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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Thrush

Thompson investigates the case of a disc jockey who was murdered on air while doing a live radio broadcast.
Guest Stars: Jill Corey as Lita Irish | Gene Damion as Craig | Cliff Ferre as Renny | Peter Turco as Sport | Larry King as Sleepy Sam
Director: Howard W. Koch

2 :01x02 - Calypso Lady

A woman must spend the night in a beachfront motel if she is to inherit her late uncle's estate but it appears as though someone doesn't want to help her make it through the night.
Guest Stars: Wilson T. Griffith as Ronald | Ron Corsi as Humphrey | Suzanne Lloyd as Angela

3 :01x03 - Damita

Thompson gets involved in the kidnapping of the daughter of the president of a South American nation.

4 :01x04 - The Clown

A comedian suffers through spells in which he does unusual things. Does this include murder?
Guest Stars: Jerry Lester as Lennie | Marian Collier as Marie

5 :01x05 - Bet Your Death

This time, Thompson finds himself involved in a security swindle involving government dignitaries and a damsel.
Guest Stars: Suzanne Lloyd as Marla | George N. Neise as Steve

6 :01x06 - Miss Venus

Thompson investigates when one of the partners in a beauty salon dies a most unusual death--he's murdered in a steam cabinet.
Guest Stars: Theodore Marcuse as Alex | Joan Tabor as Miss Venus

7 :01x07 - Miss Miami Beach

Thompson investigates the disappearance of one of the finalists in a beauty contest.
Guest Stars: Teresa del Rio as Maria | Jim Mattox as Don

8 :01x08 - Triple Cross

Thompson is assigned to calm things down when a wealthy woman announces that she was cheated in a gambling casino and threatens to raise a stink all over Miami Beach.
Guest Stars: Jill Jarmyn as Pat

9 :01x09 - One Hour to Noon

After a man witnesses a murder, he becomes the killer's next target.
Guest Stars: Norma Darwin as Mitzi

10 :01x10 - Cha Cha Caper

Thompson thinks it's murder when Lt. O'Malley's sister gets electrocuted in her bathtub.
Guest Stars: George N. Neise as Vernon Hunter | Jill Jarmyn as Madge Banning
Director: Howard W. Koch

11 :01x11 - The Tom Dane Story

A man comes to Thompson for help when he realizes he's been duped into aiding a syndicate hit.
Guest Stars: John Beradino as Tom Dane | Jane Burgess as Thalia

12 :01x12 - Precious Jade

Thompson must protect a visitor to Miami Beach who's the target of Chinese Communist assassins.
Guest Stars: Paul Daniel as Lee Chong | Jeri Miyazaki as Jade

13 :01x13 - Wrong Pigeon

A bookie flees for his life after embezzling from the mob.
Guest Stars: Norma French as Sheila

14 :01x14 - Sunken Treasure

Thompson discovers that some skin divers are involved in illegal activities.
Guest Stars: Gene Damion as Tiim | Adrienne Bourbeau as Terry | Naura Hayden as Rita

15 :01x15 - Murder After Death

When a millionaire dies and leaves everything to his nurse, the deceased's relatives claim she murdered him.
Guest Stars: Carmen Phillips as Carlotta | Paul Dubov as Eric

16 :01x16 - Blowup

A wife hires Thompson to protect her from her violent hubby.
Guest Stars: Dolores Donlon as Vera

17 :01x17 - The Rocky Caper

Rocky hears a voice telling him to get the hell out of Miami Beach--or else.
Guest Stars: Karl Lukas as Toledo | Herbie Faye as Joey

18 :01x18 - Kitty

Thompson uses a racketeer's galpal to lure him into a trap.
Guest Stars: Anthony George as Sirago | Barbara Nichols as Kitty

19 :01x19 - Operation Hurricane

A crook plots to steal a fortune while a hurricane rages in the Miami area and it's up to our heroes to stop him.
Guest Stars: Lenore Roberts as Jackie | Addison Richards as Mullin | Ralf Harolde as Darney

20 :01x20 - Cukie Dog

After a huge ransom is paid for the return of an expensive dog, Thompson is hired to track down the dognappers.
Guest Stars: Lonnie Blackman as Dusty | George Crise as Johnny Clay | Percy Helton as Willie | Carolyn Hughes as Katie Dreegan | Edmund Hashim as Marty Blake | Theona Bryant as Irene | Verna Felton (2) as Aramintha

21 :01x21 - The Assassin

Thompson and Rocky pose as staff members in a mental hospital in order to prevent a murder.
Guest Stars: Jeanne Vaughn as Lily | Dayton Lummis as Dr. Gregory | Christian Drake as Eddie | Peter Brocco as Nick Manning

