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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Resurrection

When evidence is found that someone may be attempting to clone a human being, Jacob Hood is called to investigate.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Pulsipher as Kelly | Michael O'Keefe as Philip Gifford | Damien Leake as Dr. Hayward | Jimmi Simpson as Will Sanders | Marc Blucas as Detective McNeill | Diane Venora as Lea Muller | Kate Nelligan as Gepetto | Matt O'Leary as Bobby |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Osborne as Young Guy #1 | Joe Hendrix as Forensic #1 | Virginia Montero as Elderly Woman | Shirley Jordan as Nurse | Leslie Ishii as Female Doctor | Romy J. Park as Gifford's Assistant | Kavita Patil as Lab Manager | Ryan William Lee as David
Director: Danny Cannon
Writer: Mick Davis

2 :01x02 - Cardiac

Dr. Jacob Hood, a Special Science Advisor to the FBI, is called to find the cause of several healthy 11 year old boys in Georgia dying of heart attacks.
Guest Stars: Edmund Wyson as Mr. Harker | Kelley Hazen as Mrs. Harker | Rick Cramer as Neal St. John | Daniel Roebuck as Principal Craig | Henry G. Sanders as Sam Tewsbury | Zach Mills as Stephen Brown | Erica Gimpel as Lizzie Summers | Joey Wagner Luthman as Jesse Freeman | Reid Harper as Freddy St. John | Sam Hennings as Deputy Sheriff Bill Larsson | Jarrod Bailey as Daniel Harker | Tate Berney as Calum Freeman | Christy Oldham as Anna Freeman | Jessica Hecht as Mrs. Beatrice Brown |
Co-Guest Stars: Regina Hoyles as Kid in Audience | Nicole J. Butler as Lab Tech | Angela Hughes as Concerned Mother | Kirk Bovill as Concerned Father | Chip Hormess (1) as Wallace | Stevie Walsh, Jr. as Randy
Director: Clark Johnson
Writer: Mick Davis

3 :01x03 - Agro

Dr. Jacob Hood, Special Science Advisor to the FBI is brought in to investigate when multiple cases of food-related paralysis show up in norther California.
Guest Stars: Cinda Adams as Vicky Henson | Alex Wexo as Sam Sheridan | Robb Reesman as Agent Wilson | Alexandra Raines as Mrs. Stanner | Jeremy Denzlinger as Ed Henson | Leith M. Burke as Agent Morris | Joel Bissonnette as Karl Altschuler | R. Lee Ermey as Bob Henson | Dawn Stern as Dr. Lisa Richards | Angus MacFadyen as Jason Cooper | Haley Ramm as Emily Stanner | Scott Lawrence as Wallace Bennett |
Co-Guest Stars: Obren Milanovic as Resident | José Ramón Rosario as Foreman | Sean Hampton as EMT #2 | Jeff Howard (1) as EMT #1 | Tim Haldeman as Crane Operator | Stephen Hale as Biochem Geek | Adrian Colon as Cop | Tina Battaglia as Reporter
Director: Danny Cannon

4 :01x04 - Savant

An especially tough case where severely autistic children begin disappearing across the country, only to have them reappear the next month with symptoms of savant syndrome has Dr. Jacob Hood baffled.
Guest Stars: Sahara Garey as Teresa Kimsey | Kim Staunton as Mrs. Kimsey | Mark Doerr as Mr. Butler/ Distraught Man | Stacy Edwards as Miss Catherine Bonatelli | Stephen Bogardus as Dr. Edward Fisher/ Man at Microscope | David Hiller as Cameron Stewart | Keith Szarabajka as Agent Whittier |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Jones (1) as Uniform #2 | Michael Gambino as Uniform #1 | Jimm Giannini as Security Guard | Valerie Dillman as Storybook Mom | Elaine Kao as Hospital Orderly | Charles Carroll as Coroner | Rusty Burns as Coroner | David Lewis (2) as Scott Butler
Director: Terry McDonough

