chicks begin vying for his affections.
Guest Stars: Susanne Cramer as Ingrid | Maide Severn as Mrs. Kramer | Linda Gaye Scott as Miss Wilson | Eunice Christopher as Bernice Kramer | Arlene Charles as Cassandra
Director: Bob Claver

17 :01x17 - Fair Play for Gypsies

A fortune teller reads Greta's palm and tells her that she's lying about her marital status.
Guest Stars: Richard Dreyfuss as Rudolph | Geoffrey Deuel as Gypsy Son | Don Saroyan as Gypsy Father | Rose Marie as Madame Celeste | Bridget Hanley as Eunice
Director: John Erman
Writer: Richard Baer

18 :01x18 - A Couple of Home-Cooked Meals

Peter must win over a prospective client so that Brahms Baby Food can be sold in her chain of stores.
Guest Stars: Louise Sorel as Ellen Hanley | Marcel Hillaire as Jean Pierre Dubois
Director: Gary Nelson

19 :01x19 - One Plus One Equals Too Many

When Peter takes a job with another baby food company he has to hire an actress to impersonate Greta.
Guest Stars: Leonard York as Bus Driver | Dick Wilson (2) as Waiter | Arthur Adams as Headwaiter | Kay Reynolds as Sally | Sylvia Field as Mrs. Barnaby | Robert Emhardt as Barnaby
Director: Russ Mayberry

20 :01x20 - Kangaroo Kandidates

Peter and Greta find themselves competing against Wally and Vera Frick for membership in an organization called N.O.O.K.--the National Order of Kangaroos.
Guest Stars: Vic Tayback as Prisoner | Sammy Reese as Stool Pigeon | Laurence Haddon as Desk Sergeant | Johnny Silver as Newspaperman | Hollis Morrison as Officer Flaherty | Frederic Downs as Grand Aroo | Ann Elder as Vera Frick
Director: Gene Reynolds

21 :01x21 - The New Secretary

Peter hires a new secretary but she decides to quit after learning that he's married.
Guest Stars: Josie Lloyd as Miss Efficiency | Digby Wolfe as Gregory | Claudia Bryar as Mrs. Cartwright | Parley Baer as Addison Cartwright | Carol Wayne as Miss Orange Grove | Brooke Bundy as Cynthia May

22 :01x22 - The Business Trip

Peter invites himself along on a business convention being attended by Brahms and the Fricks.
Guest Stars: Steve Rinaldi as Bellboy #2 | Jerry Harper as Bellboy #1 | Lindsay Workman as Parson Perkins | Vaughn Taylor as Haver | Woodrow Parfrey as Moe

23 :01x23 - Engagement, Christopher Style

Peter's in a real mess this time. After a night of hard partying, he wakes up to find himself engaged to an heiress.
Guest Stars: Marcelle Fortier as Edie | Louise Glenn as Thin Girl | John Alvin as Businessman | William Long, Jr. as Young Man | Stuart Nisbet as Professor | Monte Landis as Dr. Finsterle | John Barclay (2) as Palmer | Joanie Larson as Sauna | Jane Betts as Charity | CeCe Whitney as Millie | Marlyn Mason as Felicia Ferris
Director: Richard Kinon

24 :01x24 - Instant Fatherhood

Peter receives word that his Italian foster daughter is coming to New York to live with him.
Guest Stars: Marcelle Fortier as Edie | Jana Taylor as Renata | Henry Hunter as Judge | Dan Ferrone as Steve | Marj Dusay as Susan
Director: Danny Dayton

25 :01x25 - The Soft Spot

After Brahms hires a father-son management consulting team, Wally Frick uses the occasion to try to get rid of Peter from the company.
Guest Stars: Larry Gelman as Waiter | John Considine as Ted | Jim Connell as Chub Jr. | Astrid Lance as Inez | Arlene Charles as Secretary | Alan Hewitt as Chubb
Director: Bob Claver

26 :01x26 - The Secret Powdered Milk Affair

Employees of Brahms Baby Food must undergo a security check when the company receives a contract to supply powdered milk to the government.
Guest Stars: Sammy Smith (3) as Green | Ned Glass as Murray | Mike Road as Purdy | Joseph V. Perry as Gowdy
Director: Bob Claver

27 :01x27 - My Occasional Brother's Keeper

Greta has some explaining to do when her boyfriend takes a call from Brahms in Peter's apartment and identifies himself.
Guest Stars: Don Penny as Teddy

28 :01x28 - An Affair To Forget

Greta's boyfriend Bernie thinks that she's become involved with Brahms.
Guest Stars: Mason Curry as Party Guest | Diana Chesney as Cleaning Lady | Murray Alper as House Detective | Eunice Christopher as Bernice Kramer

29 :01x29 - Oil Be Seeing You

When Peter invests in an oil well scheme Brahms gets suspicious.
Guest Stars: John Anderson (1) as Colonel Thorndyke | Elinor Donahue as Linda Sue | Irwin Charone as Milo Benjamin | Carl Milletaire as Maitre'd
Director: Bob Claver

30 :01x30 - So Little Time

Peter's mother announces that she will be staying with him temporarily due to paint fumes in her apartment.
Guest Stars: Ben Wright as Dr. Harley | Jean Marie as Barbara
Director: Richard Kinon
Warning: Occasional Wife guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1966
Ended: August 29, 1967
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