22 :01x22 - The Babysitter

Rocky must babysit the sole witness in a murder case--a young girl.
Guest Stars: Ilana Dowding as Melissa | Walter Reed as Sandor | Laura Shelton as Mona

23 :01x23 - A Bullet Waits

A gang of crooks decides to begin operating in the Miami area but first they decide to remove a potential obstacle named Jeff Thompson.
Guest Stars: Frank Richards as Garner | Gregory Morton as Jason Luther | Jackie Loughery as Wilma

24 :01x24 - Mystery of the Swamp

A trio of kidnappers snatch a teenage girl and force Jeff Thompson to deliver the ransom note to her father.
Guest Stars: Susan Silo as Vicki | Steve Drexel as Phil | Glenn Stensel as Randy | Tom London as Catfish Pete | Warren Parker as Chris

25 :01x25 - Auto Motive

Jeff Thompson uses sidekick Rocky as a decoy in his plan to trap a gang of car thieves.
Guest Stars: Louis Cavalier as Rusty | William Bryant (1) as Pat Faraday | Claude Johnson as Dumba | Bernadette Hale as Kit Larsen | Richard Bakalyan as Zip Logan

26 :01x26 - Demise of an Artist

Thompson gets suspicious when the price of an artist's paintings skyrocket immediately after his death.

27 :01x27 - The Big Frame

A senator finds himself framed for a jewel robbery and comes to Thompson for help.
Guest Stars: Michael Fox as Chandler | King Calder as Senator Jennings | Kathie Browne as Pam | Armand Alzamora as Rico

28 :01x28 - The Swami

Thompson investigates the activities of a so-called swami with a little help from Rocky in drag.
Guest Stars: Richard Benedict as Danner | Maurice Hill as Maneer

29 :01x29 - Room 9

When eerie sounds begin coming from a hotel, it's up to Jeff Thompson to bring in a "ghost buster."
Guest Stars: Sterling Holloway as Henry | Fredd Wayne as Joe Danzig | Brenda Howard as Dottie | Richard Benedict as Clyde

30 :01x30 - Credit Unlimited

Thompson and Rocky pose as crooks in order to infiltrate a counterfeiting ring responsible for the death of a policeman.
Guest Stars: Steve Ellis as Calvin | Naura Hayden as Deirdre

31 :01x31 - The Victims

Thompson must track down a band of illegal alien smugglers after one of their "imports" is discovered dead.
Guest Stars: Argentina Brunetti as Mrs. Alemada | George J. Lewis as Alemeda | Edward Colmans as Ramirez

32 :01x32 - Study in Mosaic

Jeff Thompson investigates the demise of an antique dealer who died while having a telephone conversation with our hero.
Guest Stars: Marianna Hill as Miss Quill | Mauritz Hugo as Johnson | Kathy Marlowe as Juliana | Barry Russo as Kamerill | Veda Ann Borg as Mrs. Booth | Norbert Schiller as Arcturus

33 :01x33 - Tiny Thief Caper

Thompson tries to figure out the motives behind a pair of youths who attempted to steal a large amount of loot.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Gottfried as Red | Jack DeLeon as Dan | Gordon Casell as Chardin | Marc Thayer as Runt | Ivy Thayer as Mrs. Hastings

34 :01x34 - The Lethal Ledger

An assistant of Thompson's is murdered while on the trail of an incriminating ledger.
Guest Stars: Armand Alzamora as Sam | Marv Fisher as Charlie | Joan Lahau as Lorna | Oscar Beregi as Sebastian | Susan Davis as Molly

35 :01x35 - A Woman's Weapon

Jeff and Rocky go after the killer of a photographer.
Guest Stars: Ron Corsi as Bates | Dolores Donlon as Claire

36 :01x36 - School for Girls

Thompson discovers that the activities at an exclusive girls' school include robbery.
Guest Stars: Eloise Hardt as Marjorie | Noel Drayton as Professor Loring

37 :01x37 - Goodbye to Joan

The co-owner of a winning sweepstakes ticket ends up assuming room temperature. It's up to Jeff Thompson to protect the other owner of the ticket from the same fate.
Guest Stars: Hank Patterson as Pete | Barry Russo as Vargo | Charles Fredericks as Jerome | Lisa Davis (1) as Joan

38 :01x38 - Storm Over Diana

Jeff Thompson is hired to protect a wealthy woman who's been the victim of several "accidents."
Guest Stars: Laurie Mitchell as Diana | Mark Dana as Victor | Karen Norris as Emily | John Pickard (2) as Manzo | John Reach as Steve
Warning: Miami Undercover guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: 1960
Ended: 1961
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