5 :01x05 - Containment

A demolition site in Pittsburgh is infected by an aggressive and deadly virus, Dr. Hood is called in to contain what can possibly be a lethal outbreak.
Guest Stars: Allyson Ryan as Cathy Warner | Noland Gould as Johnny Warner | Carlos Moreno Jr. as Manny | Henri Lubatti as Ned Warner | Scott Connors as Dale Walsh | Oded Fehr as Calvert Rigdon | John Cassini as Alan Pulido |
Co-Guest Stars: Noelle Adames as Translator | Lazarus Jackson as Worker | Michael Wyle as Skeletal Body | Mark Berry as Scientist | Albert Garcia (1) as Police Officer | Catherine Kresge as Lab Tech
Director: Danny Cannon
Writer: Adam Targum

6 :01x06 - Frozen

A frozen-solid body of a woman is found on a beach during the hottest day of the year, Dr. Jacob Hood, Special Science Advisor to the FBI is put in charge of the investigation.
Guest Stars: Jackie Ngan as Janet Lin | John Getz as William Gregory | Jonna Walsh as Marlena Gower | Paul Fitzgerald as Lucas Nash | Joel Bryant as Joey Lux | Melanie Hawkins as Emily Grekowski. | Roma Chugani as Elizabeth Ramesh | Scott Rinker as Edward Grekowski | Marisol Ramirez as Detective Carla Cordero |
Co-Guest Stars: Kody Corduan as Surfer | Kai Schmoll as Professor | Adrian Quinonez as Paramedic | Robert Patteri as Owner | Lisa Tharps as Doctor
Director: Karen Gaviola

7 :01x07 - Surge

Dr. Jacob Hood is called to investigate what happened after a government experiment to enhance the abilities of its soldiers goes lethally off track.
Guest Stars: Timothey Fitzgerald as Agent Reed | Griffin Cleveland as Jackson Pierce | Scoot McNairy as Rudy Callistro | Will Estes as Kevin Pierce | Andrew T. Lee as Howard Kim | Patrick St. Esprit as Henry Brooks | Lorena Segura York as Abby Pierce | Judd Nelson as Dr. Bruce Nesic |
Co-Guest Stars: Manny Montana as Vasquez | Eda Darvish as Pathologist | Matthew Jones as Paramedic | Tanner Gill as Deputy | Dennis Keiffer as Dealer 2 | Brian Elerding as Dealer 1
Director: Guy Ferland
Story: Fred Golan | Teleplay: Angel Dean Lopez

8 :01x08 - Titans

As Dr. Hood investigate, he comes across a medical cover-up where students are dying due to the bends, but there is no deep water in Oklahoma for this to occur.
Guest Stars: Patrick Carroll (2) as Dylan Petraneck | Patric Knutsson as Wade Earlham | Torri Higginson as Alex | Lauren Champey as Tara Bingham | Lindsey Rachel Shaw as Vivian Bingham | Dennis Hill as Isaac Richmond | Erik Palladino as Blake Miller | Meagen Fay as Dr. Bridget Ruscillo | Ossie Mair as Dr. Cogan | Alex Nesic as Ellis Brockton |
Co-Guest Stars: Jared S. Gilmore as Owen | Philip Shahbaz as ER Doctor | Kevin C. Carter as FAA Engineer | Sean Gentry as Petty Officer
Director: Nick Gomez
Writer: Speed Weed

9 :01x09 - Flesh

Dr. Jacob Hood must find the cure and the cause of a deadly flesh eating bacteria when a group of spring break students become mysteriously exposed.
Guest Stars: Scott Klace as Dr. Henry West | Michael Grant Terry as Lenny Reese | Kathleen Mary Carthy as Sally Tyler | Daniel Weaver as Seth Sandel | Robin Thomas as Dr. Tom Carraway | Paul Ganus as Mr. Jackson | Annie LaRussa as Mrs. Jackson | Sam Murphy (1) as Derek Kenin | Sandra Thigpen as Dr. Audrey Simone | Christina Chang as Professor Anna Yang | Christie Ann Burson as Tabitha Jackson | Meg Marie Cionni as Kayla Perry | Laura Slade Wiggins as Belinda Shea |
Co-Guest Stars: Juan Fernandez (1) as Newscaster #2 | John Sterling Carter (1) as Medical Examiner | John Everlove as EMT #1 | Raquel Bell as EMT #2 | Raquel Gardner as Newscaster #1 | Sandra Vergara as Co-Ed
Director: David Barrett
Writer: Ben Lee (2)

10 :01x10 - H2O

Dr. Jacob Hood travels to a quiet Texas town to investigate sudden and violent outbursts by the law-abiding citizens of the town; but Dr. Hood succumbs to the same behavior.

Guest Stars: Toni Torres as Rosario Martinez | Dave Florek as Larry Driggs | Blake Shields as Greg Filmore | Pat Skipper as Gill Strickland | Liza Weil as Ashley Filmore | Ian Plant as Troy Filmore | Mario Cortez as Captain Joseph Lorigo |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher David Carlisle as Concierge | Janora McDuffie as Uni | John O'Brien as Manager | Tyler Vogt as Hipster | Jeannie Epper as Mrs. Friedman | Paul Rae as Leon/DWP Worker | Jay Caputo as Javier | Marco Morales (1) as Danny | T. Ryan Mooney as Marco | Renee Santos as Checkout Girl
Director: Terry McDonough
Story: Kim Newton | Teleplay: Heather Mitchell (2)

11 :01x11 - Miracle

A boy's kidney tumor miraculously disappears after drinking from a spring, Dr. Jacob Hood travels to Minnesota to demystify what he believes is a fraudulent cure.
Guest Stars: Myndy Crist as Doctor Veronica Reeves | Brad Greenquist as Travis Dobbs | Gattlin Griffith as Nicky Harris | Raphael Sbarge as Dr. Matthew Kaplan | Angela Gots as Lily Kessler | Jo Anderson (1) as Helen Cole | Bob Stephenson as Daniel Harris | Gideon Emery as Brandon Hertle | Matthew Alan as Ben Adams |
Co-Guest Stars: Zach Lewis as Local Cop | Justin Hibbard as Reporter #2 | Tom Virtue as Surgeon | Stephen Ramsey as Sergeant | Kinga Philipps as Reporter #3 | Craig Tsuyumine as Reporter #1 | Eric Shaffer as Reporter on TV | Blaine Capatch as Hydrologist | Derrick McMillon as Hazmat Worker | Jack Forbes as Detective | Rene Hamilton as Child Protective Services
Director: Paul Shapiro

12 :01x12 - Eternal

While conducting a a routine autopsy, the medical examiner discovers that the patient has a congenital heart defect and 2 fully grown hearts, Dr. Jacob Hood goes to investigate at the request of the FBI.
Guest Stars: Paul Perri as Richard Dahl | Ivana Milicevic as Isabelle Van Dyke | Nina Dobrev as Grace Dahl | Bruce Thomas as Dr. Niles Davison | Chris Fields as Dr. Bruce Templeton | Jake Thomas as Brian Dahl | Chandra West as Angie Parks |
Co-Guest Stars: Erica Freene as Receptionist/Young Woman | Holly Reiser as Willowy Blonde | Joe Gerety as Superintendant | Phillipe Simon as Maitre D' | Tim Pulice as M.E | Angel Desai as Endocrinologist | Kim Thomson as Devin | Nicole Pulliam as Assistant
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

13 :01x13 - Pinocchio

A string of stem cell thefts indicate an elaborate cloning operation that lead Dr. Hood to suspect that his old nemesis, Gepetto, has returned.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kate Burton as Gepetto/Miranda Cochran | Michael McGrady as Val Tambor | Kevin Alejandro as Ray de la Peña/ICE Agent | Debra Mooney as Pete Hammer | Vanessa Martinez as Neli Gamarro | Kathryn Zenna as Jennifer Hammer | Tom Costello as Dave Price | Presciliana Esparolini as Carla Gamarro |
Co-Guest Stars: Mario Perez as Rudy | Kiran Rao as Physician | Carla Jimenez as Nurse | Ruben Pla as Father | Jorge Pallo as Cristofer
Director: Guy Ferland

14 :01x14 - Minamata

While doing a live traffic report, a perfectly healthy helicopter pilot goes blind then crashing; Dr. Jacob Hood goes to investigate.
Guest Stars: Michael Cudlitz as Ben Finney | Ion Overman as Debbie Baylor | Susan May Pratt as Erica Gillman | Omar Benson Miller as Felix Lee | Eric Pierpoint as Joseph Breen | Kevin Linehan as Terry Gillman |
Co-Guest Stars: Ric Sarabia as Junk Man | Cari Champion as Anchorwoman | Ben Shields as Walter Barrett | Bernard White as Dr. Travis Nayar
Director: Dermott Downs
Writer: Adam Targum

15 :01x15 - Electro

When 30 people are killed by lighting during a 10 minute storm, Dr. Jacob Hood travels to the the location to investigate.
Guest Stars: Omar Benson Miller as Felix Lee | Dana May Salah as Denise Hall | Jackie Kreisler as Candi Cayne | Taylor Nichols as Rebecca Wease | Mina Badie as Marty Jeffries | Jamison Yang as Dr. Elizabeth Hansen | Jonathan Goldstein as Charlie Wease | John Prosky as Chase Coleman | Molly Price as Dr. Elias Lowenthal |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeris Lee Poindexter as Security Guard | Bon Ogle as Hippie Employee | Jamie Burton-Oare as Field Tech | Michael Peter Bolus as ER Doc | Rob Smith (2) as Dickie
Director: Nick Gomez

16 :01x16 - Subway

Dr. Hood is brought in to investigate a poison cluster alert issued in Philadelphia when seemingly unrelated people from all corners of the city simultaneously fall prey to the same symptoms of toxic exposure.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christie Lynn Smith as Fran Lieber | John Lafayette as Clark Ashton | Marcia Ann Burrs as Bernadette Wilson | Omar Benson Miller as Felix Lee | Mariel Hemingway as Mary Jo |
Co-Guest Stars: Stefanie Black as Triage Nurse | Kendra Danielle Smith as ER Nurse | Lee Burns as EMT | Gina Rodriguez as Robin | Julian Morris as Quinn | Rico E. Anderson as Dave | Tanner Maguire as Darren | Elizabeth Tripp as Amy
Director: Paul McCrane

17 :01x17 - Olfactus

Fashion Week in New York City turns deadly when sudden and inexplicable outbursts of rage by people with no prior history of violence result in four homicides in less than 24 hours, and it's up to Dr. Hood to find out what triggered it all.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Steven Lambert as Kyle Davidson | Samantha Shelton as Gretchen Morris | Jarret Wright as Stanley Pantone | Tyshawn Bryant as Drop Kix | Caitlin Dulany as Diane Randal | Valerie Cruz as Coco Delgado | Omar Benson Miller as Felix Lee | Bree Condon as Hailey Vaughn | Esteban Powell as Renny Boyle | John Shea (1) as Kristopher Merced |
Co-Guest Stars: Silvia Koys as Headset Lady | Jasmina Hdagha as Exotic Model | Noel Arthur as Uniform | Adam Dunnells as Security Guard | Rachel Smith (1) as Model | Becky Wu as M.E. Assistant | Tahyna Tozzi as Gorgeous Model | Rizwan Manji as Tony | Zachary Knower as Tom | Tehmina Sunny as Lyla
Director: Paul Shapiro
Story: Angel Dean Lopez | Teleplay: Ildy Modrovich

18 :01x18 - Medea

A psychotic woman accuses the FBI Deputy Director of stealing her baby and keeping her medicated against her will as part of a cover up, Dr. Hood is the only one that believes she may be telling the truth.
Guest Stars: Helen Slater as Susan Wynne | Melissa Sagemiller as Sofia Lyons | Cameron Daddo as Ray Wynne | Kirk B.R. Woller as Frank Fuller | Jeff Perry as Doctor Mal Sheppard | Omar Benson Miller as Felix Lee | Maika Monroe as Maya Wynne |
Co-Guest Stars: Julie Remala as Karen | Shondrella Avery as Louella | Michelle Gunn as Bright Woman | Dalila Ali Rajah as FBI Surveillance Tech
Director: Guy Ferland
Warning: Eleventh Hour (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 09, 2008
Ended: April 02, 2009
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